-Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy

Read Story: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy… Part 40


”Guy i say make you jazz down
there, you dey mad?” another
said, grabbing a chair and landed
it on my head, i tried using my
hands to block it, and when i did,
i got hurt, i felt the pains around
my hand,
I was getting more infuriated
with every little time that was
passing by, but there was
nothing i could do, taking six
guys on who might probably
have weapons somewhere
would mean, signing my own
death warrant, Cynthia was in
tears, she held one by the shirt
begging for them to stop, i was
sure the weird guy went to get
The crowd was getting larger
with some peeps climbing chairs
to get a glimse to what seem like
an interesting movie, they were
busy watching a Block Buster
movie in an open cinema, this
certainly wasnt how i planned
my outing to be cos what seem
to be a fun filled day for us had
turn out to be a black day, our
date had turned sour and messy,
filled with annoying drama, right
before my very eyes these guys
had already crashed my party.
I remember hearing lots of
stories of how very pretty girls
got niggas into trouble, but
never knew i would face desame
fate, as a matter of fact i had
been avoiding stuff like this, she
just wanted to flaunt her Beauty
and now am paying for it, i
started wishing she had stayed
back while i did the buying, or if
we had gone together one
would have eluded the calamity,
and watching her cry hurts even
As the rest were hitting me
trying to make sure i went down,
the weird guy showed up
carrying an Axe in his hand,
when the crowd saw him they
gave space, i just cant believe this
$h!t was really happening, using
me as show off, a guy i knew i
could handle if it were to be a
one on one bout,
”guy you still dey form hard man
shey?” i say make you jazz down
there this man”, he slammed the
axe on my head so hard with the
flat part, as it landed on my head
with full force i felt a burning
pain in my head,
Raphael and Eddy came, joining
the crowd, they were scared of
coming close,
”nah Ken and Cynthia oo, nah
Ken and Cynthia ooo, wetin
happen” i could hear the
Raphael’s house was next to
Chuk’s, he had his number i was
sure, he gave me a sign with his
hand, which i understood to be
‘guy nah wetin happen?’, jew
man wey no fit come close, how
to i explain from here i thought,
there wasnt time for that, instead
i gave him a sign i thought he
would understand, i placed my
hand on my ear like it was a
phone, then said the words ‘call
Chuks for me’ like i was
I was taught never to go down
for anyone, it was part of the O.T
(ORIENTATION) i got, Cynthias cry
had increase, they kept hitting
me to make sure i went down,
She held the weird guy by the
”please leave him alone, why are
you doing this?, ok my name is
Cynthia, shey you want to know
my name?” she cried out,
”nah now you wan teh me your
name abi?, una go just dey do
anyhow sha, you see as life dey
be, nah desame me wey you dey
call fool so you dey beg, abeg
free my singlet, tell am make em
jazz down, if not em go collect till
em pass out for here” he replied,
he was feeling himself, show off
”Ken-nn-ny ple-ea-see go down,
before they kill you here for me,
am begging you with God’s
name, ple-ea-see” she pleaded
with her voice shaking, crying
her eyes out, siliva dripping out
of her mouth,
Seeing that gave me a second
thought about considering the
offer, the tears in her eyes was
like a knife pierced to my heart, i
noticed i hadnt seen Raphael and
Eddy, and i was preparing inside
he understood the sign i gave
him, if not nah dying things.
The weird guy kept hitting on
the ‘fool thing’, he just wanted to
humiliate me in front of her and
enjoy it to the fullest,
”guy i say make you Jazz down
there” he thundered, slamming
the axe on one side of my Chick
so hard with the flat side again,
this particular pain was severe, i
bent my head down with one
hand holding the just slammed
chick trying to bear the pains,
when another dirty slap hit the
other Chick by another guy
”guy you stubborn ooo, or you
want make men begin dey cut
you, Jazz down there, if not the
mending go pass like this oo” he
”Kenny please go down” Cynthia
said, her cry kept increasing, i
became numb, out of anger i
voiced out,
”If you believe yourself guy,
make we run am one on one”
posing my statement to the
weird one, but another flogged
me a chair and i heard part of it
break, i couldnt take anymore,
”you get mouth to talk” the
weird one said, hitting the axe
on my head lightly, maybe it was
the sharp part, i felt blood
dripping, i touched my head, it
had busted open a little, he was
laughing, Cynthia had cried till
crying couldnt make her talk,
I was anticipating running into
the crowd, maybe reach for my
bag,(Chuks on my mind) but i
was surrounded, still hitting me
trying to make me go down,
when i heard gun shot, i heard
people running,
”una dey mad?”, a familiar voice
said, it was Chuks, who had
showed up with an entourage.

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