-Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy

Read Story: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy… Part 61


We kissed passionately, her
response to me and the way her
body reacted to our sweet
romance made it clear to me that
my idea of getting her in the
mood worked, na just to try
reach down unbuckle the jean
Just like i did yesterday, one of
my hand was placed on her br
€@$t, caressing them through
her clothes, as she closed her
eyes caught in the moment of
the romance.
As we kissed, i started moving
my hand that was caressing her
bo/obs downwards slowly,(if i
succeed unbuckle the jean, to
remove the bra, no go be wahala,
so i thought), i was dying to see
this br€@$t cos for so long i had
been wondering how its going
to be like, imagining also the
expression on her face when i
suck and tickle her nipp|€$, the
shape of her bo/ob$ and how
beautiful its going to be like, how
making love to her ll be like, the
way she ll moan, i had really
anticipated the whole thing in
my head.
I moved my hand down slowly till
i got to her jean, then was trying
to unbuckle the button, she
grabbed me by the hand, and
then dragged my hand up, but
we didnt stop kissing.
I dont give up easily, cos with the
way this girl was almost eating
my lips, i had no doubt we ll
make love today, i tried again as
we kissed so deep, our tongues
colliding against eachother, went
down with my hand trying to
unbuckle her jean again, she held
my hand again, this time i had to
voice out, cos we ve gone past a
certain stage were i wasnt shy
I paused the kiss and then asked,
”what is it?”,
”you wont like what you ll see”
she said very calmly,
I tried processing what she
meant by that, if she meant she
was still a virgin or she was just
being shy, so i asked again,
”what i ll see as in how?, are you
still a virgin?” i dropped the High
Blood Pressure question and was
praying she said no, cos if she
said yes, a nigga might just have
heart attack,
She started smiling and was like,
”what if i tell you i am”,
My mood was already slightly
changing,(omo after all the
stress, which kind rubbish be all
dis one, i said to myself),
”i wouldnt doubt you naw” i
replied her in aggitation,
like she noticed the
disappointment on my face, i
swear i couldnt hide it,
She smiled and was like,
”am not, am seeing my p, i could
show you if think am lying, am
wearing a pad right now” she
reached for her jean and was
trying to unbuckle it herself,
I held her hands and stopped
her, leaned forward and kissed
her, but she shrugged me off,
pushed me backwards and
”was that why your mood
This time no lies, i had to speak
my mind,
”have been dying to make love to
you, thats why, have thought and
dreamt about it” i calmly said,
”its not my fault, i ll love to make
love to you too” she said,
The statement gave me goose
pimples all over my body, at least
that was fair,(the babe don dey
get mind to yarn me things, e
make sense, so i thought),
So what she said, made me
summon courage, so i asked her,
”what do you think?, spend this
weekend with me pleassse” i
”ok, i ll think about it, weekend is
still far” she said,
That was so fair too, i could deal
with that, she just gave me
enough time to convince her
before weekend.
We had some more romance, i
enjoyed my time, since she told
me she was on her p, i was easy
on her, i only kept caressing her
bo/ob$ through her top, this
weekend, e sure me say nothing
go escape, my part is to make
sure i end up convincing her.
She left around that kinda 7.30,
base on the curfew thing in
town starting by 8, and how
protective i was about her, i
followed her on a bike home,
then told me she ll call me at nyt
as she hightlighted from the bike
and then tuk d bike back home.
It was late already, i couldnt go
to Chuks’s place again, i just ate,
was watching a movie and then
slept off, it was her call that woke
me up in the middle of the night.
We talked about alot, then i
pulled this stunt on her, trying to
pave way for the weekend, there
was a poem i wrote i used for
my runz, i got use to it, till it
wouldnt leave my head anymor,
”Cynthia, i want you to call all the
alphabets, from A to Z one after
the other, starting from A, and i ll
tell you what you mean to me
with each alphabet,
She sounded excited,
”ok, A” she said,
”u r ANGEL” I replied,
”B” she said,
”C” she said,
”u r CARING, i answerd,
”D” she said,
”my DARLING” i replied,
”E” she said,
”u r ELEGANT” i said,
”F” she said,
”my FINEST” i replied,
”G” she said,
”my GIFT” i answered,
”H” she called out,
”u r HUMBLE” i said,
”I” she said,
”u r INTELLIGENT” i answered,
”wow! J” she asked,
” my JOY” i responded,
”K” she asked,
”u r KIND” i replied,
”hmmm, how did you know?”
she asked,
”cos its written all over you” i
”ok ooo, L” she continued,
”u r ma LOVE nah” i said,
”M” she asked,
”u r MILD, like the evening
breeze” i said,
”hmmm, bieeeeby, ok o, N” she
“u r NICE n NEAT”.

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