-Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy

Read Story: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy… Part 45


As the bike dropped me in front
of my Gate, i payed and dailed
Cynthia’s number immediately,
just as i promised, i was already
tipsy, as soon as i got down from
the bike i dailed her number, like
she had been patiently waiting
for my call, it didnt ring up to five
Seconds, she had picked it,
”my dear are you home?” she
”my dear am home oo” i replied,
”Awwww! ThankGod, my mind is
at rest now” she said,
I was like what the f¤¤k was
that, or am i the one high, this
babe is sounding so different, as
i was speaking with her on the
phone i was banging the Gate so
someone would come open it for
me from inside,
”please shower, eat something, i
ll call you back, i just wanted to
be certain you are home” she
It was then i realised i wasnt
really high, my mind has just
been f¤¤king with me, what
happened today changed
Cynthia’s attitude, i wasnt scared
anymore, cos i always get to
compose myself like it was the
first Lady of Nigeria i was talking
”i ll just shower, am not hungry, i
took pepper soup” i said,
”ok, hope you got ur head
treated before you went there”
she asked,
”i did mummy” i replied,
”alright, i ll call you soon” she
She hung up, someone had
opened the gate for me, i still had
to knock for Susan to open the
Burglary Gate we both shared,
then we still had another
Burglary Gate at the entrance of
our doors.
The Babe opened it and didnt
look at me twice, she just walked
back into her apartment.
Base on highness, i just stupidly
went knocking on her door, at
that moment my brain was just
telling me to Sweet talk her not
because i wanted $€x but to
pave the way for future putting
of my one inside her zero(cos
make una no go dey ooo, the
babe dey f¤¤k oo, her b¤¤by nah
the eighth wonder of the world,
very massive, i no go like make
the Obosiasis just go like dat).
I started knocking on her door,
yelling, doing my usual sweet
name calling thing,
Please open your door nah,
The sexiet girl in Delsu,
Choi, the girl with the sweetest
Please open nah,
I knew i heard her laughing, she
opened the door, frowing her
”Kenny please am not in the
mood for that this night” she
”why are you talking like this,
your guy fell from the Bike today
ooo, look at my face nah” i said,
forcing my way into her room,
”are you serious?, (she closed
the door behind her), lemme see,
how come?” she asked, came
close, trying to see which part of
my body was injured, she was
putting on that her crazy
nighties, that always left her
giant b¤¤b$ bulging out, i was
high, it was the only thing i was
looking at,
”it was after i saw that my
coursemate that came to look for
me off nah, from there i went to
see a friend, as i got there, he
said it was his girlfriend’s
birthday, that he wanted to make
it a lil get together party, as i was
coming back, the bike i took, i
noticed the guys headlamp isnt
bright, the thing just be like low
current, i was high nah, i just
know say i fall for ground, i no
even know how, it was the guy
that took me to a chemist, see my
head nah, even mark dey my
back(me wey dem wan use
plastic chair finish my back for
I really didnt care if she was
going to believe me or not, it
wasnt planned but after i went
into that room, saw her on that
nighties, that mad gigantic
bosoms f¤¤k!, i made up my
mind i wouldnt leave if i dont
have §€x with her, i didnt know
how, but sha my one must enter
this zero Live, e no get wetin
anybody wan tell me,
”eyaah, so that girl is your
coursemate?, shes fine oo” she
”i dey tell you about accident,
you dey tell me about my
coursemate, mtcheew” i said,
faking to be pissed and was
forming to walk out on her, as i
was walking out on her, inside of
me i was praying,
”abeg draw me back ooo, please
dont let me leave”
And just as i prayed, it worked,
she rushed me immediately, she
grabbed me by the hand,
”am sorry nah, you want me to
help you boil hotwater and
massage it for you?” she asked,
I was about to reply, my phone
started ringing, no doubt, i knew
it was Cynthia,
” Ooh oo God!, have told this
babe to stop disturbing me,
whats wrong with her sef, abeg
no be her own dey do me now” i
I brought the phone out and
kept it on silent then slipped it
back into my pocket,
”which Girl” she asked curiously,
anticipating my answer,
”one babe i met at the get
together oo, see me see wahala”
i said,
She giggled,
”no be you give am number?,
lemme put the hot water for you
jor, it wont take long, i ll use the
boiler” she said,
As she turned about walking
towards her Kitchen, i reached
for her hand and pulled her back,
as she turned with the force i
applied in pulling her, i went
straight for her lips (highness
things, delay is dangerous, i no
wan hear say ‘shoot bird em
mama fly later’) as we kissed, i
grabbed her bosoms and pushed
her to the wall.

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