-Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy

Read Story: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy… Part 66


I wasnt in the mood for Childs
play or jokes, my face was so
strong, ‘Boyz were’nt smiling, i
had something to prove to her,
and i hope she would be able to
take what she was about to see,
my mind was made up,
(today you go find out who i
really be, the highest thing wey
you fit do nah to break up with
me, when you finally find out say
the jovial and playful Ken belong,
which i doubt she would, i said
to myself), i really wanted to see
her reaction when she sees her
‘almighty Sly’ jumping from one
end to another [email protected]€d doing
frog jump.
I stood where i was till she
walked up to me, freed my hands
open for her to come in and give
me a very warm hug, she was
looking very good, so i held her
for a while and made sure her bo
¤b$ had a good grip on my chest,
”Goodmorning” she said as we
still held eachother close,
”morning my dear, you look
sweet and smell nice, this one
you dressed like this, this is not a
date o” i said,
she was wearing a blue jean,
shes got a crazy hips, so the
waist just come out even me be
like dammn!, a nice top cant
really remember the colour with
a long hand bang, she had
changed her hair style different
from the last time we saw, who
knows, i told her about meeting
someone, she must have thought
it was a date.
”am scared o, look at bushes
everywhere, hope say no be
money you wan use me do?” she
and just as i ll always say when i
want you to find out something
yourself, i replied,
”there’s only one way to find out,
this is more than a date”
”ok oo, so where are you taking
me to” she asked,
All this while this conversation
was going on, we had already
started walking majestically to
Chuks’s house, my hand firmly
rested on her hips, funny enough
i just did my own thing how i felt
i wanted to handle the situation,
nobody knew Salma was on her
way, and i felt good cos she was
looking hot, with the make-up
and everything and to me nah
prestige, some original A1 to my
“Babe relax jor, nah me dey yarn,
there’s this special friend i want
you to meet, ve told him lots of
nice stuffs about you, sha dont
start tripping for him cos this
dude is fvvvcking handsome” i
”wooow, are you serious?” she
I held her down with
conversations and made sure i
drifted her attention far away
that even in her wildest dream
she ll never ever believe she was
going to see Sly soon, i kept it
cool, but i was plain no jokes, she
noticed i wasnt smiling but there
was no time for too many
explanations, i just wanted to
take her unawares, to me i took
it like the best gift a guy would
give his girlfriend in a situation
like this, she wasnt expecting me
to buy her a box of chocolate
and say,
”eat this and forget Sly he ll
regret what he did to you”,
if this doesnt make the pain go
away at least it ll ease it, i was
sure i was going to shock her
that she ll be forced to want to
write that day somewhere and
maybe celebrate it like her
birthday if she wanted to ‘just
We walked majestically till we got
to a spot where we both could
see lots of guyz from distance,
with a guy who looked like he
had no clothes on, frog jumping
from one end to another, and
getting hit at intervals by
different guyz, just that we
couldnt get a glimse of anyone’s
face. When she saw the act from
a distance, she was like,
”Ken, where is this, where are
you taking me to”,
”erema relax, nothing dey
happen, my friends hostel is
around there”, i said, with my
hand still resting firmly on her
We kept walking but she was
nervous, she asked me again,
”Baby wait oo, is that guy really
[email protected]€d?, look at how those guyz
are hitting him, thats
wickedness, what did he do ?”
But instead of me to answer, i
didnt know what happened, i
just started laughing, as in
laughing hysterically, so hard that
i started coughing, she kept
persisting i told her what was
funny, but no be her fault, if only
she knew, nah only me just know
why i dey laugh, but when i
finally got hold of myself the only
thing i could say was,
”e be like you never know as e
dey go, you go know soon”
As we got closer, she took her
eyes off the nud€ guy, for her
mind nah, Solo and the rest guyz
started hailing me, some were
insulting me playfully like,
” i swear your papa,
you be [email protected]$tard,
Bad guy”,
I kept hearing different things till
we finally got to that spot, just
the small break wey i take, before
i return dem don mess my guy
up anyhow, she backed me, and
was dragging me by the hand,
”lets go and see the friend nah,
whats all this” she was
then i replied,
”Babe calm down look at the guy
here” i forcelly turned her over
pointing to the frog jumping guy,
She shyly took a look, then finally
looked well, behold it was Sly,
”OH MY GOD!” she shouted with
her mouth wide open,

Salma was in shock, her mouth
was wide open in surprise, like
she couldnt believe what her
eyes had just seen and still
seeing, for her mind i suspect say
she go be like,
”is this really Sly?”,
His face swollen, mouth bleeding,
body wet, marks on his back, he
was ashamed, he couldnt even
look at his sweetheart in the
face, he just concentrated on the
job that was administered to
him, froging jumping from one
end to the other, blockus
bouncing, his jumping pace had
reduced, like he was getting tired
with time, the guyman never
know as e dey go, i wan fvvvck
the guy up today, cos nah my
day; as she was still looking at
him in shock, i wanted to make
her know it was my doing, she
go confirm nah ‘dia mama left
ear’, i walked to were he was,
”guy nah wetin be dis nah?, do
dis thing well nah, when you dey
tear me slap den dey molest my
babe you no know abi” i said
and tapped him on the head
all nah for show ooo, i wan just
allow the babe confirm me say
like this i no be joker, say me sef
rugged ‘o buru onu chochocho’,
”wetin be dis one nah, the water
for this guy body don dry nah” i
shouted, posing my comment to
the guys washing clothes nearby
one of them was like,
”wait make i rush rinse dis cloth
everyone started laughing out
loud, it was now a comedy show
and a show of shame, they knew
i wanted to end whatever fear
and respect Salma had for the
mudafucka, dem guyz were
hailing while some were playfully
insulting me, Chuks was just busy
laughing with his weed in hand
were he sat, guys already rolling
up, cos they all knew what i was
doing, lots of guys and girls had
come out of their hostels coming
to watch the new block buster
movie live on the street, and just
as i had requested before, the
guy came to pour him the water,
I didnt feel like hiting him again, i
just wanted to humiliate him, i
was using scope to look at Salma
as well were she stood, she
placed a palm on her mouth, for
my mind i be like,
”correct, making brain, shey you
been dey show urself before, no
be power dem dey use rise
priccck, no be by mouth, nah by
I left him then went to were
Salma was and stood next to her,
i hadnt stood up to ten seconds,
she dragged me by the hand and
took me to a segregated place,
”Jesus! Ken you are crazy?, how
did you go about it” she asked,
At first i thought about what to
say thinking she would be angry
and end up scolding me, but at
the end of it all, the bottom line
was that i had proven my point,
if she wan vex or para for me,
make she go lick soup, nah for
her pocket
”how keh!, he fvvcked me up
and sexually molested my
girlfriend for crying and loud and
you asking me how?” i replied,
i was serious, i wasnt laughing
cos she has always felt i was a
butty boy and her personal
clown who always made her
laugh, stayed outa trouble and
couldnt protect her, thats why
she has always said the guy was
dangerous and i should stay
away from him as not to get hurt
bla bla bla, i swear this erema
been really look down on me
When i replied her with my
frowned face, and was probably
expecting her to feel remorse for
him, start crying or plead on Sly’s
behalf, she started laughing, it
started from a giggle, then the
pace of the laughter started
I was wondering what was
making her laugh, i couldnt
figure it out, i started smiling and
then asked,
”Babe what’s funny now?”,
”you wont understand” she
”wetin dey worry dis one, talk
jor” i said,
”Baby you wont understand, if
someone had told me he/she
saw this guy like this, i wouldnt
have believed” she said,
”why?” i asked,
”thats why i said you wont
understand, this guy use to feel
himself like he is so untouchable,
like he is the most dangerous
being in the whole of Delsu, i
tremble when am with him cos
of the fear he has impacted in
me and the kinda person he has
portrayed himself to be, ve never
feared anyone like that in my life
before” she explained,
”so you are suprised and never
in your wildest dream thought i
could deal with this guy shey?” i
”yes and am loving every bit of it,
Baby like you dont have an idea
what this fo¤li$h guy made me
go through” she replied,
”i wanted you to see for yourself,
i told you i was going to call you
today to meet me somewhere
right?” i asked,
”yes” she answered,
“I ve planned it before now and
wanted to take you unawares,
cos if i told you i wanted to deal
with your Sweetheart Sly, you
would have been on my neck ‘he
is dangerous, he is dangerous, i
dont want him to hurt you
‘(faking my voice to that of a
female, trying to mock her)” i
She laughed out loud and started
hitting me playfully,
Within me i was glad it made her
feel good, even if i couldnt
correct her pains, i was able to
make her smile and ease her
pain, i think she’ld be happy that
no one was ever going to make
her go through that again, as
long as i was still in that school
with her.
That is not the end.

“So you mean you know all dis
guys here” she asked,
”yea, as a matter of fact am one
of them” i replied,
There was nothing there to hide
anymore, it wasnt like i was even
hiding my identity before, but no
situation had called for giving
out my identity since we met and
besides i wasnt the type that
bragged about my belonging to
a frat, i only respond when am
being stepped upon, you ll hardly
know if i belonged and if
someone even told you, you
would doubt it cos of my jovial
and gentle nature, i hardly speak
in public, but when am with my
close friends, or people am really
conversant with, i go on and on
running my mouth like a tap.
”Kennnny, since when” she
asked with curiosity
All this while wey me and this
babe dey yarn, my guy was still
busy with his frog jump ooo, for
her mind, she felt i just joined or
maybe i met one of the guys
explained what happened and
he agreed to help me deal with
Sly, so i had to clarify that,
”its been long nah, before we
even met sef” i replied,
”and you didnt tell me” she said,
and started hitting me again,
people were just watching us
were we sat, looking at the
drama that was going on
between the couple(us), without
any doubt, i knew she was
feeling good about the whole
thing, cos she was so relaxed
and happy, it was written all over
her pretty face, and nah my day,
nah just to dey show myself and
flex my muscle dey go remain,
cos today bushmeat don catch
i held her firmly with both hands
and was like,
”Babe park well jor, relax, erema
wait first,
were you expecting me to wake
up one day and start telling you,
‘babe you know who i be?, i be
dis, i be dat,
am not like that, cos nothing led
to it, do you know i got Sly’s
name and address from you?” i
She looked so surprised cos she
didnt know i had things all
worked out all along,
”are you serious?” she asked
with surprise written on her
“yea for real, its been a long time
coming” i replied,
”how?” she asked again,
”you remember the first time you
cooked for me?, before we had
s-x right there in the kitchen?” i
She paused for a while, i guess
she was taking her time to
remember, before she finally
”it was that day, i playfully got it,
maybe you wont remember cos
you were busy laughing and you
didnt know when you told me
were he lives, i still got his
number from your phone,
besides i was curious about you
guys really dating, look at the guy
naw, he’s not worth you, were
he blew it was hitting you in
public, in front of hundreds of
students, wetin you wan tell me
again?, and i remember asking
you that same night about the
incident and you said it wasnt
the first time, the day i got his
address, i ask you nah say so em
dey beat you and yet you went
on with the relationship, nah em
be say the guy thing sweet die, i
knew what i was doing all
along” i said
taking my time to pour out a
piece of my mind to her and
everything ve noticed all along
and just kept quiet like a fool like
i didnt know.
When i was through with my
narrative essay, she was
speechless, and barely could say
anything, at least me i sha don
clear am,
”but Ken, you are really
something else, i swear i love
you” she said,
But at a time no be love matter
we dey yarn, but i understood
the perspective she was coming
from, the fo¤l treated her
roughly, mal-handled her, and
just when she thought her new
boyfriend was a quiet and gentle
guy who stayed outa trouble all
of a sudden she was finding out
there was more to him than just
the things her eyes had being
”Salma, you see this guy so, i
ready make this guy do this thing
all day, ve got all the time in the
world, the only way i would allow
him leave here is that he has to
beg me first for the slap, cos i
really didnt see any reason for
that, if no be say the guy wan
just show himself and secondly
that guy go gats put em two
kneels for ground, apologise to
you and swears never ever to
come 100 miles near you again,
and him gats give me em word
for everybody front, if not like
this me i no send am” i said
She started laughing again, and i
was wondering again what was
funny in the statement i just said,
this time, i didnt bother asking
her what was funny, cos i dey
”i swear if someone had told me
you belonged and was this
mean, i wouldnt ve believed” she
”my dear, some days are like
that, no be by mouth, nah by
action” i replied,
”so nah which frat be this” she
But just as she asked, i started
hearing my guy’s voice,
”see abeg,
guys abeg,
all my laps dey pain me i no fit do
i use God beg una,
make una pity me” he was
”You better continue, no lemme
stand up from here oo” Chuks
said loudly,
mak em sha continue make em
no let Capo vex.

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