-Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy

Read Story: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy… Part 38


We had our bath and then she
went back to her room. I took my
time to arrange the room, why
the haste?, when i was already
late for School, I dressed the bed,
got something else entirely to
put on, then took a bike and
went to School.
That night after School, I and
Cynthia did Xtra Cool, getting to
know eachother some more and
also talked about were we would
meet, (Girls!, we agreed initially
she would come to my place then
we ll go together, she just
wanted me to beg my Bottom
off), so i begged, pleaded and
persuaded, i was able to
convince her still after a long
”hope you have a swimming vest
or bikini, i asked”,
”i bought one recently, after you
told me about the swimming
thing” she replied,
”so you mean you dont have
before?” i asked,
”i do but i dont have them here,
left them at home, have not gone
swimming in School here” she
”why?, you just decided not to or
what” i asked curiously,
”no Guy has succeeded in taking
me swimming, its just the normal
outing, eatery stuff” she
”(laughing), shey nah fear abi
how?” i asked,
”I donk know ooo” she replied,
”seriously that day i was telling
you about the swimming thing,
my mind was beating fast, you
should have noticed my mouth
was shaking, i was scared too” i
”really?, of what” she asked,
”dont worry” i said,
”Hope you ready” i asked, trying
to wave the question off and jink
into something else but she
wouldnt let go, she kept her
tenacity on the question, she
asked again,
”Ken, tell me, scared of what?”
I paused for a while, thinking of
whether to answer the question
or not,
”Ken, scared of what naw” she
asked again persuasively,
I was already regreting why i
brought the topic up, cos i wasnt
sure if she really was into me or
saw our friendship as just
platonic,(well for her to allow me
take her swimming means she
likes me, i concluded),
”Scared of your Beauty, i dont
know, i was scared you would
say no or wouldnt want to hang
out with a guy like me, you very
Beautiful, its not my fault, even
when i talk to you on phone or
when we are together, i get
cautious of the things i say, so as
not to piss you off, i just get to
compose myself” i stressed,
She kept quiet for a long while
and didnt say anything,
”Cynthia, are you there” i asked,
”yes, i am” she replied,
”so why where you quiet” i
”what you just said” she replied,
”what about it” i asked,
anticipating her response,
”am i that Beautiful for me to do
all that to you, well i like you alot,
you good looking too, i wonder
if you ve ever thought of that,
have noticed something about
you” she said,
”please what is it” i asked with
”you look down on your self-
esteem” she said,
”I wonder how you would have
felt, if i had come to you and start
praising myself about how good
i look and the nice things i could
do, wouldnt you have looked at
me like one proud and selfish ba
¤$tard?” i replied,
We spoke at length and at the
end of the night, we had gotten
to know eachother even better,
we agreed we would go for the
outing by 12noon and come
back late in the evening,
Finally after the call, i couldnt
sleep, i was just eager to go out
with her, i couldnt wait, the Girl
was just knocking me off my
defences, i was going gaga, for
real no girl has made me feel that
way. I had given her my address
already at night when we talked,
i just got prepared, arranged a
small bag that had my swimming
pant and a few other things i ll
be needing.
I couldnt eat, i tried eating but
the food wouldnt pass, i was
feeling very awkward, like a teen
who was about to have his very
first date and expecting his very
first kiss, i kept steering at the
clock at intervals with every little
time i had, it was surprisely slow
to me, i sighed whenever i
glanced at it and it wasnt near
the hour mark (Choooi!, Woman!,
Woman!!, To¤to, something wey
dey sweet, if nah Church now, i
no go dey observe time like that
ooo, mtcheeew, smh), i was just
Finally it was 12, but she didnt
show up untill about some
minutes to one, she called and
asked me to come out, i did,
went out held her by the hand
and walked majestically side by
side feeling like a Super Star,
some of my neighbours were
inside the compound, some were
washing, while some hung out
drinking, smoking and gisting
making loud arguements, as we
walked majestically into the
compound very slowly, everyone
“Jesus! Ken who be dis babe”
one of my loud mouthed
neighbourrs(Alex) exclaimed,
”Oga calm down” i replied, as we
walked into my place, i got my
bag, locked my door, held her by
the hand, Susan heard the noise
of guys shouting, as she came
out, saw Cynthia, you could see
the glaring look on her face like
one just hit by a truck
”babe whats up nah” i asked, as
we both walked out holding
hands like two love birds, with
the guys who kept shouting.
”Kenny Baba, we hail ooo”
Myself and Cynthia couldnt help
but laugh hysterically as we
marched out.

”Wow!, you look astonishly
Beautiful” i said, as i stopped and
took a good look at her again.
She wore a nice top, well griped
to her body, and a nice short
stretch tight skirt bringing out
her curves, a nice pair of shoes
and a Ladies big hand bag to
match, as well as a nice make up.
It was her first outing so i wasnt
surprised with her looking that
good, now i understood better
why my neighbours were
shouting. I wasnt bothered
about Susan seeing us, we aint
dating, if it were Salma, my heart
would haved skipped a bit, with
my legs shaking inside my pants
cos she was one girl i didnt want
to loose, i doubt if i would be
able to face the wrath, i just
couldnt play the faithful
boyfriend thing, at least for the
record she thinks i am, as long as
i dont get caught, then am good
to go, at least if i must cheat, it
has got to be someone prettier
than my current girl, its worth it, i
ll only be killing my self-esteem if
i cheated with a girl below her,
so even if she would break up
with me, she would have to put
her thinking cap on and be like
‘is that other girl better than i
am?’, i was down for whatever,
even if any of her friend’s
catches me, when they her
tendering my case before her,
they ll be like
”OMG!, Salma i saw Ken with one
Beautiful girl today, you need to
see her, the girl is really fine”
At least thats better than,
”Salma that your boyfriend is a
he-goat, he doesnt see women
with his eyes, you need to see
the disgusting thing i saw him
with today, the girl is not even
worth cleaning your shoes”.
I knew a twist that wouldnt
tarnish my name would be in the
story if am caught, so i was f!
kking relaxed.
”thanks, you look good too, your
haircut suits you” she replied
back my compliment,
”you are certainly the finest thing
have seen today, hope you have
your swimming vest with you” i
”No, i wont swim” she replied,
My walk step changed, the pace
”you kidding me right?” i asked
”I was just kidding, lets go” she
replied laughing as she came
back and dragged me by the
”you almost gave me a heart
attack, e for be like play i for
collapse for here, me that didnt
sleep after we talked at night, i
couldnt even eat till now” i said
very calmly,
”why” she asked with curiosity,
”cos i was looking forward to
our outing, not like i wasnt
hungry, just that the food
wouldnt pass, with the thoughts
of you on my mind” i replied,
”this is serious, am feeling like a
Queen” she said, as we laughed
it out.
Finally this is it, another p is that i
know i wouldnt be the only one
that wants her, i knew there
would be loads of other guys, i
just hope we both have a fun
filled day and at the end she
doesnt get me into any sort of
trouble, ‘me sha no go like make
one guy from nowhere dey come
tap current in the name of
teaching her how to swim when
i dey there, make something silly
sha no happen’.
We took a bike and headed for
Abraka Resort Centre, as at that
time, there werent much places
one could go, if it wasnt the
Resort, then it was Mudi Beach.
We got there, i payed the normal
gate fee for us both and we
entered like couples, my hands
firmly rested on her waist(like
this i dey let guys know say make
them clear road, this Erema na
my own, nah me bring am,
military zone keep off).
The place was jam packed, filled
up with Students, as we walked
inside looking for where to relax
and then change into our vest, i
got a tap at my back, i turned
around with Cynthia and behold
standing before our eyes were
Eddy and Raphael,
”Bad-man-tin” Eddy Shouted, i
hailed back while we shoke and
did the guys kind of hug with
our shoulders hitting eachother.
After the pleasantries, i returned
my hand back to Cynthia’s waist
(show off things, i was indirectly
passing a message to Raphael
like ‘nah the babe wey you tell
me say i no fit enter be dis o, we
for bet nah’), she was calm and
relaxed, you ll think we are
dating, and she had that Flashy
look that glitters in the Sun that
you dont get satisfied with just a
look at her, you ll want to take
another look and another look
again, and when people kept
doing that, they were hiping me
since we just glued eachother as
we walked, and she was really
shy, she was just all over me, as
she grabbed me tight by my
”so nah here una dey come flex
every weekend, una go just enta
without letting una Manche
know abi” i asked them,
”park well jor, Cynthia whats up”
Raphael asked,
”am fine, Eddy hi” she said,
waving her hand to him like she
was saying bye-bye,
”hi, Oyibo vs Oyibo, you guys
look good together, are you guys
dating” Eddy asked,
I knew were he was driving at
and nah falling hand to me for
Cynthia to tell them say we be
just friends, i dived into the
question before she could say
”Guy go ask V.C, anyhow we go
see later, make we reach front, i
gave him a wink, as we all
laughed, shoke them, and then
we walked away
At least it was better like that for
me leaving them with the puzzle
to crack.

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