-Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy

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Just when i thought Sly’s
continous plea had saved me
4rm answerin Salma’s question,
she didnt just want to let it go
just like that, so she asked again,
”Baby tell me nah, what frat is
”why you wan know, nah food?,
the good thing is that this guy is
paying for his sins” i replied,
trying to deviate her attention
from the question,
but the babe wouldnt let go, she
kept persisting, i tried standing
up but she dragged me back,
and reached for my lips quickly,
she kissed me for a while, it
drew the attention of others, so
they started shouting and i guess
Sly must have seen that too, am
sure she knew exactly what she
was doing.
After the unexpected kiss, base
on woman power, i just ‘loose
guard’, i forget myself and the
guys hailing didnt help matters, i
had no choice than to give her a
lil insight even if i didnt want to
be direct or straight.
”you want to know shey?” i
”yes” she replied excitedly,
”am putting on a black top and
black pants, likewise some of my
friends here, you can see most of
other guys are putting on at least
a touch of black, black singlet,
black handband and the rest, so
does that ring a bell?” i asked,
”Bl*ck A**?” she asked curiously
looking at my eyes and
anticipating my response,
”i dont know ooo, nah you talk
am, no be me ooo” i replied,
She started hitting me and
”Bad boy, i wonder how you
managed to keep it away from
me all this while” she said,
”you expect make i dey use am
sing anytime we dey together
before?” i replied,
We didnt ve Sly’s time again, we
just sat where we were talking
about stuffs and watched the
way Samba and others took Sly’s
matter personal, hittin and
pourin him water and made sure
he continued his frog jump, i
doubt if that guy go forget that
punishment that day cos the frog
jump for hours reach to get
g—n injury.
We sat der till it was past 10, i
been dey wait make Salma tell me
say make we pity the guy say e
don do, but the babe no even
send, the things she was talking
about was far different from
having pity on him, and
whenever i try to chip in Sly’s
issue, her mood changes, she
becomes sad, her voice changes
as well, that guy must have really
fukkcked her up for her not to
have any remorse for him, cos
even me come begin dey pity am
small small as dem dey sand my
guy even dey use belt flog am, so
at a time the guy no even get
mouth the way em dey claim, e
sure me say the guy just chop
witch not to long before we had
our first encounter, be like the
thing come dey shark am like
kainkian, but when i reasoned
what he did to Salma and the
way the slap came, my well of
pity will just run dry all of a
sudden again, cos at a time the
guy lucky, some men dey fall
person for this kind thing, or put
groundnut for your leg if dem no
wan snie you, so he should count
himself lucky cos am sure my
other men ll do worse, me i just
wan give am better punishment.
The punishment went on and on
and when my Guy couldnt take it
anymore, i started hearing a
familiar voice shouting my name,
”Ken abeg,
dem go kill me here oo,
my leg,
Ken abeg” it was Sly lamenting
The way he said it was so funny
that everyone started laughing,
Salma not excluded, i laughed
too, imagine someone begging
his enemy for help, how ironic.
He couldnt frog jump again, he
just sat on the ground, but no
one seems to be giving in to his
plea, instead dey kept flogging
”next time if you see person
babe, you go dey run, go ask of
me, nah me be Samba, D pity you
nah, i for don light you since if
nah me” Samba said,
still flogging him, be like the
thing pain the guy die, the way
em personalise the matter,
When i kept hearing him shout
my name for mercy, i had to step
in, i took Salma by the hand and
went to where they were,
begged Samba and the rest to
hold on a lil, while everyone kept
quiet watching, the street was
crowded with people who stood
outside their hostel watching,
but nobody came close cos they
had no business with us.
With Salma right next to me,
watching her ex lying helplessly
on the floor crying, marks all over
his body, head swollen and
mouth bleeding, i asked him,
”guy shey you know say nah you
price me sha?” i asked,
“i know, guy i know say i fvvvck
up” he replied with voice
”i no get p with you, see who
you suppose dey beg here, if she
talk say make dem leave you,
dem go leave you and if she say
you no dey comot here, na so e
go be, so talk to her” i said,
He started begging her with his
two kneels on the ground,
unclad with is shrinked p€nn¡$,
”Salma am sorry” he said,
”na so dem dey use beg?” Chuks
landed a dirty slap on his cheek,
that took him back forcefully to
the ground,
He layed like that for a while like
he was perplexed,
”tell am say you go no ever come
close to am again, say you go dey
give am 1000miles anytime wey
you see am, and if anything do
her make we come back for you,
and you must buy drink for one
month every wkend to appease
the gods, jonzin man” Chuks

Chuks layed down the terms and
conditions for Sly’s release for
everyone to hear and be a
witness, he had to kneel again
and beg Salma,
”Ken abeg no vex, forgive me”
he said,
Solo angrily landed a slap on his
”shey this one dey craze?, wetin
you dey talk sef, talk well jor”
Solo said
”Guy i don tell you make you no
dey beg me, am i not God, i dont
forgive sins, beg Salma nah she
you suppose dey talk too,
anything wey she decide nah
final” i said,
Maybe he didnt know how to
face Salma and beg her, i guess it
must ve been shameful for him
and he didnt know how and
where to start from, he had
better look for a way cos if he
does’nt itchy hands ll keep
touching him.
It was almost 11, since that
we caught up with him, thats like
4 hours of unbearable pain and
beating, when he wakes up in
the morning, body go tell am, i
doubt if em go fit get up from
em bed cos his laps would be
killing him due to the pains he
would undergo from the long
hours of frog jump he must have
done the previous day.
”Salma am sorry, please help me
beg these guys, they ll kill me
here” he said,
”shey nah because i no wan talk
since, gimme that belt, beg am
well, all those things wey my
Capo talk put them inside the
beg, abi this one dey craze” Hefty
said in a angry tone,
collected Simba’s belt he had
been using on Sly, then was
walking to where Sly knelt, but i
intercepted him, and pleaded for
him to calm down, cos the guy
huge like ‘Batista’, if em use that
kind huge hand flog sly nah em
be say nah dying things, not that
i was having compassion for Sly,
but i don already tidy em fvvvck
up, e sure me say nah me give
am the most embarrassing day
of his life, i don fvvck the guy up,
mess am up where the babe wey
em sexually molest dey, pushed
him to the every end, where he
had to beg his prey for
forgiveness, there’s no other
revenge as with as this, if he sees
her anywhere, em go hide em
face for shame, and that day ll
always ring a bell in his head.
”ok, ok, abeg make una no touch
me again, i know as i go use beg
am” he said, with both kneels on
the ground,
”Guy so don know abi?, confirm,
now you are talking” Chuks
”yes i don know, make una no
touch me again” he(Sly) said
sounding exhausted
As i was watching the
murdafucka talk, i was talking to
myself like
”guy wait oo, no be this same
guy wey dey show emself that
day for department be this?, wey
dey ask me you know who i be?,
you know who i be?, was it not
this same guy that has been
threatening Salma, and had been
forcefully taking Salma to bed
thinking i cant do anything?, nah
em dey here dey beg like this?”
As those many thoughts were
going through my head, i almost
lost it like almost wanted to say it
out, but if i did, i ll only be
escalating the matter, dem guyz
would get angrier, like am
refreshening the wound and his
beating and punishment ll
continue, i just locked up, cos i
had already caused him enough
pain, punishment, humiliation
and embarrassment. I kept quiet
and allowed him continue with
his plea,
”Guy do well ooo, use your brain
this time” Hefty said,
”Salma i ll never come anywhere
around you again, i ll keep my
distance from you, please am
sorry” he said,
Salma just kept quiet smiling and
watching Sly, for her eyes the
thing go still be like film trick, cos
of the level wey this guy don give
”guy you no talk am well oo, i
wan hear the 1000miles for that
statement, and put am too make
we hear say if anything do this
babe make we come for you,
simple” Chuks said,
”Salma i wont come a thousand
miles close to you and if anything
happens to you they should hold
me responsible” Sly said,
“enn ehn!, was that so hard?,
nah now you come” Solo echoed
in demostration,
Sly had no choice than to give us
that guarantee, it was his only
assurance of leaving that
environment, cos it was the only
thing all men wanted to hear,
”So Salma should we let him go,
yes or no, no fear anybody, tell
us, if you are shy, whisper it into
Ken’s ear, he ll help you say it
out” Chuks said,
she acted a lil shy for a while and
then said,
”so howfar, you never yarn
about the drink, how e go be?,
base on appeasing the gods,
make we beg am on your behalf
for your fvvvck up, you go need
beer men for one month, every
weekend, Mr man please
enlighten us more on that”
Chuks said,
”that one no be problem” Sly
”correct, and nah today you dey
start, now now now, three crates
of beer” Chuks said,
”abeg, make e be two, Bros
abeg” Sly pleaded
”Capo lock up, shey Esosa go
bring two today, plus two
making four, its managable” Solo
said mockingly,
as everyone laughed,
”oya, guy get up make you dey
go house”, i said, refering to the
kneeling Sly,
”Hefty and Samba, when una
match this guy go house make
em wear cloth, then buy the beer
dem carry am come” Chuks
”Bros, abeg make una find me
any nicker or trouser make i
wear go house abeg” Sly
pleaded, talking to me.

I pleaded with Chuks to help me
tell someone so help me with a
short, he was like,
”you dey help am beg for nicker,
Hefty and Samba make una
match dis man go house, make
em go wear cloth, buy our beer
carry am come”
The deed has been done, i had
done what was on my mind, and
to some extent restored Salma’s
pride and dignity once more, i
believe she would be feeling
relieved after the whole thing
even though i took her
unawares, i felt it was the best
thing to do, and i was sure after
what has transpired that day
between myself and Sly, there’s
no way he would want to cross
Salma’s path again. ‘shame go
dey catch am sef, so em no go
like wan fall em hand’.
I was able to finally persuade
Chuks till he ordered someone to
get a short for me which i gave
to him, i had a a shirt and jean
trousers in my bag which i wore
the previous day to Chuks’s place,
but i didnt just buy the idea of
helping him with mine to cover
his [email protected]€d body, cos some guys
like juju(fertish things) like mad.
I handed the shorts to him to
cover his shrinked blockus while
Hefty and Samba matched him
back to his house, then the rest
of us stayed back waiting for the
crates of beer.
”which time Esosa dey even
bring em own come?” i posed
the question for anyone at all to
Cos ve only been hearing of
Esosa bringing crates of beer
every weekend since school
resumed for that semester but ve
never been there to witness it
with my eyes and nah my home
boy before he fvvvked up, and
since that incident we hadnt
seen eachother, so i was curious,
i needed to relax today and see
everything for myself.
”E dey be mostly afternoon
stroke evening, but if we call am
make em bring am come now
now now, em go do am, em no
get choice nah” Solo answered
my question for me,
”wait oo, ‘D’ never dey here with
us before wey Esosa bring beer
come shey?” Flames asked,
”no mind am, nah only woman
time em dey get for weekend
nah” Solo replied,
I dont know if Solo forgot
himself that Salma was right
there with me, he wanted to go
on before i quickly gave him a
sign, then jumped in intercepting
his conversation half way,
”see as you take talk am like say
the woman plenty, my babe dey
here oo, before you talk wetin go
make am dey reason another
thing, not knowing i would do
anything for her” i said and
quickly gave her a fast kiss on
the lips,
Salt” i said and stuck my fingers
on both side of her waist trying
to tickle her while she laughed
out loud, ‘all nah still format sha’,
before person pour sand for my
”’D’ you still dey here nah”
Flames asked,
”where you want make i dey
before?, i dey here gallantly, abi
you no want make i follow una
drink beer today?” i asked, while
others laughed.
Without being told, i knew if i
were to be in thesame room
with Salma today, it was going to
be one crazy hell of a $€x, due to
the day’s incident, (una know
that kind s-x where you do a girl
a big favour, or help her do
something really nice wey be say
the babe go ready give you
anywhere for her body wey hole
make you fvvvck, the nose, ear,
middle of the b—m, puci,
mouth, as far say the place get
hole sha, i.e if e possible ooo!,
before some people go dey
reason another thing).
Where i sat i was just busy
reasoning this girl, she was
looking so hot and with a new
hair as well, i started reasoning
her without anything on, my d

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