-Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy

Read Story: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy… Part 57


I strolled back to Salma’s place,
with different crazy thoughts
running through my mind and
head, when i got there, she had
been waiting for me, you could
see the look on her face, but why
that look?, like it meant ‘what
took you so long?’, i really didnt
take time, it was about a 10 to
15 minute stroll,
”Baby what took you so long, if i
knew i would ve gone with you
oo” she said, faking her voice in
a cry-like tone, she loved doing
that, and the next thing she
expects whenever she did that
was me petting her,
I laughed out, went to where sat,
sat next to her, placed a hand
around her shoulder, pecked her
on the Chick, then said,
”am sorry naw, i had to stroll to
the junction before i could get
recharge card, remember today
is Sunday, you missed me shey?”
i asked,
”lemme jor, lemme jor(trying to
shove off her body from my hand
that rested around her
shoulders), ok where’s my card”
she asked, turned her face
looking directly into my eyes,
with one her palm stretched out
towards me,
”Ahn Ahn, you didnt tell me to
buy for you nah(laughing), so i
thought you had” i said, like she
wasnt happy with my response,
as she was making the move to
stand up from the bed, i grabbed
her forcefully and pushed her to
the bed, and quickly reached for
her lips, i kissed her passionately
as she reciprocated the kiss in
return, the plan was to get the
thoughts off what she just told
me off her mind.
After a while, she got up, went to
the Kitchen to get the hot water
she had boiled as well as a piece
of cloth, it was about a quater
past 8 then, she helped me take
my shirt off and singlet, then
went on with the massage, i
moaned lightly in pain at
intervals, and for every time i did,
she tried to mitigate the pain, by
making her massage gentle, and
would always say ”Baby sorry”
whenever i showed the pain
expression, but base on things, i
was over doing it cos me sef love
After that, she was all over me,
she had cooked already before i
came to see her, she just
warmed and dished our food in
a plate, we ate together and at
different times, fed eachother,
(for my mind, aw be like, dis
night no go be Childs play oo, o
ma bag gaaan), after that, we
went to shower.
And just as we were done with
our bath, we kissed eachother
right there in the bathroom,
slowly and passionately down to
the bed, i made her lay her down
with her back on the bed, kissed
her slowly, gently and nicely from
her forehead, then both eyes,
both chicks, her ears, kissed and
licked them, then tickled them
with my tongue, as she danced
her leg back and forth, scattering
the dressed bed already, came
down, kissed her nose, then
reached for her lips, then her
jaw, used my tongue to tickle
and lick her neck all over, kissed
her shoulders, then her arms
down to her fingers, s—-d
them one after the other, as she
moaned lightly, i went to her
b—m, kissed them all over,
licked and tickled just the n¡ppl€$
alone, danced my tongue around
it, then s—-d on it for a while,
then kissed down her tommy,
dazzled my tongue around it,
then watched her hands clunged
on the bed, like they would rip it
off, her eyes closed, she was
biting her lips, her body made
making certain demostrations,
reacting to the things my mouth
did on her body, i moved down

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