-Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy

Read Story: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy… Part 5


‘S-x of life’ was just the right word to describe it, weeks and months, the thoughts of it lingered in my head. At 200level i had realy entangled myself with the wrong friends, joined the cue of hemp smokers, i became bolder as time went by, the fear i use to have as a little boy about my Dad had left me. Two weeks after the incident at Rannel Hotel, my close friends in school had gotten the gist, how bad things fly i dont know, friends that called me on fone then had a special name for me, James Bond, Commander, Bruce Lee, the list was endless.

On this day i got into an arguement with my Dad, i did something he didnt like, instead of talking to me like am grown now, he was scolding and yelling, gone are those days of my fears, i spoke back, out of anger and left the house just to calm my nerves, but where i was going i had no idea. As i was walking aimlessly with no direction, my fone rang, i picked it up, Ken howfar where you dey? It was Augustine,a friend in my hood, i dey area i replied, come meet me for Ajilo Hotel for that iyano sashi side, he dey happen for here, he added. I stoped the nearest bike and before i could say Jack i was at Ajilo. As i entered i dailed his number, guy where una dey i just enter i said, he waved his hand from where he was, it was a full table when i got close, i knew the guys he was with, we are friends from thesame hood, as i got close, the way they hailed me drew attention from different angles, i already understand, my story was still trending.

I left the house at about seven, we where gisting, tissing, drinking, before i knew it, it was quater to 10pm, by 10’0 clock they would have locked the gate, and i had never gotten home late before, i jumped up bided dem goodbye, they all had an Okpo(ashawo) each, so sure thing they ll be spending the nite there.

I got outside and geting a bike was tough, i finaly did but before i got home it was about twenty past ten. I knocked at the gate calling Ibrahim the gate man to open it for me, and just as he did, my parents came out, my Uncle Sunny was around then, he was my Dad’s immediate younger brother. Go back from wherever you are coming, came a loud voice, it was that of my Dad’s, i was still coming close as i heard my mum pleading on my behalf, my James Bond Dad kept yelling, as mumcy was still trying to calm him down, my Uncle picked it up to, he was yelling and walking towards my direction, who do you fink you are,insulting as he was coming close. I was expecting him to help me beg my Dad then maybe scold me later, not do that in front of them and make them feel they didnt give me a good upbringing, but as he did, it made my Dad’s shouting increase, i was already pissed and my highness had vanished into thing air, as he came towards me(my Uncle), trying to force me to go back, the next thing was an asorted slap, everewhere was quiet like a grave yard, WTF! my uncle was holding his chick, i didnt even know when my hand got to his face, it was so fast just in a speed of light.

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