-Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy

Read Story: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy… Part 58


Not too long after that $€x, Salma
had slept off like a Baby, leaving
me alone awake, i suspected that
crazy romance must have taken
lots of strength out of her, it was
the first time i saw her squirt and
the second girl after Chizzy
amongst the host of girls i have
had s€x with, maybe Cynthia
would add to the list, i dont
know yet, there’s only one way
to find out, and i ll find out soon,
maybe when she wakes up i ll
have to ask her if it was her first
I couldnt sleep, i had to look for a
movie to watch, and it wasnt like
the time had really gone, it was
just few minutes to 10, back then
in Abraka, there was an 8 ‘o’
clock curfew, so people hurriedly
got to their houses before 8, at
worse a few minutes past 8, so
10 ‘o’ clock then looked 1am in
the morning, everywhere would
be so silent to the extent, you
would hear the frogs croak, if
you are out after 8 to 9pm, you
gats be a strong man.
As she kept sleeping, i tried
hitting her in pretence hoping
she would wake up, cos ma gage
for $€x, nah at least two rounds,
one round dey be me like
punishment, but the babe just
layed helplessly like a log of
wood on the bed.
I really relaxed and took my time
doing all that long romance
process, it must have gotten into
One crazy thought came into my
head, that kept ringing it like a
bell in me
”Guy dis babe don pass out jor,
you and Cynthia fit talk this night,
guy she no go know, this one
wey don reach her village for Edo
state sinceee”
I was beginning to think it was a
good idea, cos i wasnt feeling
sleepy at all, and watching her
[email protected]€d wasnt helping me, it was
aggravating my Attention, my
Piakantus kept rising and falling,
when it became toomuch, i had
to look for where she kept her
stuffs, got a another bed-spread
and covered her unclad body.
(i go yab you later no worry, sha
wake up later before day break
make you gimme round 2 ooo, i
And just as i was anticipating
talking to Cynthia at night,
another mind told me,
”Guy come on die it!, no just try
that thing wey you wan do so,
you wan kill yourself by yourself,
if she come wake up nkor”,
So i locked up on the issue,
instead decided to send her a
message, and after that, switch
off my phone, i ll tell her
tomorrow that my phone went
off after i sent the message to
her, and was able to charge it at
the early hours of the morning,
nah me dey in charge, e sure me
say she no go doubt me. I took
my phone and composed a
message that read,
‘Cyntia, i wsh u cud open ma hrt
and take a PEEP, u ll see my plans
4 u are not to make u WEEP, cos i
feel u so DEEP, praying i ve u for
KEEP, i wsh i cud be the one to
buy u a JEEP, so u ll stick with me
lyk a CLIP, hold un2 u nd neva let
D–n!, check out ur LIPs, Ur HIPs,
u re so so Swt. Swt drmz honey”.
I waited to see the delivery
message, and as soon as i did, i
switched off my phone, knowing
fully well that if she hadnt slept,
she would call me after reading
I continued with the movie, not
like i was enjoying it, but i was
awake doing nothing, i just dont
like Nigerian movies, i couldnt do
a thing about it cos it was what
Salma had to offer me, most girls
love naija movie alot, the only
time i get carried away by a naija
movie is only when its comedy,
Mr Ibu, Osuofia, Oke Bakassi,
Charlse Nnoje, Aki and Pawpaw
and the rest, since there was no
naija comedy movie, i had to
adapt, at least just for the night.
I watched on for a while, layed
on the rug, my head resting on
the edge of the bed, before i
knew it, i had dozed off.
I woke up in the middle of the
night to pee, reached for Salma’s
phone and looked at the time, it
was about 2.30 or so, the movie
had stopped playing, i had to
switch everything off, peed, got
back, switched on the light just
to take a good look at Salma who
was still lying helplessly on the
”Babe howfar nah, shey nah so
this night wan be?, no no no,
spend the night here, i don
spend am now, you lemme dey
sleep, are you trying to tell me
theres no more s-x this night?,
so no round two?” i was just
ranting within me,
On a second thought i wanted to
go back to bed, when something
to spoke to me inside,
”guy wake am up jare”,
I joined her in the bed, tapped
her a lil, just when i thought she
was making the signs of waking
up, saying some dreamland
languages i dont understand, she
rolled over and backed me, so i
chilled and left her to sleep,
”Guy no worry, e go be to 3 now,
time still dey’, i said within me
consoling myself with high
”ok na true sha time dey, shey i
go comot here 6.30/7am” i said,
As i layed on the bed, i didnt
know when i slept off.
I woke up later i was seeing
radiants of light penetrating
through the cotton reflecting in
the room,
”Guy shey day don break?” i
asked myself,
I quickly reached for her phone
and looked at the time, it said
few mins to 7
”mtcheeeeeeew, so nah so dis
tin finally end?” i asked myself,
stood and got my clothings and
started dressing with sadness.

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