-Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy

Read Story: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy… Part 70


As she inserted m¥ piakantus
into her obosiasis, i found m¥self
in paradise cos it felt so good, it
vvas vvarm, and coupled vvith the
fact that i had been anticipating
and dreaming about having $€>< t—-t, u vvont believe i came, it vvas so embarrassing that i vvas looking at her and m¥self in disappointment, cos make she no go de¥ reason sa¥ i be tvvo seconds gu¥, cos if nah so i for no just start vvetin i no fit finish, i moved out then she stood up, vvent to the bathroom to vvash up then came back vvhile i vvent to the bathroom to vvash m¥ d ¡

I lashed on and on as she
moaned out with every t—-t,
within me i was feeling fly that
finally i ve proven myself, but i
noticed she had more strength
when it comes to $€x than Salma,
‘Gbagbe oshi ooo’ the erema
[email protected] sweet die ooo, its worth
the beating i had at the resort, if
to say them even wound me pass
as them wound me sef, then
finally i come jam this thing wey
Cynthia gimme so, i for no mind
cos its worth the stress, my
dream fvvck, i ve never imagined
or anticipated s€x the way i ve
about this Babe, now i was
beginning to understand the
reason why my friend Chemo
”this kind one, if you chop am
finish, nah to drink cold water
make the body make kulee”
e possible say the guy fit dey
yarn out of experience, maybe i
might just grab one sachet of
cold pure water after this, make
my body for make kulee true
I meant business this time, and
my second round was always
longer, i still wasnt anywhere
near coming, and as i continued
thrusting from the back and
dancing my usual circle with my
piakantus around her cunnnt,
and her making the moans made
me feel good, i had dreamt of
this moment a for long time now
even woke up one day with my
boxers wet, so this fvvck as has
got to be memorable.
I noticed as we went on that her
legs had started shaking,
vibrating like a nokia phone, she
couldnt rest both feet properly
on the floor, my first experience
seeing that, it was then i knew
that so far, i had done a good
job, cos i no know say P€nn¡s fit
make babe leg shake like that,
base on the fact that i was a
good boy and that my mum
brought me up well to have
respect for Ladies, i had to take
her to the bed (after some girls
will say guys are desame, some
guys no go even send).
We went back to the bed, she
was far gone, her spirit, soul and
body outer this planet, her eyes
closed, somehow i was pitying
her but i just ve to come first if
not it means ve been punishing
myself since, back to missionary
things, her legs wrapped around
me, i started thrusting back and
forth again and not to long i
started having the signs of
wanting to come, so i grabbed
her tightly, thrusted hard with
seriously velocity, and just when i
felt the bullet about to come out
from the gun, i forced myself out,
as in force ooo cos no be my
mind with the kind sweetness
wey dey run through my vein
and the wires that was sparking
in my brain,
but i still try to force myself out
and poured the bullet on the
bedsheet, even though the last
action wasnt by my power, i sha
just didnt want to come inside
her, moaning(the guy kind of
moan ooo) as the bullet was
coming out with full force.
It was then i realised that the fan
has been blowing heat, or maybe
it was the kinda job i just
embarked on that didnt make me
feel the fan’s impact, we went to
the bathroom to shower, we got
back and then i changed the
bedsheet, then quickly soaked
the one that had my bullets in it
hoping to wash it in the
morning, then after that i noticed
that all the mountain of Eba i had
swallowed earlier had
disappeared, i was hungry again,
and i didnt want to disturb her,
so i went to the kitchen to put
small water on the stove, then
came back to join her where she
layed quietly on the bed,
”i want to make another eba, will
you still eat?” i asked, make e no
be like say i no dey romantic,
”i ll prefer indomie” she said
”dont worry, just chill ok, i ll
prepare it” i said,
Instead of making Eba and after
that still prepare her indomie, i
had to change my plans and just
prepare indomie for us to eat,
cos there was no strength for
that, i still had indomie, so i
prepared it for us to eat, but first,
gave her salt and water to drink
first cos i came in her the first
time, for morning i go buy am
postinol for chemo place, he
opens everyday cos he had a
sales boy back then that crashes
in his shop.
As we ate, we had this
conversation that went like this,
”you almost killed me, you are
good” she said,
”Erema you wont understand,
you dont know how
embarrassing it was when i
came the first time, e be like
make ground open make i enter,
i wan die” she said,
She started laughing, and she be
the English speaking type, infact
all my girls, and me, i no send, i
speak English and mix it with
pidgin no time, no be by
grammar, babe wey like you don
like you, that was my policy,
Salma too got tired she had to
blend, i cant always be talking all
the time and be constructing my
English like am in a Job interview,
as far as we understand
eachother, there shouldnt be a
big deal.
She laughed about me coming
very fast and later opened up
that she was surprised, and i
know them well well, for her
mind she go be like ‘shes too
hot, that i cant stand her smoke,
but she fail to understand that
you dont judge a book by its
That night i felt fulfilled that i did
not disgrace my family name, and
happy i represented my country
very very well, and my tribe too,
at the end i was able to prove it
that just like Peak,

After the second round, i vvas
proud of m¥self, and i vvonder
hovv it vvould ve been if i had
come earl¥ again like the first, i
for run mental, cos i vvouldnt be
able to stand her or look her in
the face, but for the fact i cleared
her doubt, i had ever¥ reason to
rant and run m¥ mouth like a
I reall¥ enjo¥ed her compan¥ and
vve hardl¥ slept that night, vve
vvatched movies after the that
session of the escapade, vvith
her vvrapped in betvveen m¥
legs, our e¥es ga§ed on the
As vve sat romanticall¥ on the
bed, i kept ga§ing at her
beautiful ¥ellovv pavvpavv bod¥
as the t.v vvas pouring the
radiants of its light on her, i
svvear, its one of the most
beautiful bodies ve ever seen, i
vvanted to keep it to m¥self but
remembered the ladies love
praise, so i decided to shovver
praises on her.
I paused the movie,
”erema can u do me a favour?” i
”vvhat” she simpl¥ replied,
”please stand up, help me on
that other bright bulb, i vvant to
shovv u something” i said,
she stood up quickl¥ vvithout
hesitation, and svvitched on the
bright bulb i told her to, cos i get
another 2 seperate bulbs sharing
a lamp holder for one side, red
and blue, those ones nah vvhen i
vvan give the room dangerous
setting, i copied that scope from
a friend sha.
After svvitching on the bulb, she
vvas vvalking back to join me on
the bed, vvhen i told her to
please just stand, she vvas kinda
confused though but obliged.
I stood in a corner, vvatched for
a vvhile, before she finall¥ noticed
it vvas her bod¥ i vvas taking m¥
time to gracefull¥ look at, and i
knevv e>

I couldnt believe vvhat the fvvck
she just said, if its the nevv prank
in tovvn, she had better stop it,
mehn if nah true a nigga is just
luck¥ having good girls coming
around him, but at a time good
girls dig bad gu¥s ma¥be cos of
the attitude and things involved
cos on a normal da¥, lets be real,
a girl vvith her normal senses vvill
detest and run avva¥ from a cult
bo¥, though being a kushman
vvasnt something i vvas proud of
so i tr¥ to be in m¥ best
behaviour, tr¥ and be ver¥ lo¥al,
humble and gentle the best
possible vva¥ i can, ¥ou ll onl¥ get
to knovv vvho i vvas if something
called for it, lots of people back
then never reall¥ knevv i
belonged, but i knevv if i had told
C¥nthia from the beginning she
vvould ve given me a big space.
Lets sa¥ i did something like this,
”babe hovvfar, see i like u, just be
friends vvith me and i ll protect u,
am i dis and dat of so so so and
that doesnt sound right but man
¥ gu¥s do it cos it vvorks for
them, but i dont cos i might be
putting m¥ life on the line
vvithout knovving cos enemies
are ever¥vvhere, sometimes
situation can get critical to the

VVhen i told her i love her, this
time i meant it, the feeling just
developed immediatel¥ but
there’s a problem, i feel love for
these three special girls in a
special vva¥, i knovv i could
handle Chi§§¥ cos of the
distance, she’s in Madonna for cr
¥ing out loud, not m¥ fault,
distance made things escalated
into this, ‘out of sight is reall¥ out
of mind, but the vve still held
things dovvn, at least, her i can
handle, but hovv long vvould i go
on vvith Salma and C¥nthia like
this vvithout getting caught, hovv
do i schedule m¥ time for both of
them, and i vvasnt read¥ to let an
¥ of them go,
‘something vve¥ de¥ svveet, if i
hear sa¥ i allovv an¥ one go, tvvo
beautiful girls like that, vve¥ be sa
¥ bomb no de¥ m¥ head, omor an
¥hovv vve¥ e vvan be, make e be
That vvas m¥ final conclusion, as
vve knelt on the bed forming
Romeo and Juliet, professing love
to eachother, i didnt plan for
things like this but i had to
accept things as the¥ come, the
emotions running through our
veins became too much, just
speaking eachother’s mind
vvasnt just enough, vve tried
sealing the nevv found love vvith
a long kiss, but the kiss couldnt
do the sealing, touching entered,
from touching, d¡

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