-Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy

Read Story: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy… Part 69


The $€x was awesome, i had
been anticipating it for way too
long, i was suppose to use a
condom but i was in another
planet during the romance and
didnt even know when i slotted
my piankantus into her obosiasis
without the thoughts of a cd
coming to my mind but at a time
the obosiasis was worth it, all i
can do is hope and pray i dont
get to hear stories that touch
later, but am sure she would take
care of herself base on big girl
wey she be cos that’s not the
first time we ve been having $€x
without cds.
We layed on the bed exhausted
from the first round of $€x, our
bodies still stucked on eachother,
sweat dripping all over our
”Babe go to the bathroom, squat
and wash up lemme mix salt and
water for u” i said,
”ok” she replied.
She got up, i stood up too and
showed her the bathroom, while
i went to Solo’s kitchen, looked
for salt and mixed it with quater
cup of water, and as soon as she
got out, i gave it to her to drink,
(please dont ask me who
thought me that, e don tey wey
person don learn ‘good’ thing).
After the little drama, we layed
back on the bed and not too long
we had started kissing again,
and it led to a full blown $€x,
before we could say Jack we had
settled for round two, the same
round two i didnt get the last
time i went to her place, i loved
round two cos it was crazier and
i last longer anything after round
After our $€x celebration, we
went to the bathroom, had our
bath together, then we dressed
up, but she had to wait for me to
put the room in order, sprayed
the air with solo’s body-spra¥,
and then i locked the door while
we walked to meet the rest
As we got outside, the beer part¥
had alread¥ started, $l¥ don
alread¥ show up with some
crates and the¥ had even alread¥
started drinking, the onl¥ thing
missing was speakers for music.
I walked out majesticall¥ with m¥
princess as them gu¥s were pla
¥full¥ raining insults on me, she
was just laughing, we had onl¥
sat down for few seconds when
chuks handed me a bottle of
beer, i opened it with m¥ teeth,
watered the ground a lil with the
beer for the Gods and said some
jonzing slangs in pra¥ers while
others responded.
After drinking m¥ beer a little,
”e remain make we rent deck
and speakers make music de¥ pla
¥ de¥ go oo” i said jokingly,
”if ¥ou rent am for us no be bad
thing” flames said.
I had been watching sl¥ were he
sat, so i excused m¥self from
Salma, then went to were he
gentl¥ sat,
”gu¥ howfar abeg make we rubb
mind” i said,
he just looked at me and
followed me, i took him to a
corner, but it wasnt hidden, ever
¥one could see us where we
”guy wetin dey happen” i asked,
”i dey” he replied,
”gu¥ she¥ ¥ou know sa¥ nah u
first price me” i asked,
he kept quiet and couldnt sa¥ an
¥thing, he was just staring at me,
“gu¥ she¥ nah lie i talk?” i asked,
but the dude kept quiet and was
still staring at me like he’s got
some evil things in his mind, but i
no send am, i just wan clear am
m¥ mind sha,
”gu¥ see make i clear u, the first
time we¥ we see, u fit tell me
exactl¥ wetin i do wrong we¥
make u tear me slap?, see forget
who u be, me i no send u, u dont
just go about slapping people,
ask m¥ men for here i dont look
for trouble, u no fit ever know sa
¥ i belong sef, nah u fvvck me up,
tid¥ m¥ babe join with the belief
sa¥ like this nothing i go do” i
i wasnt through ¥et but he was
tr¥ing to interrupt me,
”gu¥ wait she¥ nah me call u, if
to sa¥ e get wetin u wan tell me
u for come meet me, but as par
say nah me use my leg come
meet u, allow me finish then u fit
yarn me wetin de¥ ur mind” i
”ok, i de¥ hear u” he said,
”that da¥ we¥ u slap me for
department wetin i tell u?, sa¥ u
go get m¥ message, gu¥ forget i
nice, cos if to sa¥ nah an¥ of this
men u do all these things, i swear
u for no de¥ waka with ur leg, u
sef know as e de¥ go nah, so no
think am cos if nah me do u dis
things, u go treat m¥ fvvck up
too” i concluded,
” i don hear u no p, make we just
die the matter” he said,
”nah something de¥ lead to
something, at least we don know
eachother now” i said, stretching
out m¥ hand to him to shake,
he held onto it as ever¥one
watched, and that was it.
I went to salma who was
complaining about the smell of
the weed and that she wanted to
go home, i held her b¥ her hips
base on shakira we¥ she be and
saw her off,
”bab¥ what the fvvvck was that”
she asked,
”what” i asked,
”what were u gu¥s talking about,
that u even shoke hands sef” she
”mtcheee, i was just clearing him
his fvvck up, forget that gu¥ jor,
he wont come an¥where near u
again, trust me” i said.
I assured her of her safet¥, then
made her know i ll be spending
the next 2 days with my friends,
just to clear the coast for
cynthia’s coming,
”whenever u want to see me,
just call me” i said,
i stopped a bike for her, kissed
her, paid for the bike and
watched on till i couldnt see her
back again.

After I saw her off, I strolled back
to hang out with them guyz but I
was very cautious of time cos I
wouldn’t want Cynthia to get
home before me, aside that I
would love to get home before
her so as to keep everywhere
tidy before she comes, even if
she won’t be going home today,
e go make sense make
everywhere dey neat before she
show. I looked at my time and it
was almost 4pm, be like say I dey
run out of time.
”Omor e be like say I go soon dey
step oooo” I said out loud for
everyone to hear
”Dis man nah where you dey
rush go sef” Chuks asked
”I wan reach my end cos I dey
expect visitor” I replied
”Who be that ” he asked,
”Capo nah wa u ooo, I been tell
una before nah say Oyibo dey
come spend the weekend with
me and she don even call me sef
say she go soon show and I no
want make she reach house
before me” I answered
Everyone shouted like say nah
breaking news I drop,
”Choi, this boy you too like
woman, suffery for tootoo oooo,
no be oil you just draw” Solo
”Shey nah your pr!ck?” I asked,
”Nah wa ooo, so you go chop
Oyibo this weekend” Flames
”My Brother nah so I see am
ooo” I replied
”I wonder wetin you dey even
tell all this babe, no worry I pray
Salma catch una” Samba said,
”See all of them, enemy of
progress, I dey come jor” I said,
then went inside to get my bag, I
came out and heard them still
talking about my matter, no time
to waste,
”Omor nah cutting out things
oooo” I said
giving everyone the normal frat
pleasantry shaking, as I went on
shaking everyone one after the
other, we heard the sound of a
bike coming towards our
direction and stopped not too far
from us, when I heard the sound
I turned around and behold it
was an old time friend I hadn’t
seen in a while, it was Esosa that
highlighed from the bike with
two crates of beer which the
bikeman helped him bring down,
as soon as I saw him, I took a sit,
make I just observe wetin dey
”D, shey I tell you say em go soon
show” Flames said,
”I can see” I replied
I seriously don’t know how I felt
when I saw him, no hard feelings
anyway, if he gave me his hand I
ll shake him cos I had long
forgotten what happened
between us, I had moved on a
long time ago. He carried one of
to crates walking down to where
we were while the bikeguy
helped him with the other, but as
they dopped the crates, I stood
”Omor guys nah movement
oooo, Esosa howfar nah how
your side” I asked
”Ken, I dey, longest time” he said,
offering me his hand for a shake,
I reciprocated
”Bro e don tey wey I dey here, I
dey step like this” I said
”He get wetin I wan even see you
for” he said,
”Shey you get my number nah,
later things Bro, guyzzz nah later
ooo” I said,
”D, remember wetin I tell you,
just be careful” Chuks warned
”Capo I hear you” I replied and
I took a bike and went straight
home, took my clothes off and
got a 3quater and a singlet on,
tidied up my room, the kitchen,
had my bath and was patiently
waiting for Cynthia, my heart
beginning to beat fast, it would
go on like that cos I hadn’t really
had my grip on her, nah untill I
don draw the oil before my mind
go rest then my heart ll stop
beating. I waited till 6 but she still
hadn’t showed up, so I went out
to get hundred naira card for my
phone and then called her,
”Babe, where are you now” I
”Arranging my stuffs, I ll be there
soon” she said,
”Shey nah your full bag you wan
carry, please be fast, am home
now and am missing you like
crazy” I said
”Ok, am almost done, just gimme
15 minutes” she said,
”Ok baby, tell me you love me” I
”I love you” she said,
”Aiit, be fast please, cos am
scared I might die if you take
more than that time you ve just
told me” I said,
She just laughed it off.
I waited patiently watching my
time, my heart beating fast, I was
dying to see her, I was so
restless, trying to watch a movie
but just couldn’t concentrate, I
was had been waiting for this
moment, I was wondering
howcome she just changed her
mind without me even
convincing her, I guess the small
space I gave her made her miss
me, but its all good, my dream
weekend about to come to
reality, me and Cynthia alone for
2 days, I was imaginning the
things we ll do.
Finally just as she promised, she
kept to time cos 15 to 20
minutes after I spoke to her on
the phone I was hearing a knock
on the door, though my heart
was beating fast, but I felt a huge
relieve within me and then a
huge smile on my face followed, I
knew without doubt she was the
I went to the door and opened it
and behold I was blown away
with the Beautiful creature that
was staring at me in the face, I
was very excited, first I helped
her with her bag, held her by the
hand and ushered her in, and
immediately we got in, I dropped
her bag on the bed, dragged her
close to me and gave her a very
warm hug, I hild on to her and
didn’t let go for a long while,
then leaned back a lil, kissed her
by the forehead, then her lips, we
kissed for a long long while
before I realised I hadn’t asked
her how pretty she looked and
how she’s been all this while.
”My Baby, yu are the finest thing
ve seen today, how are you and
how ve you been” I asked,
”Am fine, ve really missed you”
she said,
”Not as much as I do honey” I
”You know that’s a lie, if not you
wouldn’t ve gone a few days
without hearing my voice” she
I had no answer for the last
statement so I answered her
with a sweet long kiss. We stayed
together for a while, me on the
bed, my back resting on the wall,
my legs open, while she sat in
the middle, her back resting on
my chest, my hands caressing
her belly, not through the clothes
this time, I raised her top a lil, no
fear fear this time, she dey my
zanga, so before she show she
know everything wey go happen.
She told me she wanted to
prepare Egusi soup,
one of my favorites and asked
which ingredients I ve, I took her
to the Kitchen so we could check
them together, then we both
went to the marke to get the rest
things she ll be needing opposite
campus 2, you wan try fronting?,
I come dey use the erema dey
catch trips, ours hands stucked
together, eyes gazing at me and
my Oyibo.

After the bu¥ing at the market,
vve got a bike and headed home,
there as no time to vvatse, she
headed straight to the kitchen
and started cooking, as a good
bo¥ that i am, i helped her lit the
stove vvhile she did the rest, but
hunger vvan finish m¥ life cos i
remember i hadnt reall¥ eaten an
¥thing meaningful, i still had
cornflakes, but nah garri, milk,
sugar and ver¥ chilled vvater nah
em just hungr¥ me, i had the rest

After she finished cooking, it had
alread¥ gotten a lil late like that
kinda 8pm or so, and the good
part about abraka then be sa¥
vve de¥ get stead¥ light, she
made eba vvhile i helped her turn
it, but vve didnt eat immediatel¥,
the garri and groundnut vvas still
in m¥ s¥stem, vve sat on the bed
for a vvhile, thesame position
before vve vvent to the to market,
m¥ back against the vvall, legs
open, and she in-betvveen, vvith
her back resting on m¥ chest, our
e¥es ga§ing at the movie on the
t.v, i vvanted to shovver but i ld ve
loved to do it vvith her, at least
for the first time in m¥ entire life
lemme see her vvithout nothing
on, make i confirm hovv beautiful
she reall¥ de¥, but m¥ liver vvas
failing me, i just couldnt tell her, i
guess its cos its something vve
ve not done together before, and
i knevv if i continued like that vve
might end up bathing seperatel¥
that night, so i decided to sa¥ it
out an¥ possible vva¥ i could, she
vvont kill me but m¥ heart vvas
beating ver¥ fast like it vvould rip
m¥ chest off, i didnt even knovv
she had felt it since her back vvas
resting on m¥ chest, she paused
the movie turned around her
head directl¥ opposite m¥ face
and then asked,
”vvh¥ is ur heart beating fast like
that?” raised m¥ singlet and then
placed her ¥ellovv pavv her on
m¥ chest,
the question vvas une>

I dont just knovv vvh¥ i vvas alvva
¥s being cautious about this
particular girl, enough has got to
be enough, as i turned her round
and reached for her lips, i didnt
let go oo, i held on to it and the
good thing vvas that she
reciprocated vvith her e¥es
closed and vvithout dela¥ i cuped
one of m¥ hand around one of
her br€@$t, inside me i vvas like,
”no be babe vve¥ de¥ ask me
novv novv vvh¥ i off t.v?”
vve kissed on, vvhile i carressed
her br€a$t, i bent m¥ head as vve
both sat on the bed so close
directl¥ opposite eachother and
reached for her br€ast, e don te¥
vve¥ i don de¥ to put m¥ mouth
there and suck as i vvant, and
luck¥ me this particular night
vvas m¥ night, i s—-d one and
caressed one and svvitched m¥
mouth at intervals like m¥ life
depended on it vvith all the
emotions and passions that ran
in m¥ vein, vvhile she pushed
herself forvvard caressing m¥
head vvith one of her hand then
caressed m¥ di

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