-Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy

Read Story: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy… Part 37


(something wey i suffer iron, see
wetin p**$¥ dey cause sha), we
kissed our way to the bed, i did
my usual kissing and licking from
head to toes thing, as i did i saw
her dripping out juice from her
Obosiasis, she turned me down
and made me lay with my back,
spat and s—-d my Piakantus
(guy which day dis girl begin wild
like this, i was talking to myself),
when she had s—-d me bad
that my d!!k was so erected
pointing straight to the celiene,
as i was about trying to pull her
over and reach for the usual
versaline and olive oil, she sat on
me with my Piakantus stucked in
her Obosiasis, no shouting, no
sign of pains, there was grip but
this time a lot different(Eeegwo!
Kweke!), she whinned and
moved forth and down
accelerating on my Piakantus, i
was shocked, she gave me more
than i expected, it was obvious
she had used the holidays
making herself feel good, the
babe just cleared my doubt, i had
to relax and enjoy it.

I relaxed and enjoyed the ride, i just allowed her sit on me all through as i watched ger wined, she really took me by surprise cos i wasnt expecting what i was seeing, at least i expected at worst, a slight sign of pain, after a while i came, i really didnt enjoy the s-x the way i would have wanted to, cos all the while she sat on me boucing, i kept wondering how all of a sudden she had become so good.

After the s-x, i left her on the bed, headed for the bathroom to shower, so i could get ready for School, i just applied the Soap on my hair alone, it wasnt long i showered, at least to smell fresh, then allowed the shower pour on my head, as the water of the Soap ran down my body, I use my hands to wash up quickly with my eyes closed,

I was almost done when she walked into the bathroom naked to join me(ooh oo! Which kind wahala be dis nah, make this babe no lemme use anger f!!k am oo, i said to myself), She leaned her body against mine with her gigantic boobs pressed against my chest, while the shower poured down on us, She was carrying the Anita Baker kind of hairstyle, i was just watching her from her head down(one short thing, hahahaha, though Beautiful, i said inside, as stupid as i was, i couldnt keep the laugh inside, i tried controlling it, somehow it just echoed out),

”why are you laughing”, she asked curiously,

”i just remembered that day i barged into your room when you were creaming up, and everything that went down that day, it was crazy” i lied, she found it funny and joined me in laughing, (abi i for like tell am to her face say nah her height?, e go red for me be that nah)

I bent my head down and reached for her small red lips, placed both of my hands on her b¤¤b$, caressed and squeezed them gently and tickled her n!ppl€$ at intervals as we kissed, i bent a little more and reached for her b¤¤b$ with my mouth, s—-d one and kept caressing the other and exchanged at intervals as she moaned lightly while her hands were rubbing my head all over.

She bent down, reached for my Piakantus with her mouth, i reduced the Shower, making it drop very slowly, directed it pouring down on my d¡

I sat on the W.C, with my d!

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