-Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy

Read Story: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy… Part 39


She held me by the arm, as we
walked away from Eddy and
”God!, Ken, can i swim in front of
all these people, they are sooo
much” she said, stretchin the ‘so’
in the ‘much’,
”there’s only one way to find
out” i replied with a smile on my
She clunged on me so tight as
we walked, looking for where to
Chill first, i was almost becoming
shy myself cos anyone that
steered at us, always took
another look.
We finally got where to sit,
”lemme hold you,
put your hands around me,
you got me going crazy girl
turn me on
turn me oo o on,
Yea, that song of Kelvin Little was
jaming very loudly as we
watched people dancing,
drinking, eating, swimming,
I drew her head close to mine,
then spoke directly to her ear,
”so whats next, do we get
something to eat and drink or
get changed first, maybe we
could do that later i asked,
”you are the one who needs to
eat, i did before i came, she said,
”lets just change, we ll get
somtin later i replied,
I lost appetite for food
completely, i guess i was just
over xcited about our hanging
out, i had been looking forward
to it for days now,
”Ken lets go get something
please, am here now, so you
wouldnt say the food cant pass”
”i go sand you now, what re u
feeling like” i said jokngly
grabbing her by d hand.
We walked to the Ladies
bathroom for her to change,
while i waited outside, observing
the environment.
After a while i got a tap at my
back, i turned around and behold
i was stunned by what i saw, i
couldnt say a thing, my mouth
was just wide open, she had a
white shower cap on, she was
puting on a pink bikini, the top
was no different from a bra, with
the other parts of her very fair
body exposed, she tied
something that looked like a
Scarf around her waist, with part
of what looked like a pink pant
showing inside, Dammmmnnn!
She was really awesome, i was
lost already, i felt the increase in
my d!

I went looking for Cynthia, lots
were just going through my
mind, (shey she forget say she
keep a Nigga waiting?, or she
has been held down by another
guy?, or that guy i met her with
has stopped her again?, if i
eventually find her left me
waiting and was relaxed
conversing with someone or
stucked in some other Guyes
table, i ll just go get my stuffs, off
am home, i hate rubbish, i had
concluded within me).
As i was searching for her, i had
made up my mind for Plan B, just
incase she f’s up, and Plan B was
when i get home, i ll call Salma or
Tina up, try and get my groove
back on, Susan would give me
hassles but i know if i sweet talk
her well and press the right
buttons, i could still spurlush her,
i see her as a love-addict. I just
knew she was upset cos even if
we aint dating i saw some atom
of jealousy boldly written all over
her face when she saw me with
Susan made me understand a
few things about Virgins, that
there are Virgins who are truly
novice, there are Virgins who are
just looking for the opportunity
to Spoil, there are the ones who
have done lots of crazy things a

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