-Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy

Read Story: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy… Part 44


I sat down feeling very flattered, i
just couldnt say anything cos
they kept ranting, Chuks left were
he sat, came to where i was,
anchored me(brotherhood
shaking) hailing as he did,
”make una bring Beer and
pepper soup for my manche” he
I swear i was feeling so
honoured, before i knew it
everyone started leaving their
seats, one after the other, just to
have the Brotherhood
pleasantries with me, when they
kept doing that, it got my Shy, as
the weird guys people just sat
where they were, watched and
laughed, what Chuks and the rest
did, drew attention of the others
who came to drink at the Bar,
they wouldnt understand, with
the respect they gave me, a
stranger there would think i was
the Capon.
”Oya clear road for our future
Capon in the making” Perry
Just like how it was during the
fight, everyone started dropping
lines one after the other hailing
me, all i did was smile, i was
quiet, very very Shy.
As a Young Fine Girl was
bringing a bottle of beer and a
plate of Pepper Soup that seems
to be mine, Mountain D stood up,
ran to her, collected the tray from
”wey you, gimme make i serve
am by myself, you know who em
be?, na my guy” he said,
He took it from her, brought and
placed it in front of me, i was just
busy laughing, i understand why
everyone was giving me the
warm reception. I opened the
drink, took the label off, turned it
backwards and sticked it back to
the drink (if you no belong, no
try am for public oo, cos your
beating no go get mate), i took
the drink with my left hand
poured it into a glass, still drank
it from the glass with my left
”Ruggeeeeeeed You” Solo
The weird guy wasnt with us, he
should probably be somewhere,
treating himself, i noticed his
Capon had been watching me, i
didnt care what he had in mind,
everyone was drinking and
eating peacefully together like a
family, it was just to make Peace
reign, as funny as it was, we
could drink like that that day, and
end up being at war the next
day, anything at all could happen,
what everyone had was in their
mind, the boyant face was just a
mere disguise.
”guy which level you dey” he
asked from where he sat(the
weird guy’s Capon), he was
sitting next to Chuks,
”baba 200level” i answered,
”Before you show dem dey
reason your matter, how you
take dey tidy things, your mind,
your stubborness, i dey
impressed” he said,
” Nah my Boy, nah my bring am
up” Chuks said,
”Baba thank you sir, i dove for
you(bowing my head down in
respect)” i said,
”I dey like guys wey dey get
mind, and wey no dey look for
trouble, but if you pinch them,
you go bleed for the pinch, my
boys dem say upon wetin dem
do you, say you no still gree go
down, to the extent even when
your men dem show, you no take
advantage of am, you still use
your mouth say you wan fight
timber one on one, if nah me, i
no get dat time, groundnut go
don enter person leg tey tey, i
reason am, guy i respect you for
that, that makes you a man” he
narrated, as everyone kept quiet
listening to him talk
He stood up with a glass of drink
in one hand, stretched out the
other towards me for a shake, i
stood up immediately, bent my
head down, and reached for his
hand, giving him a very firm
shake, everyone began to clap,
shouting, ranting in slangs, some
were banging the table,
”abeg as we don come together
jollificate, make the matter die
like that, my Boy Bleep up, una
own boy use em hand take care
of am” he added,
”Nah my Boy nah, nah me
rugged am, nah we make am”
Chuks kept shouting,
I was honoured, we stayed
together drinking and gisting till
about 8pm, i had taken three
bottles of beer and two plates of
pepper, i needed to start going
Just as i was pondering about
going home, my phone began to
ring, i took it out from my pocket,
it was Cynthia again (this babe
no dey call me like this before oo,
wetin dey xup, i said to myself),
picked it up,
”Hey!, whats up” i asked,
”dont tell me you are not home
yet” she asked aggresively,
”not yet, i cant be home and not
call you now, am i mad?” i asked,
she laughed,
”watch the time, you know
there’s curfew in this town, i
want you home safe for me, i
have already had enough heart
attack today” she said,
”ok mummy, am on my way
home like right now, i ll call you
as soon as i get down from the
Bike” i said,
”ok, please leave right now, am
waiting for your call to tell me
you are home” she said,
”i will, trust me” i replied,
”take care” she said and hung
After the call, i started reasoning,
Cynthia wasnt calling me like this
before, i remembered the phrase
‘i want you home safe for me”,
this is getting interesting, after
our midnight call, i ll really know
whats up.
We all left there same time, i was
lucky to get a bike so quick and
headed home.

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