-Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy

Read Story: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy… Part 52


I leaned forward and reached for
her lips, knowing the least i could
get was a Slap, but with the
impression i had given her so far,
i knew i was safe, as my lips
cohered with hers, she kissed me
back in return, then i knew we
were both being silly, having the
who would make-the-first-move
fear, she kissed really good, and
within me, i was like,
”e make sense say you sabi kiss,
at least this puts me on a 50/50
chance that you are not a
Her eyes were closed as we
kissed, then watching her do
that, calmed my nerves, then i
joined her in closing my eyes too,
but opened them at intervals to
watch her mood, i kept on telling
myself severally,
”So Ken fi–nal–ly, you ve gotten
this girl, if am dreaming, please i
dont ever want to wake up”,
As we kept kissing, with one of
my hands beneath her jaw, then
caressed her hair back and forth
with the other, and when i had
gotten her relaxed, she finally
raised both of her hands she had
been resting on her laps all the
while we ve been kissing and
placed them on my chicks,
caressing them, as she did, my
evil mind was like,
”Ken nah only hair you wan
caress?, e don enter am, she don
dey caress your chick, touch br€a
$t nah this man”,
I wanted to do it, but on a
second thought i was scared that
ll be going too far, that i had to
take it one step at a time, the
time ll surely come, cos e sure me
say i must behold everything wey
she possess, i ll still get there, at
least this is a good start, if not
today, very soon, i dont need to
perplex myself, and as it is, i dont
even need her to tell me ‘yes’
anymore, the kiss had said it all.
We kissed for a long while, my
Piankantus, erecting inside my
tight pant i wore, specially for the
occassion, i didnt want things to
be too embarrassing, then she
finally pulled herself back, then
smiled and pecked me on the lips
at intervals, cos as for me i knew
if she was waiting for me to
stop, she would have been
wasting her time.
Believe me, that one long kiss
changed the atmosphere
between us, it re-ignited back my
confidence, i became calm and
free, then i asked myself,
”Guy, what was scaring you
before, mtcheeeew, after the
kiss, you don die now?, if to say
you touch b¤¤by, nothing for still
”Wont you massage my face for
me again?” i asked her, as we sat
on the bed, my face directly
opposite hers, just lil space was
in-between our lips,
”what do i use, robb or hot
water?” she asked,
”robb keh, you want to kill me?, i
ll keep blinking my eyes like
pepper entered them till you
leave, or you think we are done
kissing?” i asked, then pecked
her lips,
She giggled, then replied,
”am sorry Sir, hot water it is
I stood up, offered her my hands,
she held on unto them firmly,
then i pulled her up, we both
walked to the Kitchen, as she
was lighting up the stove, i was
filling the kettle with water to the
quantity i felt ll be enough for the
massage; as i dropped the kettle
on the stove, we both walked to
the room holding hands.
I dragged her by the hand, went
to the new standing mirror i had
bought that week, the last one
ended up in Esosa’s head, held
her from behind, my hands
around her tommy, as we stood
in front of the mirror
”Check out the colour
combination, i just dey pity for
our kids, the albino go mad
gaan” i said,
”Its a lie jor, they ll look
Beautiful” she said laughing,
I was already hitting the hammer
on the nail head, the babe has
said yes already naw, look at my
questions and look at her
answers (Guy Gba gbe Oshi, as
one of my Yoruba friend ll always
say), just feel free.
”i have been waiting for you to
ask for your Lion, abi you change
your mind?” i asked,
”oya where is it?” she asked
”thats what is touching you from
behind nah, its still hot shey?” i
”Yeeee!, am dead, so thats the
Lion you meant, spoooilt Boy”,
she said, turned around and
started hitting me,
Base on scope man wey i be, i fell
on the bed, while she climbed on
me, sitting on my belly, she kept
hitting me playfully, and nah
wetin guy man dey like, i playfully
turned her around, and went
straight for her lips, closed my
eyes as we kissed, the kiss made
her calm with her eyes closed, my
confidence had fully come back,
this time i said to myself,
”guy anything wey wan happen,
go happen ooo”,
And as we kissed eachother
passionately, one of her hands
this time, rubbing my bare chest,
i reached for the b¤¤b$,
caressing them one after the
other together with her top.

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