-Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy

Read Story: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy… Part 65


As i got into the room, i met Mr
man with both kneels on the
floor, finally he had seen a
familiar face, he had just his
boxers on, i had this wicked
smile on my face, it felt good, i
was calm and relaxed, why
shouldnt i be?, i had my league of
men around me, who had given
me the honour to stand in the
middle, right in front of the
rooster$ucker, guyz werent
smiling, cos it wasnt time for
jokes, Samba was still pointing
his bull at him, even if Sly had
seen my face just once in his
lifetime, i guess he shouldnt or
wouldnt have forgotten a Guy he
slapped in public, and a guy
who’s babe he’s been devouring
forcelly, i really took my time cos
the incident had already ran into
months, he must have thought i
had forgotten about it, but i
remember i told him he would
get my message, all i needed do
was give myself a perfect timing,
which i ended up doing, as he
saw my face he didnt need to put
on his thinking cap. As i saw him,
even with the wicked smile on
my face, it was like the rage that
was filled within was reloaded
cos this time the anger was two
times more, i thought Ebere said
he had a roommate, if he truly
did, that saturday morning was
his lucky day, cos he would have
had his own fair share of the
punishment, before person go
come later hear em own.
We were hearing voices to be
that of their neighbours, talking
to themselves outside,
”wetin happen,
wetin happen” they were asking
themselves repeatedly,
but no one had the guts to come
close(abi the person no dey
fear?), cos the $tup¡d person that
loves his neighbour somuch
would have gotten himself/
herself into trouble too.
I unzipped my bag and brought
out my Axe, Hefty stood on the
door with his big body, with a
bull in hand as well,
”Guy, you remember this face” i
He was reluntant, kept quiet and
wouldnt answer, he was wasting
my time for crying out loud, i
wanted to hear him say he knew
me, out of anger, i slammed the
axe on his cheek with the flat
side, with all the force my hand
could dish out,
”guy we no want dulling for
here, you remember me?, yes or
no nah em i wan hear?” i asked
him again,
He managed to say yes with his
hand holding his cheek, this was
exactly what i wanted, it was my
case, the guyz just allowed me do
my thing, ‘an eye for an eye’,
thats what have always heard
people say, but this day i was
going to add spice to that
statement, cos i wouldnt be
satisfied with just ‘an eye for an
eye’, i wanted ‘an eye for the
whole body’, it wasnt me being
slapped by this guy that was
hurting me anymore, this
vengeance was for my Pretty
Salma, Vengeance they say is
sweet, i hadnt started enjoying
this one
”guy listening to this story i said
”fvvck up nah bad thing, for my
life i hate fvvck up dieee, there
was peace in Heaven untill
Lucifer come fvvuck up, got felt
betrayed and threw him down,
gave Lucifer time to change and
beg for forgiveness but the dude
wouldnt, God finally tag satan for
destruction, set the last day on
earth to put an end to the cocck$
ucker, Bro that day nah
‘judgement day’, and Sly today
nah that day for you, you are the
Lucifer in the story and nah me
be god, guy come on get up” i
After my small epistle it was like
my anger increased again, i didnt
know if the dude was scared to
stand up, the almighty Sly as poor
Salma had always protrayed him
to be.
I had to forcefully make him
stand up, and just as he did, an
unexpected headbutt landed
gracefully on his lips, the sound
of it made everyone shout, guess
they didnt see that one coming
since i had a weapon in my hand,
he started bleeding profusely,
”that day you just dey feel
yourself, you slap me finish dey
ask me wether i know who you
be?, today e go shock you cos if i
no clear your doubt i go like
know why” i said,
”thunder fire you” Samba said,
everyone began raining insults
on him,
”D, howfar make we match am
dey go, be like people don dey
gather small small, i no feel the
settings” Hefty said peeping
No one gave a fvvck if the
mudafucka was bleeding, we
hadnt even started yet, just as
Hefty completed his statement, i
heard someones voice in the
room saying,
”Ken abeg no vex, abeg make
una no do me like this abeg,
abeg” it was the voice of the
but our well of sympathy and pity
had run dry, all we had left was
sand in the well, i dont think the
sand would be of any help to
him, i was surprised he knew my
name, he had just proven it to
me that he knew Salma was my
girlfriend, and must have taken
me for a jew man.
”you get mind dey fvvck my babe
shey?” i angrily asked,
turned my face to dem guyz and
was like,
”e no get wetin una wan tell me
ooo, dis guy no dey comot here
with this boxers oo, we dey
match am go Unclad liveee” i
said still burning with fury
”na wa for you oo, guy flex nah,
we dey solidly behind you,
anyhow wey you want make e
be, nah so e go be” Solo replied,
I turned back facing Sly,
”Guy abeg remove that boxers” i
said calmly but angrily…
It just began

”Guy abeg remove your boxers” i
said calmly but angrily,
He was dumbfounded, then i
started having a rethink, ‘is it not
this same guy that had been
threating Salma, ‘Sly the Almighty
baddest’, at least i was expecting
some sort of attitude, then i
realised it wasnt his fault, look at
the armed men that came for
him, so why the guy no go
humble?, he placed his hands on
his boxers but couldnt pull it off,
at that particular moment no one
gave a d–n, i just wanted to act
according to the pains my heart
was going through, no time to
look Uche face, even if he likes,
he could cry me a river like Justin
Timberlake it wont move me an
inch, my heart had become as
strong as stone,
”see abeg make una no do me
like this, abeg” he said with his
hand still holding his boxers, his
head moving from side to side
looking at everyone
”this one dey mad?, abi you think
say we dey play?” Samba replied
him angrily hiting him with the
bull on the forehead,
Samba’s reaction made him
understand it wasnt a joke, but
the dude still found it difficult to
take it off, i guess he must have
been reasoning his neighbours,
how shameful it would be, but if
his neighbours were his
Problem, he was in for a shocker,
cos from his place to grammar
School, Chuks’s place was quiet
some distance, he should be
worried at the eyes that was
going to be on him while we left,
but who gave a fvvck about the
dude, ‘fvvck up nah fvvck up and
every fvvck up must be treated’,
nah the O.T ‘forgiveness is a sin’,
but this guy’s fvvck up had
degree, so all we needed do is
oblige him with a graduation
certificate, and it was this
cerficate we ll be dishing out to
him, dude aint seen anything yet
cos hand never touch well,
”come take that thing off” Solo
said, landing a dirty slap on the
mudafuckaz face,
”i say make you remove am, use
your hand remove am by
yourself” he shouted again at
And before anyone could say
Jack, he humbly complied taking
off his boxers,
As he did, everyone started
laughing, yabbing the
mudafucka, the first thing my
eyes gazed on was his black

Just as people watched, we
climbed the bike and zoomed off
to Grammar School, it was some
minutes to 8am already, when
we got there, Chuks and the rest
where outside waiting for us,
smoking hemp to calm the
nerves and step down, this will
be an experience Sly ll never
forget, all the way from Campus 2
to Grammar School with no
clothes on, and the bikemen
worsened issues, they werent in
a hurry, they took their time
riding their bikes with their
speed on a slow pace, anyone
that saw us had to take another
look, he’s done his, this time was
my time, and my mind was made
up to enjoy it to the fullest,
anybody wey dey talk another
thing nah for em pocket.
Chuks area was inside, though it
looked like a close, his compound
was like a barracks self-con, like
up to twenty five to thirty
apartments, and all the
apartments were occupied by all
round guys, everyone belonging
to thesame fraternity, some
where even two in a room, with
a black huge gate and a spacious
compound inside, it was really a
dead end expecially if you were
an enemy, sometimes i wonder
how they did it, this particular
frat having been occuping this
house, even before i got
admission into School, this guy
doesnt know what he just got
himself into, if he knew, he
would have ran for his life, i had
other good plans for him, if he
survives this one, i doubt if he ll
ever get himself in trouble again.
Before we left, most of the guys
were still sleeping, but before we
got back, everyone was up,
outside crowded, as they saw
him, they started laughing, like
nah em dem patiently dey
outside dey wait, we matched to
were they were.
Dem guyz had another option of
taking him inside the compound,
but i guess this particular fvvvup
they wanted to treat it outside,
and this area was a busy one,
they were lots of other hostels
around there, soon this movie
will still draw alot of attention
and lots of passers-by too.
”This guy don already dey bleed
for mouth, nah who wound am?”
Chuks asked,
”you dey ask again?, you no trust
your boy again?, nah headbutt
master nah” Solo replied him,
everyone started laughing,
”Ken abi, ” Chuks asked,
”as we hear the sound all of us
shout, e bi like were them throw
grenade” Solo teased while the
others were busy laughing,
”nah wa o, that small thing nah
em be like say una don mend am
tire” Chuks asked, the next thing
he landed a hot slap on Sly’s
”come on go down, you still dey
stand?, or you no know wetin
you do?” he thundered, dropping
the question for Sly to answer,
He went down immediately it
didnt take him a second, this
should be his most fvvvckep up
moment, a guy washing clothes
brought his dirty soapy water
and poured it all over his body,
from his head down to his toes,
”you get mind sha, you go by-
force my guy babe, you no even
fear” Samba yelled at him
‘Kpooooza’, landed a dirty slap
on his wet back,
“come on do frog jump” he
shouted at him,
”from this place to that place like
that dey go” he said
demostrating, giving instructions
to the squating Sly,
I just sat at a spot watching, ”but
wait first oo, is this not desame
Sly Salma has been telling me
about, that he was dangerous
and would hurt me if i did
anything silly” i was asking
myself, since our collision today
he hasnt opened his mouth to
say anything, at least i expected
him to show some kinda
attitude, but instead, the guy just
turned his Clergy man on acting
so humble,
”Bros abeg,
Bros abeg
Bros abeg” i kept hearing him
say repeatedly,
It was over thirty minutes i called
Salma, she had since not shown
up, i had to take call her again, i
took my phone and called her a
second time, and as she picked it
”Salma where are you” i asked,
”i wanted to shower and paste
first, but am done, am about
taking a bike now” she said, at
least this time her voice wasnt
”be fast, when you get to where
i told you lemme know, call me
and i ll come pick you up” i
”where is it are you taking me
this early morning, it had better
be good, if not, you ll see what
am going to do to you” she said
”see abeg do fast, you are
keeping me waiting” i replied,
then hung up,
i wanted to be very serious this
time around, she has been taking
me as just a mere joker, a guy
that was never serious with
things, but this time i wanted to
give her a treat, make sure i blow
her mind, earn my respect from
her in a whole new level.
My guy was slugging it out, busy
with his frog jump sweating it
out, with no boxers and Singlet
on, his blockus was just dancing,
the incident was already drawing
other people’s attention.
After a while, my phone started
ringing, it was Salma, i told dem
guyz i was coming, and headed
to the junction to get her, i
picked it up the 2nd time,
”where are you now?” i asked,
”at the junction, next to Angel’s
i walked till were we could see
eachother from a distance, i
waved at her, she started
walking towards were i stood.

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