-Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy

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With the few months we ve
dated, i had studied her very well,
and could even write a book
about her, i knew something just
wasnt right, that the guy wasnt
in her league, when she gave me
that response, i felt cold within
me, and a lil tear dropped from
one side of my eyes, not like i
was crying, i just got hurt by her
last words, then i started
processing what she just said in
my head, and my interpretation
”Bro, so you mean that guy has
been f!u!c!king this babe for
almost a year against her wish,
little wonder he has no regards
for her and could slap a girl as
pretty as she is in public, without
giving a d–n what anyone
things, like he owns her, even a
man that has payed a Ladies
bride price wont do such”, these
were the thoughts that was
running like a sprinter in my
I became angry, my initial bad
mood worsened, i detested him
for what he did, my perception
about the guy changed
completely to hatred and disgust,
my body started jittering, thats
just what happens to me when
am about doing something evil, i
couldnt wait anymore.
”howcome you kept it to yourself
and didnt tell me, or you think i
cant protect you?, or at least dont
you think i deserve to know?” i
said angrily,
She had started crying already,
”i was scared, Ken please, i know
him very well, he is very
dangerous” she said(crying)
what she just said even
infuriated me more, she must ve
really looked down on me cos of
my playful nature,
”i swear you must have really
taken me for one fearful, silly guy
cos he slapped me and i backed
off, you keep saying he is
dangerous, wetin be all this one?,
you must have been taken me for
granted, you know who i be
sef?” i said, already boiling with
I didnt give a d–n again if she
knew who i was, the Sly guy has
really crossed the line with me.
when i said that angrily, thats
when it looked like i had just
opened the door to the room of
truth using the right key,
”He has some peeps that get to
watch me, its just strictly $€x,
most times i dont get wet when
having $€x with him, cos i do it
to please him, i end up with
bruises most times, he doesnt
joke, doesnt laugh, he takes
every thing serious” she said
My ears heard more than it could
take, my eyes red, so the poor
girl has been going through hell,
the guy didnt even care, she was
just his $€x slave, taking
advantage of the poor lil girl who
was just 20/21, probably one of
those young lads that got
admission early, Portharcourt
tushed babe but hailed from Edo
State, Auchi, this is public slavery,
your fellow student, thesame
school and level, just because he
had leverage to some certain
things, men with brain dont do
such, they ll rather be your shield
and protect you,
”i swear, i ll kill that guy, for all
these things he did to you, i ll
make sure he pays, i joke alot
thats why you ve been looking
down on me na shey?” i said still
if my anger was measured with a
scale at that moment, i was sure
the scale would break,
”so you kept it to yourself, i
swear i suppose tear you slap” i
”Baby am sorry, he still calls me
and commands me the way he
always does, i told em am dating
someone else now, he was like i
should tell the guy to stay away if
he likes himself, that he would
and can hv me whenever he
wants and as long as am in this
school, there is nothing i could
do about it” she said,
”so why didnt you tell me?”i
the babe wan make me run mad
” how could i?” she asked back,
I thought for a while and it
seemed like something was
missing from the things she just
said, to know i wasnt high and
reasoning too far, i had to ask
”Salma, lemme ask you
something, and please dont lie to
me, i beg of you” i said,
”ok” she replied,
”pleasse, have you been visiting
him out of fear or have you guys
been seeing eachother, since we
started dating?” i asked her
slowly counting my words one
after the other and was waiting
in curiousity for her response”
”yes” she replied,(crying)
”why?, and you couldnt tell me?”
i asked,
”i was scared, Ken i love you, i
didnt want him to hurt you” she
”mtcheeew, has he forcefully
slept with you since we met? As
in dating?” i said again,
thats what i want to know, and
her response to this question ll
determine my war with him,
thats if she tells me the truth.
But she was quiet for a long
while, i had to ask her again,
“Please tell me the truth, dont lie
to me, i wont use it against you”
the next thing i heard was a
voice sobbing at the other end of
the phone for a long while, and
then finally said
”yes” bursted out crying.
The battle line has just been

When the ones you love get hurt
by someone else, thats when you
know howmuch you love them.
After she finally said ‘yes’, i was
filled with rage, the anger in me
was like a ballon filled with
toomuch air and was ready to
burst, i was sure if Sly was next
to me at that moment, i would
have killed him, but i knew that
time for vengeance was soon, it
was only going to be few days
before his ‘judgement day’
comes, i was having the initial
thought i had taken something
from him and all i just needed do
was hurt his pride, not knowing
all the while i had gotten it all
wrong, my thoughts were
antiquated, i needed to open my
eyes and come back to the real
world and get my thoughts right,
it was this dude that took
something from me, you could
do whatever you want to me, but
you ll only be crossing the line
when you hurt my woman, and if
its someone i love, you had just
taken the fight to a whole new
level, Sly just did.
I started wondering why she
kept it to herself and didnt tell
me, why she lied to me the first
time i asked her, was the threat
that bad, i felt like scolding her
cos the fact that the mudafucka
still was able to get between her
legs drove me insane, i felt
movements bolting in my head, i
only tried not to yell at her,
”Salma you would have at least
told me” i said trying to keep my
voice cool, believe me i was
forcing it, i didnt want to scare
her more,
”what would you have done?, i
didnt just want him to hurt you,
he slapped you once in front of
me before” she replied sobbing,
It was then i knew this girl had
really been looking down on me
all this while, she just saw me as
a guy who cracked her jokes and
made her feel good, she had
given herself the perfect sketch
of me, as an easy going guy, who
stayed outa people’s trouble, the
aje-buttish kinda guy just the
way she was, but it wasnt her
fault, i dont brag about myself
and the frat i belonged to, i try to
be in my best behaviour, i only
showed myself if situations called
for it and a nigga had no choice,
i didnt see it as something one
should beat the chest and be
proud of, so she didnt know i
belonged cos situations between
us had never called for it before,
but this time, i was willing to let
her know, and am going to do it
in grand style, she had been
living with the devil himself but
didnt notice, hell just broke loose
for myself and Sly, we just had to
find out who ruled hell.
”babe whats even wrong with
you sef, you keep saying hurt me,
hurt me, shey nah so dem take
dey hurt person?, he slapped me
in public, cool, were you
expecting me to fight him there?,
then if people ask wetin happen,
the answer go be nah cos of one
babe, babe i was seeing for the
first time, he was your boyfriend
my dear, i had other plans,
there’s more to what the
ordinary eyes can see, but no
worry i go clear your doubt real
soon” i explained,
my anger already beginning to
”please dont do anything $tup¡d,
Kennn pleassse, am begging you,
you dont know that guy, he is a
cultist, very dangerous” she said,
i could hear her at the other end
(Wetin dey worry this one sef),
the way she keeps hammering
on the guy being very dangerous
and a cultist was really pissing
me off, i sure say the guy go don
hipe himself dieeee were she dey
coupled with lots of empty
threats he must have being
dishing to her, so she must have
been seeing him as the hardest
man in school, but i ll find out
myself how dangerous he is
”stop crying, i ll call you to meet
me up on Saturday somewhere,
when i do, hurry and dont keep
me waiting, it might be in the
morning, just make sure you
looking really good” i said,
then hung up
I swear i had evil intentions and i
couldnt wait to exibit it, plans
coming up in my head.
After the call i wasnt feeling
myself at all, i was feeling terrible
and there was only one thing
going through my mind and
head ‘PAY BACK’.
I kept thinking about the whole
thing till friday but before then i
had called Chuks and told him i
wanted to discuss something
with dem guyz and it wasnt
something i could tell him on
phone, so they waited in
suspence till i showed up that
friday evening, i left my house
with my school bag that had a
trouser and shirt, with my small
had bag that had something
dangerous in it.
That evening as we sat outside
doing the normal hemp smoking
and siping from a bottle of 501,
the issue came up,
”D, so wetin be the thing wey
you say you wan tell us” Chuks
asked as everyone kept quiet
waiting for me to voice out,
I stood up, walking from one end
to the other, my glass in one
hand and my smoke on the other
hand, they sensed it that what i
was going to spit next wasnt
going to be ordinary, i stood in
front of everyone, my head
raised up, my eyes red, gazing
back at them, and finally said,
”una no go believe say Sly dey
use threat means dey forcefully
Bleep my babe anytime wey em
want sinceee?”
”Ehhhnnnnnnnn!!!” everyone

The question i dropped swept
everyone off their feet, this was
really the height of it, it was really
a shocker and very exasperating
question as well,
”Guy wait first, repeat wetin you
just talk, cos i no hear you well”
Chuks said, standing up from
where he sat,
”I say that guy dey use threat
fvvck that babe anytime wey em
like, infact nah threat means em
use get the babe last year” i said
calmly, slowly and gently making
sure they got my message, word
for word,
What i said spoilt our lil party, i
could see the reaction in
everyone’s faces, hatred and
disgust were written on them,
”That guy nah b—–d ooo, we
suppose treat that guy Bleep up
well, Ken, how you take know?”
Flames asked,
”See wetin happen here, e don
tey wey me been dey reason the
matter, cos i dey always dey
wonder how the guy take get
the babe, and again anytime wey
i bring the guy matter up, she go
always dey talk say ‘the guy is
dangerous’, ‘the guy is
dangerous’, ‘she doesnt want
the guy to hurt me’, e don
toomuch, so last night i go
pressurise am till she come open
up gimme” i explained,
”shey she know who you be?”
Solo asked,
”No” i replied,
”Nah why she dey yarn like that
nah, guy let am know jor, but i
swear that guy dey mad oo, that
guy is going down tomorrow”
Solo said,
”just watch wetin go happen
tomorrow, e just dey vex me say
that fool has been fvvckng that
girl since we started dating, em
don price me, em gats pay ooo,
nah heavy insult to me i swear,
em just take advantage of the
poor girl sha” i replied,
As we were talking about it, i
was still getting pissed, and just
as i pressumed, they all felt
thesame way too and couldnt
wait to get their hands on him
”guy so wetin dey your mind to
do am” Chuk’s asked,
”Baba if i tell you say i know like
this, i swear nah lie i dey lie,
anything wey em see make em
take am like that, but i for like
make we move the baggar come
this end, make we tidy the fvvuck
for here, ‘if you want to catch a
hunter, you start with its prey’,
the sweet thing be say we don
do our home work, like this we
get upper hand cos we don
know how we go take cramp
am” i said,
”But wait first, that guy get mind
sha ooo, wetin em be again sef”
Hefty asked,
”Ebere say nah Pirate, bloody
pirate” Chuks replied him,
We talked about the issue all
night and still stuck to the plan,
but there was a lil change, and
that was matching him down
over, it was a special case and
thus needed to be treated
specially, that dangerous guy ish
that Salma has always sang
about him, i wanted to see for
myself how dangerous he was, i
owe him that, to look at his ugly
face, i was restless.
I found it difficult to sleep at
night, with the thoughts of the
whole whole incident that was
going to happen the next
morning going through my
mind, i decided to call Cynthia at
mid-night, trying to confirm if
she was still coming to spend the
weekend with me, but she was
relunctant about the issue and
was still giving me thesame old
stories that she wasnt sure and
that she hadnt done it before
and i wasnt in any mood to start
begging my a$$ off, i had other
things on my mind, i had my
mind on the Sly’s mission the
next day, i just couldnt wait,
when she told me she wasnt
sure, i just locked up and said ok.
We really didnt talk much cos i
wasnt ready for formings, i finally
concluded that after everything, i
might as well try again, try and
talk her into coming but for that
moment, the game wasnt there,
when i am settled i ll have her
As i layed on the bed in Chuks’s
room in the middle of the night, i
started reasoning how that
morning would be like, what
would Sly’s face look like when
he sees me and my entourage, i
just couldnt wait.
We woke up in the morning as
early as 6.30 am, everyone got
ready, Solo, Hefty, Samba, Perry,
Flames and myself, i wore my
black trouser and top i took
along with me, hung my small
bag across my shoulder, likewise
the rest too, everyone with his
bag across his shoulders.
We gathered together while
Chuks dropped his final words
and then, we took a bike and
headed to Sly’s place.

We took a bike and headed for
Sly’s place, two on a bike, it was
still early hours in the morning,
as i sat on the bike on my way
there i was hoping we met him, i
couldnt wait to get my hands on
him, i became jumpy, my heart
beating very fast, thinking about
the look on his face when he
sees me, i still didnt know what i
ld do to him but i knew that
either way it goes, someone was
going to get hurt cos i was
feeling very upset, anger burning
within my chest, i was filled with
rage, and before i knew it, at
thesame time i had the thoughts
of Salma running in my head, her
tears, the pains, the humiliation,
and the crazy things he must
have done to the defenceless girl,
who was so scared and didnt
know who to run too, the
particular thought that was
driving me mad was him forcing
her to bed even after we started
dating, ‘choi!, insult, my precious
Obosiasis, no fear at all, base on
the strong man he thinks he is’,
today i was ready to clear his
doubt and make all of Salma’s
pain go away, she was my Girl, so
she deserved better, i was ready
to put an end to this misery and
make sure he never ever goes
close to her again, i want to hurt
him to the extent that when he
sees Salma, he ll take another
way, thats howmuch i wanted to
hurt this guy, my hatred towards
him had gotten to a whole the
level, as in the height of it, i have
never detested someone like that
in my life before but this particulr
guy was worth it.
we got there finally, highlighted
and told the bikes to wait behind
for us, they knew us, they took
us on missions, some of them
were town decks ( indigenes
that belonged).
The compound was very quiet, it
was a face me i face you kind of
apartment, it was almost 7 ‘0’
clock in the morning, a dark girl
like that was outside washing, as
she saw some weird looking
guyz dat wasnt smiling, all
dressed in all round black with lil
bags hung on around their
shoulders, she paused and
stared fearfully, (as far say nah
campus environment, if you see
men like that, that early you sef
go fear) nobody said a thing to
her, cos no one had her time, we
had already done our home-
works, so we knew exactly
where the retardee’s room was,
we didnt need anybody’s help in
identifying it.
We stuck to the plan, nothing
was to change, myself and Hefty
stood at the entrance door, his
height and body alone covered
the whole entrance, we called
him hefty cos he was so huge, he
works out alot with a Rambo
face to match, as the poor girl
washing saw the arrangement,
she ran leaving her clothes
behind, stood from afar and
watched, i wonder who was
chasing her but base on logistics,
it was out of fear.
Flames and Solo went to the back
entrance, stood there like Angels
guarding heaven’s gate, while
Perry and Samba went to Sly’s
Samba took the job of knocking
gently on the door, while the rest
of us watched from were we
stood, as he was knocking with
one hand, the other hand was
inside his bag.
He kept knocking for a while, and
finally i could hear a voice i was
conversant with coming from
inside the room,
”who be that?
Who be that?” the voice kept
but no one was in the mood to
As i heard the voice, i gave dem
guyz a sign to confirm that he
was the one, and i got signs and
gestures in return which i
interpreted to be they were glad
we met the [email protected]$tard at home,
Perry gave me a sign, placed a
finger on his throat like he was
going to slice it, ‘yes’ it is about
to go down.
When the persistent knock
continued on the door, the
mudafucka(Sly) had no choice
than to open it to see who his
knocker was, just as he opened
the door, he met a bull(gun)
pointing angrily on his head, just
like bushmeat catching hunter, i
was waiting for the James Bond
as Salma had always portrayed
him to be, expecting him to
shout, but the guy was as silent
as a mute.
Samba and Perry forced him into
his room, where i stood, i could
hear Samba’s voice,
”Come go down before
groundnut enter your head” He
”nah wetin i do,
nah wetin i do” i could hear the
mudafuckers voice crying out like
a voice in the wilderness,
we started entering his room
one after the other, he kept
seeing strange faces, one, two,
three before he knew he had
seen five armed men, he would
be wondering who he offended,
before i finally entered and
rescued him from his misery,
misery from who he has
offended, in my mind i was like
”this would be fun, this is
judgement day” …

To be continued

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