-Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy

Read Story: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy… Part 50

(ooo oh God wetin dey worry me
sef, that was the first thing i said
to myself), as i saw her, i knew i
had fvvcked up, i just didnt play
this part of my game well, i was
lost with Cynthia’s Beauty,
hunting her like a lost treasure in
‘Treasure Island’, i just channeled
all my attention to her and forget
i hadnt reached out to Salma in
days and even the times she gave
me a few missed calls, i stupidly
didnt reach her back, $h!t!, my
bad, but i was only realising way
too late, now she has given me
an unexpected visit, maybe she
had thought i had been with
some other Girl thats why i had
been avoiding her, and with the
fact she barged in on me and
met bruises on my face and my
back, scar on my head, $h¡t!, i
just killed myself, and Salma was
the caring type, shes very soft, so
soft that lil things make her cry,
and as she has seen the injure, i
bet you, this girl might stay with
me till the next day, wanting to
pet and take care of me.
The problem now is Cynthia
might call and tell me she’s
coming any time soon, and i pray
since she has known my place,
she doesnt give me an August
visit just as Salma did, if not, then
it means i just signed my funeral,
i might loose both, i will have to
come up with the best stunt of
my Life, ‘but at a time sha, i dey
see Danger cos wahala dey’. I
fvvk up gaan, i know, nobody
gats tell me.
”Baby what happened to you?”
she asked in shock as soon as
she saw my face, walked in
touching my face, and with the
belief that Cynthia was going to
lemme know before she comes, i
wasnt ready yet, i was still on a
beach 3quater with no shirt on,
now how do i answer the
”I got attacked” i said,
”Baby you mean you got
attacked and didnt even bother
to reach me (this one be say she
don begin cry oo), where?, when
did it happen?” she asked crying,
”Oo oh, please stop nah, if you
are crying now, what would you
want me do?,(went close to her,
wiping her tears with my thumb)
, i went swimming with Raphael
and Eddy yesterday, i had a lil
misunderstanding with a guy,
and out of nothing, it had
escalated into something big, i
didnt know the guy had friends
around, so i got a lil beating” I
expatiated, at least just incase
she heard anythingelse
somewhere, what i just told her,
seem like the truth,
”so they did all this to you?”, she
asked, accessing my face and
body, just the way Customs
access containers, even rubbing
places i had no wound,
”where they cult guys?” she
asked again,
The questions were becoming
too much, and for me that wasnt
the time for that, i just needed
look for a way to digress to
something else, and that
something else is looking for a
way to make her leave cos if not,
‘e don red be that’, my heart was
beating so fast already like it
would rip my chest off,
”Babe i dont really know, what
do you think?, i want to even go
”and you couldnt even tell me,
thats bad” she said angrily,
(If you vex sef, i swear nah em
even make sense pass, i said to
myself), i just told her i want to
go out she pretended like she
didnt here, since she was
beginning to get angry, i just felt
getting her even more
exasperated might be a good
card for me to play, as i was
pondering about what to say
next, my phone started ringing, i
picked it up from my bed, it was
Cynthia, Choi ‘omo nah dying
things’, i wouldnt be so silly to
pick the call in front of her, so i
tapped the silent button to kill
the ringtone, then placed the
phone on my ear,
”Hello, hello, mtcheeew, (took the
phone off my ear), mumu dem,
na so dem go dey flash person,
c-m dey wait make i call back like
say nah my papa get mtn” i
Then with that opportunity i kept
my phone on silent completely
and threw it inside my pocket,
(Guy beta find way now oo, if
Cynthia continue to try ur
number and you no pick, she fit
begin come oo, you know say
she know here, my mind told me)
, Bro your next move has got to
be awesome, if not, you are
”Come, what were you even
saying sef, that i didnt let you
know what(yelling), so you start
getting restless and worried, see
dont even bring that leg” i said,
yelling at her,
”what do you mean, am your
girlfriend for crying out loud, if
you dont tell me, whoelse will u
tell?” she said angrily and sat on
the bed.
Choi, i don die, she don balance
for bed,
”dont gimme that crap, you talk
to me like am a Baby or
something, if you dont like how i
do things, please leave, i hate
rubbish, stop talking like a baby
pleassse” i said, forming to be
angry(na scope oo),
”what!, did you just say?, i
should leave, am talking like a
Baby, cos am trying to make my
bf see he was wrong for not
telling me he was attacked,
mtcheeeew, rubbish” she said,
stood up and left angrily,
As she did, i knelt down on the
floor to catch my breath, D–n!,
that was close, ”God punish
Satan”, wan pour sand for my
garri, i go beg am later, she no
know say nah scope, Cynthia
please you can come now,
nothing dey happen, i brought
out my phone and dialled
Cynthia’s number.

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