-Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy

Read Story: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy… Part 51


”Hello Baby, am sorry i was in the
bathroom,(me wey don bath
since) thats why i couldnt pick
your call” i said as soon as she
picked the call,
”ok, am about taking a Bike right
now to your place, hope you
cooked for me” she asked
”no p nah, shey you go chop
Lion, base on my Queen wey you
be, thats what i cooked for you, i
ll just dish it before you get here
so it wont be that hot again” i
said, trying to be funny,
She laughed out hysterically,
”Ken, i swear you crazy” she said
”e don tey wey i don dey crase,
the beauty of it is that you are
the one driving me crazy” i said,
trying to flatter her, and then to
pave the way for glorious visit,
”hmmmn, thank you sir, see you
soon” she replied,
After the call, i called Raphael and
Eddy immediately and told them
about the new development, just
incase Salma was being
inquisitive, at least even if she
does, i had already covered up
my loop holes.
I quickly arranged the my room
in world record time, i had done
the basic things i needed do
when i got up in the morning, i
sat down on the bed waiting for
her, and as i did, different
thoughts were going through
my mind,
”Guy after all this whole wahala,
hope say the babe worth the
stress sha, just incase one thing,
lead to another come go do
mistake lead to something, that
same thing wey dey sweet, i no
wan hear say she still be Virgin
ooo, and that Obosiasis gats
match with the Beauty, cos Ken, if
not, Ken if not…umm” i was
talking to myself,
”Guy relax, with the package and
everything, she go worth every
penny of her Beauty” i consoled
Not like i had the s-x in mind, but
with the new drammatic change
between us, anything could
happen, i was already picturing
how it was going be like, my lips
cuddling those small beautiful
kiss of hers, i became restless but
in a good way, like i was
expecting something good, that
was going to happen to me for
the first time. Pictures of her, her
smile, her company, started
reflecting in my head, from one
flash back to another, i was
carried away with thoughts,
finally a knock on the door
brought me to reality, i stood up,
kept my composure and went to
get the door, it has got to be her
a 100%, i wasnt expecting
anyone else, it was that Pretty
face i was expecting to see and
just as i grabbed the knob and
opened the door, D–n!, it was
my Pretty Cynthia staring at me
with smiles, sparkling at the front
of the door, at least this time
around, my thoughts didnt miss
lead me, i remember her wearing
a black jean, and a nice top
gripped to her body, light make
up, i smiled back at her, took like
two steps backwards, opened
my arms, waiting for her to come
in and come give me a hug.
She walked in, closed the door
behind her, then walked into my
arms relunctantly, like she was
shy(come i no want Shyness here
ooo, i said to myself), i held her
very tight to myself,
”awwwww!, ma beautiful Baby”
i said, tossing her from one side
to the other,
But i noticed her hands were still
“i ll sand you now, come on hug
me jor, if nah phone now, your
mouth go dey sharp like razor
blade” i said, dragged her hands
and placed them on my neck, she
laughed out, tapped me a lil on
the chest with her palm, then
finally gave me a warm hug like i
would have wanted it, that, lifted
my spirit, so as we freed
eachother from the hug, i
summoned courage, held her
head with both hands, and
pecked her on her fore-head,
”you are looking Beautiful my
Princess” i said,
I had no chair in my room, so i
offered her the bed to sit down, i
asked her want she wanted but
she kept insisting she was full
and wanted nothing, but i
disagreed, i went out to the near
by store to get a bottle of malt
and one Short Bread Digestive
Biscuit, the smallest size, served it
in a plate for her.
I am a blues and R n b guy, i just
played a nice collection i had, it
was what suited the atmosphere
at that moment, switched off the
t.v, this is not the time for movies,
i dont want any distractions.
For a long while, she was just
quiet and for no reason my heart
was just beating fast again, i was
scared, and i didnt even know
what was scaring me, i sat
directly opposite her, watch her
as she ate, she ate very very
slowly(shyness), at intervals we
stared at each other countless
times, competiting on who
smiled the most, then tried
putting some biscuits in her
”guy you sef talk something nah,
my mind kept pushing me, like
say em dey vex for me”, i swear,
not like i didnt know what to say,
my P was were to start, guess it
happens when a guy rates her
girl so high and they are alone
for the first time
”you said we would talk but you
ve not said anything yet” i said
very calmly,
”you too, you ve not said
anything yet” she replied back
(her head down)
I waited for like another 8 to
10mins, just watching her, heart
beating fast, finally,
(Bro fvvck what to say, she wont
kill, i said inside), moved her malt
and biscuit to 1 side, leaned
forward and reached 4 her lips.

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