-Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy

Read Story: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy… Part 62


”O” she said,
”u r OUTSTANDING” i said,
”P” she said,
”Q” she said,
” u r ma QUEEN
”R” she said,
” RITZY AND ROMANTIC” i replied,
”S” she said,
” SWEET n SEXY” i said,
”T” she said,
”ma TREASURE”, i replied,
She didnt want to let go, she kept
going on and on, she really
wanted to get to the end of it, i
brought the challenge, so i was
ready for it, she continued,
”u r UNDERSTANDING” i said,
”really, ok oo, so whats V” she
”u r ma VISION” I replied,
”W” she asked,
”u r ma WIFEY” i replied,
”wooow, you killing me here, X”
she called,
”u r ma XTACY” i said,
”YYYYY” She said,
”u r so d–n YUMMIE” i teased,
”the last, Z” she said
”u re ZEALOUS” I replied,
”wow, Baby from A to Z, thanks
somuch” she said,
”Thats what you mean to me,
you are sooo complete from A to
Z” i added,
“i swear i feel like kissing you
right now” she said,
But base on the sharp guy that i
am, i had to give her response a
lil twist, cos i did what i did cos
of what i wanted her to do for
”Dont worry, just keep the kisses
for this weekend ok” i said and
was curiously waiting to hear
what her response ll be like,
”i dont know about that one, ve
not spent the night in a guyz
house before” she replied,
”good thing you just said ‘Guyz’,
thats what makes me different,
am just one guy, am sure you
know am different from the rest,
nah one day something take dey
start” i said, trying very hard to
convince her.
I finally know now shes not a
Virgin, i didnt want to start
asking how she lost it, the first
guy, when she had $€x last, my
plan was after Piakanteeing the
Obosiasis, i ll then relax and ask
her all the things i want to know,
i wasnt ready to listen to any
heart breaking news, cos am
always getting the feeling she
has a Boyfriend, if not in School,
maybe at home, and even if she
did, i cared less, cos i know i ve
the upper hand, the magical
incident that has transpired
between us and for the fact i
was closer to her means i had
better access to her, and have
won her heart as well, those
reasons were enough for me to
We talked till it was 4.30, and i
kept hitting the nail on the head
about her coming to spend the
weekend with me, she really
didnt come to terms with me
about the issue, but i knew i was
going to win the fight, i was sure
about something,
‘say once she come that
weekend, e don open the book
like that, she go dey come like
that dey go’.
I didnt go to School the next day,
i stayed at home through out, i
remembered there was
something i wasnt doing right, i
hadnt called Salma, nah so i go
jonze myself naw, when she
doesnt see my calls, she ll come
to look for me at the weekend,
and that ll be disastrous, i had to
quickly go get Credit to call her,
and this period was the time i
need to put on my best, call her
frequently everyday, tease her, in
order to put her mind at ease.
That evening, freshened and
dressed up and went to Chuk’s
place, as i highlighted and payed
the bike, as usual, dem Guyz
where outside smoking weed
with a bottle of St Remi standing
on the ground, with two to three
glass cups.
As they saw me, everyone started
hailing me, the last time we
hanged out was on Saturday, so
the incidents of the things that
went down that day, still lingered
fresh in their minds, i had to give
everyone, one after the other the
frat pleasantries, hailing
eachother with the use of slangs.
I joined them smoking and
shared the St Remi with them,
and before i knew what was
happening, everyone had turned
my visit into an Interview,
questions flying at me like a
snipper’s bullet,
”D, howfar, Capo say una yarn
yesterday say you say that babe
come your side” Flames asked,
everyone focusing on me with all
”She come on Sunday, still come
yesterday” i replied,
”Choiiii” everyone shouted,
”you don draw the oil?” Chuks
and as he did everyone kept
quiet waiting for me to respond,
it was kinda funny when i saw
the seriousness in their faces, so
i started laughing,
”see as all of una serious sha” i
said laughing,
”come on talk jor, who u dey use
play for here?” Solo said playfully,
”ok, make i no lie, we don kiss,
romance, i don press br€@$t, we
for fvvck but she dey see her
period” i explained,
”oya gimme 5, i say gimme 5 dar,
i like this guy” Chuks said, giving
me a very hard shake that almost
ripped my palm off,
”she dey come spend the
weekend with me, she go crash
nah, so una know wetin go
happen” i added,
they started hailing and
celebrating, i started wondering,
nah me wan fvvck, nah dem dey
celebrate, wetin dey happen?,
”what of that Sly fine babe that
time?” Perry asked,
”we still dey nyash nah, i ynassh
am on Sunday” i replied,
”Baddd guy” everyone shouted,
”come wetin you dey even tell
these babes dem sef, dem just
dey give you t¤to anyhow” Solo
and all i could do was laugh

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