-Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy

Read Story: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy… Part 41


When i heard Chuk’s voice, i felt a
huge relieve down my spine, (so
Raphael understood the sign i
gave him, i said to myself), i owe
him one big time, Dude just
saved a Nigga from getting really
badly wounded.
Cynthia was already in panic
when she heard the gun Shot,
before i heard Chuk’s voice i
thought maybe it was one of the
weird guys people, cos my head
was down, when they were
dishing out beating to me, trying
to make me go down.
The sound of the gun shot made
them pause, when i looked up,
Chuks was with like 12 guys, that
included the men of men, i call
them my own Justice League,
Solo, Flames, Hefty, Perry, Samba,
Mountain D and others, every one
had a bag around their
shoulders, i was certain when
Raphael called he must have told
them i was been beaten up by 6
guys, so they came fully
When Chuks saw my face, he
shouted in slangs, and was like
”wetin be this?” pointing a gun
to the weird guy’s head from
where he stood,
”make una collect that axe from
dis guy” he thundered,
Everyone had brought out their
weapons, Solo, Mountain D, Hefty
and Flames, had their guns in
their hands, Mountain D and
Hefty walked up to the weird guy
and collected his axe, with both a
gun pointing to his head and
”all of una make una go down,
before i release groundnut
(bullet) for person body,
As them see gun, they all went
down, una neva see anything,
the crowd had disappeared, they
watched from a very very far
distance, i even hadnt
recuperated from Sly’s Slap, now
this beaten, my confidence came
back, Cynthia was still crying,
”guy you wan kill me ontop my
own babe wey i carry come, you
burst my head, because she no
gree tell you her name, you hold
am tight for hand, turn am to
your hostage, sotey like
gentleman i even dey beg you
make you leave am, just like that
you and your men dem don
mend me anyhow, pray say dis
market wey u just buy, say you
go fit carry, guy you do me
anyhow, i swear you go see
anyhow” i narrated,
I told Raphael to take Cynthia
away, cos i didnt want her to see
what was next, i didnt plan it like
this for her to know who i was,
who knows, with a Girl of her
Calibre it might be over, but she
wouldnt go, good thing she had
started crying.
The manager and workers of the
place close, trying to plead for us
to take it elsewhere, but when
they saw guns they backed
down, it started there, it was
going to end there,
”Bros no repeat that thing again,
where una dey when dis guyz
dey mend my Boy”, Chuks yelled
at the manager with his eyes red,
”am not going anywhere, i was
right here when they started
beating you up for no reason,
Raphael leave me alone dont you
touch me, look at my hand” she
shouted, as Raphael was trying
to drag her away from the Scene,
she stretched out her hand
showing off where the weird
guy held and squeezed her, it
was so red, different from the
rest of her Skin.
”Raphael free am” Chuks
ordered, so he left her,
She sounded like she wanted to
see the weird guy pay for his
sins, i was cool with that.
I took part of the broken Chair
that was used in flogging me,
everyone was watching,
wondering what the f¡kk i was
doing, i drew a very big circle,
went to where the weird guy
”guy shey you been dey ask who
i be, make i tell you”
”Rugged you, tell am make em
know” Solo Shouted,
”Nah me be Rugged Ken, Desert
Tormentor, full Rugged B_a_k A_
e” i shouted, i dragged him into
the circle in his own slang,
”Jazz up, make we run am one
on one, oburu onu cho cho cho
(meaning, no be to make mouth),
Everyone watched, it was just my
way, if i knew i could take an
offender one on one, i ll do it,
and the guys really loved me for
that, all they needed do was
watch my back, no weapons, no
broken bottles, just fist for fist, it
was what i even wanted.
He was finding it relunctant to
fight me but who gives a f!¡ck,
after my injured head and
bruised face, i wanted pay back
and i wanted it my own way, i
went very very close to him, my
face right in front of his face
”guy you dey fear to fight me?,
nobody go touch you” i said, and
immediately i landed a headbutt
in between his nose and lips,
with all the force my head could
gather, and his top lip tore open
just i was taking my head off,
The sound of it made everyone
shout, he held his mouth, but
who cares?, i rushed him with
punches immediately, i love the
first attack in a fight, infact it
wins my fight for me, he was
already bleeding profusely, i
didnt bother about the other
guys that joined in beating me,
the theory of the whole drama
thing was propounded by the
weird guy,(who even dash am
timber?, mtcheew), we got the
fight on the way, i rushed and
punched as hard as i could, while
he threw his too in defence, this
fight has got to be from start to
finish, one person has got to
quit, and i was sure, it wouldnt
be me.

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