-Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy

Read Story: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy… Part 46


I pushed her to the wall, my
hands resting on her b¤¤b¤
through her Silk nighties, i could
feel my palm lean on her n!ppl€$,
i didnt give her space to say
anything, my mouth stucked in
hers and her reciprocating to the
kiss made life even easier, when
it comes to s-x, i just find her
easy to manipulate, i guess it
must have been because of the
history between us, i turned her
around, my back against the wall,
raised her nighties up, my hands
reaching for her @$$, grabbed it,
she wasnt wearing a pant, i
guess she was getting ready to
sleep, cos she was smelling fresh
like, she had just had her bath,
We kept on with the kiss, i
caressed her @$$ slowly and
then squeezed it at intervals
while she leaned her body closely
against mine with no space in-
between, resting on my d!

When i felt i was about to come, i
brought my d!

It was me knocking on Susan’s
door, my di

“thankGod ooo, time still dey” i
said to myself,
She brought the food, rice and
beans jollof with fried fish on
top. It wasnt what brought me
there cos i wasnt hungry, it was
the other food($€x), but how do i
start round two, a nigga has got
to be f**king creative.
I held the spoon for a while and
the only thing on my mind was $
€x, i dropped the spoon back
and was like
“for me to eat this food, you gats
eat with me oo” i said,
“seriously Ken am not hungry, my
tommy is so tight” she said,
“that means i wont eat nah” i
It was just part of the plan i had
in mind, and it had better work
(D–n! See br€a$t, i was staring
at her as she sat next to me, like
say no be thesame br€a$t wey i
just suck not too long, i swear
highness nah ba$tard).
“ken i can see you are not
hungry” she said giggling,
“says who?, i want you to feed
me” i said with a huge smile on
my face
“ok is that the problem?,” she
asked then drew the plate to
where she sat,
“oya open your mouth” she said
trying to feed me;
I complied immediately, she went
on and on putting the food in my
mouth, and i ate with delight, i
kept smiling with my eyes just
stucked on the visible part of her
“whats amusing you” she asked,
“my dear you wont understand,
people are blessed oooo” i said
laughing(guess i was high)
“tell me, i want to know” she
“i swear your b¤¤by dey blow my
mind pieces” i said, i was just
feeling so confident of myself
she paused, and when i thought
i had offended her with what i
had just said, she started
laughing hysterically,
“i swear you are high, howmany
bottles did you take” she asked
i shoved the question off, after i
had had enough of the food, i
drank a lil water and told her i
was ok, i took the spoon, took
big part of the fish and placed it
in my mouth, reached for her
mouth, stucked part of it in her
mouth, she ate it and from there
i didnt stop, i started kissing her,
my hands located her b¤¤bs
immedaiately(delay is dangerous)
My d!

After i came, pouring the juice on
her a$$, she turned around, held
my d!

We went on like that for a long
while, but our eyes were still
glued to the T.V, my eyes were on
the movies but my mind was
focused on her, the room was
dark, except for the t.v that
poured its radiant light on us,
her eyes were focused on the
movie too, but i doubt if she was
concentrating cos as time went
on, she had gotten very wet, her
hand kept rubbing my head all
over, my finger still placed
around her

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