-Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy

Read Story: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy… Part 47


I fell on her and we stayed lyk
that for a long while, with sweat
all over our bodies, i nided to
shower, den i realised i cud use
dat as an excuse to discharge
myself, but just as i was
contempelatn, tryn to make my
next move, my move was taunted
as she said in a low tone,
“lets shower”
This babe doesnt jst want me to
go sha, anyhow i must still leave,
”ok” i replied,
But i still layed on her for a lil
while, den later stood up, den
stretched my hands out to her, as
she held on to it, den i pulled her
up, we went together to her
bathroom, had our baths and
went out to the bed and layed
down back, as we layed down
side ways facing the T.v, i placed
my hand around her, den she
played back the movie from
where we stopped, we watched
it to the end, my mind wasnt
really there but i had no choice,
just as she stood up, tryn to slot
in the part two, i stood up and
”am comn i need to get sumtin”
i wore my singlet and boxers and
headed straight to my room, the
1st tin i did was ran to my bed
and grabbed my phone and
went 2ru it, D–n! Cynthia had
givn me somany missed ve lost
counts, and She started calln at
exactly 12.30, i was shocked cos
that means she had really
wanted to talk to me and must
have kept up that late or kept her
phone on alarm and it was few
mins to 2 already, i dialled her
number wit immediate alacrity,
she didnt pick for lyk 2 to 3
times, i kept tryn hopn even if
she had slept i cud wake her up,
in side of me, i was like
” the poor tin must have bin
awake, tryn my number, how
disappointed she ll be, with the
fact she told me to keep my
phone close to me”
Like John Cena, i didnt give up, i
kept on tryn and prayn she
picked and glory be to God, she
finally did,
”hello” she said, her voice was
crack and she sounded sleepy,
”am so sorry, i slept off, the drink
knocked me out, i just woke up
and saw your missed calls” i said
”did u see how many missed
calls i gave you?”, she asked, her
voice still cracked,
“please am so sorry, i slept off, i
just slept like a log of wood, i
kept my phone next to me, i
wonder why i didnt hear, so i
even high like that, nah wa for
me ooo” i said,
She forced herself to laugh, and
that gave me a big relieve, so i
pleaded with her to get up and
wash her face with water, but
she refused and said she was ok
that she doesnt have the
strength to go to the bathroom,
then i begged her to sit up, she
She asked me how i was, about
my head, if i took drugs, being
extra nice, asking me questions
as if she were my mum, and i
gave her the answers to her
questions, and after all that she
went straight to the the incident
that happened, and the first
thing she asked was
”Ken, would you have told me?”
I saw that question coming and
my failure was not preparing for
the answer, i was lost first and
did know what to say, so i
replied her by asking like i didnt
know what she meant
”told you what?”
”would you have told me you
were a cultist, and please dont lie
to me” she said,
This time she had started talking
well, the sleep must have left her,
who knows if that was the main
reason she wanted to talk to me
at night. The answer to that
question was ‘HELL NO’ i wouldnt
have told her, and i wasnt going
to give her that as my answer
either, i ll ve to trade carefully and
choose my answers vibrantly,
women, to gain grounds you ve
got to answer their questions to
please them(myself and your ex
who’s more beautiful?, my
answer will be you even when
we both know she is prettier),
”yes, i would have, why wouldnt
I?” i replied,
”when?” she asked again,
This particular question was the
bokoharam question, it threw
me off guard, to the extent i had
to ask myself ‘Ken when?’, i
cleared my throat and was
pondering what answer to give,
”i know i would have told you,
but not now” i replied,
”Ken you ve still not answered
my question, you would have
told told me when?” she asked
”Cynthia i would have told you,
you know we just met, if i had
told you, a day, two or 5days
after we met just after couple of
hangouts wouldnt you have
given me space?, how i go even
position my mouth take talk am
sef, how and where do i start
from, its not something one
brags about, i would have told
you after we must have known
eachother better, you too try and
understand mah” i stressed,
she kept quiet and didnt say
anything for a while, i was
beginning to get scared what my
faith would be like, if she was
going to buy what i just said, and
understand things from my
perspective or turn cold towards
me and start avoidn me, den on a
2nd thought i told myself that it
wouldnt bother her cos she has
showed me lots of care and
concern today, den finally she
”did you fyt that guy to impress
me or you just wanted to
revenge for what he did to you?”
(oo oh God, nah exam and
interrogation i dey dis nyt, nah
which kind military qusns b all
dis 1, i said inside).

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