-Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy

Read Story: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy… Part 63


”Baba howfar for the Sly matter?,
shey we still dey play am abi?” i
asked Chuks,
”time still dey nah before
saturday your face go don dey
better, everything still dey as
planned, shey you still remember
how i take talk am that day?” he
”you say me and Hefty go dey
front entrance, Flames and Solo
go dey the back entrance, then
Perry and Samba nah em go
knock for the guy door, once the
guy open, we go begin show in
pairs, then burst the , if em ready
to pay, we go match am come
here, but at a time, me i like
touch am sha” i annalysed,
”your head pin well yakata, but
nah Saturday early morning nah
em i want make una play the guy,
make e no be evening again,
make e be say nah sleep eyes em
go take open door, meaning say
u go sleep for this Kaba friday
night” he explained,
Spending the night there on
Friday wasnt new, besides it
would enhance our preparation
and make us take our time to
strategize well.
The guyz i was going with for
this mission are men that have
made names for themselves(we ll
get to that), Samba, Solo and
Hefty were Executioners(the
name speaks for itself), Flames
had gotten to the Ibaka rank,
Perry was a Point 1(cant explain
that too), they were Kings in the
game, Men that had fought wars,
done and seen things, i was still
up and coming though but was
coming up quick, i fast growing
faster and bigger than my size,
cos i had gotten recognized by
the league of men, and when
these men addresses me, they do
it like i was their mate, unlike
some guyz who were even in the
frat before me, i had started
doing stuffs and gained respect,
cos the more crazy things you
do, the more respect you get,
there you dont wait to be
respected, you ve got to earn it,
so i had been doing that, the
Blacks ruled Delsu then, so i was
covered and protected.
While i sat dragging in and
puffing out my weed, my brain
started re-capturing the Scene,
things started re-occuring exact
way they happened, the way the
slap landed on my face, the eyes
that was on me.
I had taken away his girlfriend
from him, now the next thing i
want to do is hurt his pride, i ld
love to hurt him real well, but i
don know how, i just decided to
go as the spirit leads, and when
my spirit leads, bad things
I had an awesome time,
smoking, drinking and cracking
jokes, and when it was
beginning to get late, i had to bid
them farewell in order to beat
the 8pm curfew time.
I got home and all through that
night it was all i thought off, i
started picturing his ugly face, i
would really want to see that
confidence of his when i storm
his house with my men, i want to
see the look on his face, when he
gets visited by an old time
unwelcomed friend, my heart
started beating fast, and
whenever i take weed it makes
me reason alot, and most times i
reason things right, i couldnt
wait anymore to get my hands
on the mudafucka, i found it
difficult to sleep at night, it
started wishing i could
fastforward time, who knows
Salma might have dated him outa
fear, or he might have even
threatened her ‘Choii, my Salma’,
and my P was when i start dating
a new girl i always cared less
about her ex, i hardly ask
questions, i prefered knowing
what i need to know not
everything she wants me know, i
became restless, all of a Sudden i
wanted to know everything, cos
his case was different, since i
couldnt take it anymore, i had to
call Salma.
I waited all night till it was
12.30am, waited for the time to
get to 12.35, to keep my Xtracool
balance safe, then dialled Salmas
I drifted her attention to love
matters first, wind and teased
her so as to disgress her mind
from the main reason i called,
and when i had made her laugh
and feel good, i entered the
‘Topic Sentence’ of my calling
”Baby please tell me about Sly,
howcome he lays his hands on
you, yet you kept dating him” i
asked with curiousity,
i wasnt convinced that She didnt
opened her mouth to tell that
guy yes, and with the way my
heart grew cold like ice-block for
the guy, i was ready to use
whatever she told me against
”Baby shey have told you before
that we met during my
registration in my 100level” she
”you ve not answered my
question, are you trying to tell me
that you opened your mouth and
told that guy that looks like
Agbero yes?” i asked again, and
with my dealings with women, i
notice when i keep hitting the
topic without changing the
subject for a long time the truth
ends up coming out,
i kept pressing harder with the
belief something wasnt right,
before finally said,
”We met last year, its a long
story, he’s been treating me, he
was even threatening To Molest
me, when the pressure became
toomuch, and i had no one to
run too, i had to give in and
concede to him” she explained,
as i heard it, i was,
”Ennnnh Ehhhnnn, i talk am, i talk
ammm, i knew something was
wrong, i come dey think say i
don high”.

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