-Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy

Read Story: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy… Part 49


I was excited about her coming
to my place, it was really an
awesome development, the
answer she had given me gave
me lots of confidence and
assurance, i wasnt scared
anymore, unlike before when my
heart gets to beat faster, making
me choose my words carefully,
since i had won her heart, it was
up to me to change things, step
up my game and take things to a
whole new level, i was sure
there’s nothing i say that could
piss her off, even if she would at
least its worth the try, ‘no risk, no
reward”, there’s only one way to
find out, and i was about to find
out soon,
”Babe hope you know you ve not
answered my question?” i asked,
”and what question is that?” she
replied me back with a question,
”have asked you countless
number of times, and yet you ve
still not given me a geniune
answer, what does it take for a
guy like me to date a girl like
you?” i asked again ooo,
”Ken what do you want to hear
now?, have told you am falling
for you, what other answer do
you want?, and the funny thing is
that its not been more than a
week we met, everything is just
crazy” she narrated,
I felt good, cos sincerely it never
crossed my mind that i was
going to get her attention so
soon, like she said, it has been
really one magical week. Out of
no were, we met in an
unforgettable way, very
drammatic, then had one hell of a
weekend that ended with scars
on my face, head and body,
‘awesome’, but above all, what
got me glued, held me down that
i couldnt just let go was her
Beauty, it was two things,
‘it was either i was lucky or fate
hooked us up’,
”yea, it had really been one crazy
week, cant forget that slap, with
your soft hands, you slap like a
guy” i replied,
She couldnt help but burst into
laugher, it felt so good, it was like
i had honey running through my
veins, body just dey sweet a
nigga like i had just gotten my
first girl, as we spoke i was
already imagining how kissing
her ll be like, i doubt if we kissed,
i ll be able to sleep that night, i
still needed to find out more.
As we kept talking, i got a bang
at the door, no doubt i knew it
was Susan, i did something crazy
but it was a risk i had to take. I
opened the door for her to come
in, and just as she got in, she
”i have been waiting for you,
what have you been doing?”,
I was suppose to cover the
mouth piece of my phone, but i
didnt, i freed myself, and still
holding my phone in my hand
knowing Cynthia was hearing us,
i replied,
”I slept off, as i woke up my
girlfriend had given me lots of
missed calls, so i had to call her
back” i replied, believe me, i really
calculated was i just said, cos i
was sure of answering any
question that was affiliated to it.
”ok, am going to my room” she
”ok, i ll let you know when we
finish talking” i said,
She left, Cynthia heard every
single thing i said, and i knew
the next thing would be
questions, ‘trust women’, and
me, i be google on my own, trust
me i must get answers too,
”who was that?” she asked, (i
talk am, she must ask)
”my neighbour next door, the
girl u saw yesterday just as we
were leaving, Susan” i replied,
”ok i remember, that girl that
came out of her room as we
were about leaving, what does
she want” she asked,
”she wanted to help me massage
my face and head, but i was too
drunk, i slept off to the extent
even your calls couldnt wake me
up” i replied(shebi na answer
she want), she giggled and was
”eyaaah, you are not even
strong, how many bottles did
you even take?” she asked
“you dont want to know, so did
you notice anything when i was
talking to her?” i asked,
”what?” she asked, being very
”so you didnt notice i told her i
was talking to my girlfriend?” i
asked, anticipating her response,
cos i did that on purpose,
”I did, but wait ooo, so that girl
couldnt wait till dawn to the
extent she had to come check on
you, she must be very nice oo”
she said, but the way wey the
babe take talk the thing get ‘K’
leg oo,
”her room is next to mine, she
must have heard my voice and
knew i was awake(for the babe
mind dis guy is so sincere, i
changed the topic, i knew i had
won her trust and respect
already, cos for her mind, if i had
something to hide, i wouldnt
allow her listen to our
conversation), so what do you
have to say about being my girl”
i asked, then sat up waiting for
her response,
”you ll find out tomorrow when i
come” she said and chuckled,
Then i knew her case was a done
deal, e clear say i don blow her
mind, Bokoharam things, i
remember asking her what she
wore, and she told me, ‘oya nah
wetin come remain again nah,
abegi leave matter for Matthias
We talked all through the night
till 4.30, it was the best midnight
call of my life, it was just off the
hook, i couldnt sleep till dawn, i
was just over excited, i
remember greeting every1 i saw
that morning, wether i senior
you or you senior me, i no wan
I was busy expecting Cynthia,
and abt 12/1, i hrd knock on the
door, opened it, it was Salma.

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