-Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy

Read Story: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy… Part 59


I dressed up and was ready to
leave, i was kinda bitter, with the
feeling i was $€x starved, but on
a second thought something told
”Guy calm down free the babe
This wasnt our first time
spending the night together, she
had never slept off on me like
this before, since it was my first
time of seeing her squirt, there
were tendencies it might be her
first experience, i ll find out from
the horses mouth later, so i had
to cheer up and tried not to be
selfish, truly it must have really
taken alot outa her, i concluded
I went to where she layed on the
bed still sleeping, shook her body
till she opened her eyes,
”I want to start going now” i
said, she looked at me with her
sleepy eyes and asked drowsily,
”is it day break already?”,
”yep, its almost seven” i replied,
”wowww(sat up)Baby am so
sorry, you know i wouldnt just
sleep off on you like that, i was
so weak as if all my bones were
broken after that stuff last night”
she said in disappointment,
When she said stuff, i been wan
yab the babe but i just calm
down before she go begin cry,
cos shes got talent in Cryology
and Laughiology at thesame
time, if she go all this Bleep, i bet
she would win, so i decided to
take it easy on her.
”its ok i understand, this one you
are calling it stuff, dont you know
the name?, or was last night your
first time?” i asked and was
anxiously waiting for her
She nodded her in reply,
”yes, pleassse what’s it called”
she asked with plea,
”Its called Squirting, its alot
different from heavenly feeling, a
woman can reach heavenly
feeling several times during s-x,
but squirting is the highest level
of heavenly feeling” i explained,
She was just looking at me in
Shock, i was surprised, thinking
she was faking the new look on
her face, she was 20/21 then,
howcome she doesnt know
about it, as she kept quiet staring
at me, i continued,
”heavenly feeling is an intense
moment of intimate pleasure, but
squirting is the highest peak of
heavenly excitement, you are
even lucky, some women dont
experience it through out their
lifetime” i added,
”Goddd!, Ken-nn-ny, Kennnn, you
this small boy, howcome you
know this much?” she asked in
amazement, held me by my
shoulders firmly and was
shaking me,
”Chill jor, but the small boy is
lecturing you on Sexology 202
this morning, instead wey you go
rush carry your biro and jotter,
you sit down for bed, mtcheew, i
read books and have done stuffs
too” i replied,
She started laughing hysterically,
i was beginning to wonder what
i said that was so funny,
”i wonder what ll happen when
you get to 25/30, na wa oo” she
”wo, see, me am leaving, its too
early to start talking about
squirting, lecture continues later”
i said, stood up and was walking
towards the door,
”are we fighting?, at least gimme
a kiss before you leave naw” she
Maybe i wouldnt mind having my
round 2 now, i turned back,
walked back to where madam
sat on the bed, bedspread
wrapped around her br€@$t,
bent and kissed her, we kissed
for a while but i noticed my mind
wasnt prepared for $€x, i stood
”Babe, i ll call you later” i said
and took my leave.
I took a bike home and as i
walked into my apartment the
first thought that came to my
mind was Cynthia, i switched on
my phone and called her
immediately, she spoke i soon as
she picked,
”Baby what happened naw, your
phone was off through out the
night” she sobbed,
”my dear am so sorry, it went off
after sending you that message,
they just brought the light now,
am talking to you with my phone
charging” i said,
”do you know i woke up at
different times at night trying
your number?, i really wanted to
talk to you, i missed you” she
”see, if we dont talk tonight, i go
like know why, its a must, even if
i ll ve to charge my phone directly
to the transformer” i teased,
She began to laugh,
”seriously, you are sick”,
”at least thank God you know,
and yet still love me, meaning we
are both sick, 2 sick people in
love, it takes two to tangle, hope
you like the message i sent?” i
”(laughing), i love it, i love your
We talked for a while longer, she
asked if ll be coming to school,
no way i was going to school
with my scar face, at least not till
my mirror convinces me that i
was better if not ok, so i told her
i wouldnt.
She said she was going to come
check on me in the evening
hours after lectures.
After the call, i did a lil few
necessary house chores,
brushed, had my bath, prepared
something to eat, then relaxed
with a movie.
Where i sat on the bed, different
flashes of occured incidents
were coming to my head, i
noticed i hadnt had Susan’s time
since that night, then as the
Flashes kept going on ond off, i
remembered this weekend was
Sly’s weekend, we ll be riping his
a$$ off but to be sure things still
stood thesame way and hadnt
changed, i ll ve to hang out with
dem guyz before the week runs
out, first lemme call Chuks, i
reached for my phone and
dialled Chuks’s number

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