-Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy

Read Story: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy… Part 42


It was survival of the fitest, Battle
of the strong, a taste of strength
and endurance, the two men
were slugging it out, one was
fighting for Survival and the
other was fighting for
Vengeance, at the end of it all
whoever wins was going to gain
alot of respect from both either
fighters as well as the spectators
I was still burning with rage, as
the fight went on, the flashes of
getting slapped so hard with an
axe to the chick, getting flogged
with chairs, getting bullied and
intimidated, getting slapped and
punched at, the blood that rolled
slowly from my head down and
the most annoying part of it all
watch a girl i took out cry loudly
in public for no justifiable reason
rang in my head like a bell, yes!, it
was me fighting for vengeance,
fighting to pay back everything i
went through that day, knowing
i wasnt fighting for just myself
alone, but for Cynthia and the
brotherhood that stood and
watched, i dare not disappoint
them, even if its going to take the
last drop of my blood, if i couldnt
win, i knew i would die trying,
but deep down with the rage i
had inside i knew i would live up
to expection.
The weird guy was bleeding
from the mouth profusely, the
headbutt had really devastated
him, loosing lots of blood was
already getting him dazed and
that gave a nigga an upperhand,
but i didnt stop, my well of pity
or sympathy had gotten dry,
there wasnt a single drop of
water left in it, i was still focused,
‘its vengeance or nothing more’
”Ken show am say you rugged,
say we no be dem say, dem say,
or by mouth” Flames thundered,
”let dem know say your own no
be water, you enter bush” Chuks
thundered his,
And before i knew it everyone
was dropping a line after the
other, it was like an additional
strength to me, just like in a
football match when you have
the whole supporters shouting
praises at you,
I added more force, watched his
hands very well, gave myself
good timing before i threw
punches with both hands at
intervals, with all the force my
hand could gather, tried at
different times to reach the
already injured mouth with
punches, that made him bleed
even more.
To my surprise, i heard an
outburst of tears,
”Kenny please its enough, its
enough please” a familiar voice
cried out from the spectators
It was Cynthia, girls and their soft
heart, not too long she was
crying for me, now shes crying
for the weird guy, (isnt that
awkward, so i thought), but my
heart was as hard as steel, i was
even acting like someone was
talking to me, this was one of the
reasons i didnt want her to be
there, i continued,
I had beaten the weird guy to my
satisfaction, with my hands
stained with is blood, but men
would always be men, they didnt
want to stop the fight, they
wanted a situation were he
would voice out he had had
enough. for me i went into a
fight where the brotherhood
were spectators and i ended up
quiting, giving up or
surrendering to my opponent, i
was as good as dead, there was
a huge consequence for that, i ll
rather die in that fight or pray it
comes to an end somehow than
quit with my mouth, maybe it
was desame thing he didnt want
to do cos i suspected he was
better ranked than his friends
who were kneeling down and
watching, so we kept the fight
going on but i had already done
”wetin dey happen here?” a loud
voice came from behind,
He pushed his way to the middle
with like six to seven guys with
him. I had seen that face before,
how bad news flies, i wonder
how he got the news, he was a
Capon of another Brotherhood
which the wierd guy belonged
to, we had had a war between
eachother before, were both
Brother hood had to meet for
Peace talk with both Capons
coming together to shake hands
while others watched, that was
how i became familiar with the
I stopped when i saw him, not
because i was scared, but for
respect, to be number one for
anywhere no be beans, normally
to even carry first for class no be
beans. They came fully prepared
incase it balls down to
something big, but i was sure
with the information they got, it
was obvious they didnt come for
war either.
He walked to were Chuks Stood
while the rest stood in the
middle were we ve been doing
battle, they talked like matured
men and Chuks called myself, the
weird guy and Cynthia close, as
everyone gathered around,
asked Cynthia to narrate what
happened, she did(crying), i
narrated mine too, the weird
guy’s Capon(dnt wnt to say the
name of the frat for security
reasons) asked him if it was true,
but he couldnt answer, he
slapped him so hard even while
he bled and was like they ll tidy
em later, he apologised but
Chuks said they had to pay for
damages, so he agreed and was
like we should all go to a bar at
campus 4, Chuks agreed.
Cynthia and I went to where our
bags where, and she was like,
”Ken take me home”,
”with my bruised face?” i asked,
”Ken if you care about me take
me home” she said,
Did i just hear her say ”if you
care?”, sounds to me someone is
in love.

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