-Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy

Read Story: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy… Part 4


My fone wont stop ringing, most of my friends i hooked up with just kept calling, same issue, if twitter were active then, i would have been the number one trend and would have the highest followers, cos what happened the day before realy spread like an inferno, ”guy nah wah for you o, i swear i dey respect you”, evryone kept saying thesame thing on the fone, i was given a location where to hangout with them, this time just the guys alone. I showered, but as i was dressing up, that customised tone on my phone rang out loud, (nah my Swthrt, Chizzy), i picked up, ”hello Baby meet me at the usually place”, she said, ”ok, are you there already” i asked, ”on my way there, i ll be there in 5mins”, she replied, ”i ll join you soon” i replied back.

The usual place was Clef Guest House, Okokomaiko, Igbo-elerin area, i use to hang out there with her, we chilled there most times during breaks, we could lodge there like three/four days, and our parents wont know we ve been in Lagos, have mad fun till we decide to go to our respective homes.

”Make i chill with my babe, my guys can wait”, i said to myself. I dressed up and dashed off to Clef Guest house, she had already paid for a room, she was just sitting at the reception waiting for me.

I got there, met her at the reception, I sat and took two big stout while she took two bottles of Gordons Spark, believe me we werent just drinking for fun, we were preparing for the battle ahead, i carried my remaining drink, dragged her by the hand, she was through with hers, and off we dashed to the room.

We got to the room, and i popped up the question, ”where’ s my surprise package?”, ”Shhhhhhh!” Puting a finger on my lips, ”Baby you blew my mind yesterday, till i die, it will remain the happiest day of my life”, she said emotionally as tears rolled down her chick, i needed no soothsayer to tell me it was tears of Joy, i held her close told her i could do anything for her, she rushed my lips, we kissed a while, she paused and pointed her hand towards the table saying, that’s your surprise, i went close wanting to know what it was. Mteeeew, two packs of Supreme ice cream was in a white Mr Biggs nylon, “is this it?”, I asked her 2 b sure, ”you ll see how the surprise will turn out, this is just a tool for the surprise” she replied.

She undressed me and i undressed her, it was our style, i do her job and she does mine, we entered the shower, i bathed her and she bathed me, as we got back to the room, she layed me in a position she wanted, opened a pack of Supreme ice cream, and said, ”i want to do this to you that even when you grow old and remember me, you ll remember this and never forget my name and face”. She poured the ice cream all over me, she took her time and made sure it went all over my body from head to toes, she licked the icrecream from my skin slowly, sweetly and gently from head to toes, she poured some more on my dikkk, from the tip down, fixed her mouth on the tip down, ‘headd of life’, the coldness on it tickled my whole body, i could’nt help it, for the 1st time i heared myself m0an like a man, up and down her mouth kept flipping, after a while she stopped, i love this game, this girl must have been watching alot of movies recently i said in my mind, i layed her down, Opened the ice cream, its our style my turn to do mine, i poured the ice cream all over her, licked it off her skin, nicely, slowly, and gently, she was m0an!ng, i opened her legs and spread it wide, poured the cold ice cream from her navel, watched it as they rolled down to her pu$Xy, i poured some more on it, fixed my mouth on her c–t and s—-d it just the way i would have s—-d an icecream, she m0aned aloud like never before, words of Ken you are the best came out her mouth, she was so wet that i felt it around my jaw as i kept sU-Ckkking,my corkkk was so strong that i could pot a ball with it if wer used for a snooker game at that moment, i fixed it inside,and flip flap up and down i went, my fingers were caressin her femalecore, while another hand was massaging her boobbbs, as i inter-change it with my mouth, as i was thrusting, she had come twice already, i turned her sideways, inserted my dikkk from the back, kept thrusting, while my hand caressed her boobbs, i felt her wetness dripping on my laps,i had goten the best s-x ever, i felt the electricity in my brain, before i knew it i had come, i turned her facing me, held her tight,a s her legs were glued to my waist, like bees to honey, ”kenny i love somuch she whispered, love you more Angel i replied, we both smiled at eachother, how was my surprise for you? She asked, best surprise i ve ever had, dont think anything ll ever beat this, u are the best i replied, thanks Baby she said.

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