-Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy

Read Story: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy… Part 53


As we kissed, crazy emotions ran
down my veins, i felt the
electricity around me, no doubt i
was in-love with this Girl, i was
sure going to date her, my hands
still caressing her soft br€@$t
together with her top very gently,
then the thoughts of how i ll be
able to date her simultenously
with Salma began to ring in my
head, its a government School for
crying out loud, if i play my cards
well, i knew i could handle it, all i
needed do was to be extra
careful, though it was really
going to be a tough one.
Salma was also another Pretty
girl but Cynthia’s complexion,
gave her an edge, she was the
first light skinned girl i had
gotten involved with, her looks
really dazzled me, cos generally in
Nigeria, there are more dark
skined girls than the fair ones,
maybe like 2 fair girls in every 10
dark skinned girls, you could look
at a dark girl and take your eyes
off, then continue with what you
doing, but not the other way
round with a light skinned girl,
cos of their Flashy and Catchy
complexion, when you take one
look, you ll want to take another,
and then another look again, so
whenever i was with Cynthia, i
always felt fly cos it was always
all eyes on us, her looks always
drew attention.
As we went on with our
romance, i started imagining
how her being nak€d was going
to be like, i tried picturing how
her b¤¤b$ ll be like, i guess
maybe fairer than even her body,
cos have noticed, most ladies
have seen nud€, their br€@$t is
always lighter than the whole
body, the dark ladies are no
exception, i concluded it is cos of
its always covered with a bra; the
colour of her n¡ppl€$, maybe
dark or red, her body, her

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