-Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy

Read Story: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy… Part 35


Then i remembered i needed a roommate, so i brought the issue up, but deep down it was Solo i wanted, he had the attitude i liked, i was closer to him than the rest, maybe i ll tell him personally later and see what he thinks, (no be the kind one wey go come tear my babe Obosiasis again).

I slept in Chuk’s room, i got lost in thoughts thinking about Cynthia then sent a goodnight text that read,

”I peeped from my window and steer into Space, suddenly i saw the Stars come together to form your pretty face, that sweet face gave the Sky a beautiful look, you gave me that Smile that makes my Soul glad and then asked me my wish, i said i wish i could be with you tonight, hold you tight and kiss you till the morning light, but too bad my wish cant come true today, sleep well Honey”

Mins later, my phone began to ring while i was still going through the text i sent.

”My Princess how are you doing” i asked,

”Am fine, just got your message, its lovely” she said,

”I ve been thinking about you, i just had to send it, except you want me awake all night” i said,

”(laughing), stay awake doing what” she asked,

”Thinking about you ofcourse, at least have been able to pour down a lil of my mind of how i feel right now” i said,

”alright, thanks anyway” she replied,

”I hope you like it” i asked, i wanted to know if i was really getting into her,

”i do, thanks” she said,

“you like it or you love it?” i asked again,

”Ooh oo God, ok i love it” she said hesitatingly,

”OMG, the finest girl in Delta State, Agbani sef dey learn were you dey, you just made my night” i said,

”Kenny, abeg goodnight” she said(laughing),

”alright see you in School tomorrow” i replied,

”Sweetdreams” she said and ended the call.

After talking with her on phone, i had a big grin on my face, i was feeling like i was in love, as in so in love, i guess i was f¤kkin high on weed, it must have triggered up my emotions, but even if she had really made me fall for her, it wasnt such a bad thing, who wouldnt fall for a Beauty as that, even the Birds and trees would sing her praise, while Angels would bow at her Beauty, she was that Beautiful, was i really falling in love, i ll find out soon.

I was busy thinking about Cynthia the way have never done before, i was begining to wonder if i was still hunting for her Obosiasis, falling for her Beauty or maybe i might just end up dating her afterall(just lost in thoughts), and before i knew it i had dosed off without even knowing how or when, i just woke up in the early hours of the morning, got home, i was preparing for School wen i had a Knock on my door, it was Susan,

”Babe whats up, when did you come back” i asked,

”Have you forgotten i said i was coming back yesterday evening? I checked on you, you werent @ home, you didnt sleep here last night abi” she asked,

”I got bored with no you to talk to, slept in a friend’s place at Grammar School area” i replied,

”one of your many concubines, i trust you” she said,

”Babe, relax, nah one of my guys” i said,

”Ok oo, so you got bored or you missed me?”, she asked(walked to where i was and stood right in front of me as i was putting my top on),

”its desame thing, if i tell you am bored, it means i missed you, so you ve been with your boyfriend, the one i know or a new racket” i asked with curiousity,

”new guy, he’s been asking me out a long time now, i broke up with that other one”, she said,

”Babe wait ooo, which time you resume wey una don begin date, this nah the third week of resumption” i asked with surprise(e don tey wey dis girl wan spoil),

”it was during the holidays he asked me out” she replied,

”am set for Class, we go see when i show, this one you are still on your nighties no Lectures today” i asked. It was desame crazy nighties she wore the last night we spent together d previous semester, part of her gigantic b+oo+bs were bulging out, she was really looking sexy, she was a fine girl though, nah height just fall her hand,

”i thought you said you missed me” she leaned on her toes to catch up with my head, as she dragged my head down with her hands and reached for my lips, i got stunned by the kiss, so i had to make a decision(to¤to and Lectures, guy choose one, abegi na toto sure pass, lecture can wait, no be just one class i go miss? Shey nah just to collect note copy, i had made a choice, as we were kissing, guy face this thing, i said to myself),

I reached for her nighties and took it off, she wasnt even putting on a pant, meaning she was h—y before she came, the conversations we had were just mere disguise. I reached for her Boobylashly with my mouth, as i s—-d one, i squeezed and caressed the other and changed my mouth at intervals while she was busy trying to unbuckle my belt, looks like she was finding it a lil difficult, so i paused and undressed completely, with clothes littered all over, we were even stepping on them(something wey i suffer iron, see wetin p**$¥ dey cause sha), we kissed our way to the bed, i did my usual kissing and licking from head to toes thing, as i did i saw her dripping out juice from her Obosiasis, she turned me down and made me lay with my back, spat and s—-d my Piakantus(guy which day dis girl begin wild like this, i was talking to myself), when she had s—-d me bad that my d!!k was so erected pointing straight to the celiene, as i was about trying to pull her over and reach for the usual versaline and olive oil, she sat on me with my Piakantus stucked in her Obosiasis, no shouting, no sign of pains, there was grip but this time a lot different(Eeegwo! Kweke!), she whinned and moved forth and down accelerating on my Piakantus, i was shocked, she gave me more than i expected, it was obvious she had used the holidays making herself feel good, the babe just cleared my doubt, i had to relax and enjoy it.

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