-Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy

Read Story: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy… Part 68


I got to Solo’s room and i
thanked my Stars that i didnt just
take Salma along like that, it was
messed up, if i had taken her
there and she saw what i saw,
the Konji wey hold her for
disappear, but my own for still
dey cos the thing hook me for
throat dieee.
I wouldnt blame him, there was
no time to arrange the house cos
we woke up and left for Sly’s
place as early as 6.30 to 7.00 ‘0’
clock and since we got back, we
ve all been outside.
The room was in disarray, a few
clothes littered around, the
bedspread was almost off from
the bed, his t.v and dvd remote
was almost at the entrance of the
room, the rug looked like it hadnt
been swept in ages.
I took off my shirt and trousers
first folded and kept them in a
corner, took small close-up,
poured it in my mouth, i had no
brush, make i sha just dey lick am
like sweet dey go first, make e
for gimme fresh breath, then
arranged the bed, removed the
littered clothes, folded and kept it
were he keeps his clothes, swept
every corners of the room, tidied
it till i was satisfied, cos i was
sure of what was about to go
down ‘something wey dey
If i had brought her there when
it was untidy, she would have
insisted we go to my place.
When i was done, i sharply ran
into the bathroom to shower
‘delay is dangerous’, i dont use
peoples towel, but this situation
was critical, i dive the towel like
say my life depend on am, cos
that bath was one of my hardest,
i went through hell, as i was
bathing my Piankantus was so
hard to the extent it was
nodding its head like a red-neck
lizard, i couldnt wait, i had
anticipated the whole $€x in my
head, picturing her [email protected]€d body,
her sweet big standing b¤ob$
(but not as big as Susans), her
mad hips, her crazy body and
how wet she gets, her wetness
gives me motivation and
inspiration, i love it when my
women gets wet alot, it gives me
an unexplanable feeling that runs
through my veins straight to my
head, and with some kinda
electricity all over my body, with
every single t—-t i make, Choi! i
couldnt wait.
I got out of the bathroom then
headed to his rack where he
keeps his cosmetics, i creamed
up, sprayed all the sprayables, the
pef oo, roll on oo, deodorant,
every gaddam thing, even rub
powder join, but the craziest part
was that all this while i was busy
with these things, my Piakantus
was still standing like Zuma Rock,
and nodding its head and saying
‘i don ready, i don ready’
Oga calm down nah, you dey
ready wey the Obosiasis wey you
wan piankantee still dey outside,
i even pleaded sef, but Jay-Boy
wont listen.
I wore my singlet and my boxers,
J.Boy rose my boxers up ooo, e
no even be like say i wear
something, i wore my black
pants, for where? J.Boy no still
gree oo, it was still standing like
a Soldier ready for world war
five, very very visible, and i cant
go outside like that cos men go
use me fiikpa.
I wasnt having enough call card, i
would have called her to come
inside the compound, and then
go outside to catch up with her,
so to avoid story that touches
and further future
embarrassment i had to patiently
wait for John Thomas to relax, i
kept waiting but to no avail, i had
waited for like 5 to 10 minutes
before my phone started ringing,
finally i was excited thinking it
was Salma, but when i reached
for my phone, i met another
surprise, behold it was Cynthia,
for no reason my heart just
started beating fast, i had to
compose myself before i picked
”Hello Baby” i said,
”how are you dear” she asked,
”am fine and you?” i asked,
”am good, whats wrong, ve i
done anything wrong?, you ve
not spoken with me for days
now” she said
”am sorry honey, ve been busy” i
”i miss you, where are you?” she
”same here, in a friends place” i
”i ll be coming in the evening”
she said,
maybe i didnt hear her well, so i
had to be sure, is it coming to
see me or spending the night
and leaving maybe on Sunday
evening, she ll be in a better
position to answer the question
”ok, you ll still leave shey?” i
asked fearfully,
and i wonder why i was acting
that way, maybe nah because i
never draw her oil thats why,
She noticed the slight change in
my voice so she started laughing,
but no p sha cos very soon i
know say bush-meat go catch
the hunter,
”no, i ll be spending the night
and leaving in the evening
tomorrow” she said,
She blew my mind with that
statement, and after the call i was
relieved and excited, and finally
noticed my Piakantus had cooled
off, Salma had given me like 2
missed calls while i was on the
phone with Cynthia.
When i saw her name on the
screen, it was starting to trigger
my emotions and arouse me, i
had to quickly run out, stood at
the gate, her face looked moody,
i just gave her a sign with my
hand, telling her to come, then i
held her hand as we headed to
Solo’s room,
Room Of Life.

(As we walked down to Solo’s
”you left me outside just like that
with all those strange and
dangerous faces” she said, her
face frowned,
”madam am so sorry, i just had
to freshen up, Nne ndo” i replied,
”freshen up sinceeee” she said,
stretching the sinceee in the
But come to think of it, did i really
take that long?, if i did it wasnt
my fault, my Piakantus was
proving stubborn so i had to
compose myself for a while,
wouldnt she have been
embarrassed if i had come out of
the gate and everyone and
herself could see my €r€

Finally we were both unclothed,
our eyes gazing at eachother at
first, my d¡

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