-Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy

Read Story: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy… Part 7


I have never been that scared in my life before, i freezed immediately ,” enter the middle ” the same voice said again, i humbled myself like a prophet, walked into their midst, they stood round in a circular form, 3 guys were in their midst sitting down on a chair, i could see their faces with the help of the moon light ” come on go down ” another loud voice said, i knelt down before he could even complete his statement, one of them searched me and brought out my fone and wallet, i was already choking with fear, my stubborness flew like a bird out of me, i was sweating outside but feeling cold inside of me, all my body was shaking, my heart was almost failing me, as i looked up trying to get a glimse of the guys sitting at the middle, i recognised a face of the guy that sat in the middle of the three, i knew he was a cultist, but very quiet and peaceful, he hardly speaks. I am very smart, i looked at the arrangement and sitting position and without doubt i knew he was their Capon, then remembered that one of my cousins Juliet told me he was a cultist and was from Delta State, Ukwale to be precise, same place with my mum, as lucky as i was i speak my mum’s dialet very well cos i was closer to my mum than James Bond(my Dad).

Out of desperation i voiced out ” Bros Ajè Sir o” its a way you greet your male elders in Ukwalè, the next thing he said was, ”i bu onye Ukwale”(meanin are you from Ukwale?), i said my mum in hesitation, he replied in our dialet sayn ” my brother get up”, so i did, ” how you take know say i be from Kwale”, he asked, ”, ”nah my Sister tell me” i replied, ”who be your Sister”? He asked ” Juliet for Angel’s lodge”, ”oooooookay ,so nah your Sister be that?,” ”yes i said, ”stand up,but wetin you find come this side”? As i stood up i started explaining, i been wan come meet Raphael make we go do awoko(all night reading) together, ” Raphael don go since nah, no waka this kind time again o,nah Abk be this, make una give am him fone nah my brother” he said, as the guy who searched me returned my wallet and fone, ”oya gimme your number” he said, ” anybody wey find you trouble for this school make you tell me, i go call you tomorrow, oya dey go house straight. I felt a big relief thinking he saved me, not knowing i had just encountered a scene that ll change may life in a negative way on campus for the remaining years i had left in school.

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