-Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy

Read Story: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy… Part 48


This night is really going to be
one hell of a night and i
suspected it ll be a long one, i
just finally concluded it was
going to be a night of questions
and answers, it was obvious she
was going to be the one doing
the questioning while i ll have to
sit back, relax and sprain my
brain and make sure i give her
good answers, and not just
answers, i ll have to answer her
to please her, whatever answer i
gave. counts, i guess she must
have sat down and planned the
questions bit by bit, that is if she
no even write am one after the
other for book sef, see question
wey she just ask sha.
I didnt fight the weird guy to
please anyone, i did what i did
out of anger and how i felt at
that very moment, what would
anyone have expected me do?,
the guy fvvcking humiliated and
embarassed me in front of
hundreds of Student’s haba!, but
shey she want answer, no be
me?, i go tell am wetin she like
hear, not what she needs to
”Cynthia sincerely, my heart was
heartbroken when i saw you
crying, i almost cried too, but
wetin people for yarn, say guy
and em babe cry for Resort, nah
bad story be dat but i had to
control myself, it got to a time i
didnt care anymore even if you
get to know who i was” i
I stopped talking but she was still
quiet for like a few minutes, so
with the feeling that my answer
had blown her away i continued,
”remember i told raphael to take
you away?” i asked,
”yes” she replied, her voice very
calm, like she was waiting to
hear more,
”you know why?” i asked,
”why?” she asked in response,
”i didnt want you to watch what
would happen next, cos my
friends would have really dealt
with him, but when you refused,
it gave me reason to want to
prove myself, so i didnt fight to
impress you but rather i fought
for you, i fought for every tears
that guy made you drop” i
She still kept quiet for a long
while, then it was then i knew i
had murdered that question, i
felt it that the right words came
at the right time,(girls wey like
praise, you never know as e dey
go, i said to myself),
”Cynthia are you there?” i asked,
cos she had kept quiet for too
long, i was already even
expecting another bokoharam
”yes i am, i dont just know what
to say or what to tell you” she
‘Babe you must talk that thing
ooo, cos my answer enter her
body die, for am not to know
what to say, body just dey sweet
me, like say nah honey dey run
through my veins’
”please say something” i
”what happened today was the
craziest thing have seen in my
life, i stayed up all night and
thinking about everything, i told
my neighbours am close to, even
called my close friend in school to
come to my place, do you know it
is what have been talking about
since i got back?, she asked,
”wow, and what did your friends
say” i asked in aggitation, my
blood was hot and was on
tenter-hooks to know, cos some
friends can dey sabi spoil person
show, people with different
”they were like wow, i should
hold on to the guy, that he loves
me, and could protect me too,
that its what most girls are dying
for on campus” she said,
Body wan sweet me die, i was
lying down before but base on
say jungle don dey mature, i
stood up from the bed make i for
dey hear her lamber well,
”wow, are you serious?” i asked,
trying to keep my cool at the
other end of the phone,
”yea, they were like, what else
can a guy do again to win my
heart, i was having doubts if it
was me you fought for, cos i told
them too, some said what else
could it be, that it was definitely
me, thats why i had to ask you”
she said,
”and now have cleared your
doubt, why would i want to
impress you?, nah office we dey?,
i had to fight for you, if not for
anything, at least your tears” i
replied, giving her the knock out
”wow, thats so sweet, i have lil
tears coming out of my eyes
right now, not like am crying
ooo, am just feeling so good,
emotional things” she said,
And just then i knew i had won
her heart with my extra-vagant
performance, but i need to hear
some sort of guarantee to make
me sure,
”so what does it take for a guy
like me to date a girl like you, at
least now you understand the
twist to the question”,
”Ken, in asmuch as i want to
keep this to myself, i cant help
but tell you” she said,
I rush the babe, ‘their mama left
”tell me what?”,
”i tink am falling for you”, she
I knew i heard her well, but i
wanted to be sure i heard her
clearly again, i begged her to
repeat it,
”i said my falling for you”, she
I shouted inside me, God go
bless those her friends for
allowing my ministry to move
”wow, am speechless right now,
cos thats the sweetest thing ve
ever heard, with the fact its
coming from you” i replied,
”i ll come to your place
tomorrow after Church, help you
massage your head and face, you
were suppose to go to Church
with me today, that was our
agreement but i ll pardon you till
you ok” she said.

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