-Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy

Read Story: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy… Part 34


That morning after i saw Salma off, got back, had my bath, i was in a haste, i had 8.00 clock class, and as i was trying to lock my door, my phone began to ring, It was Cynthia, i didnt pick it, i knew she wanted to talk about the text i sent her in the middle of the night,

”Babe i ll talk to you later” so i thought,

As i was about picking a bike, my phone rang again, i checked who the caller was, already thinking it was Cynthia again, but behold it was Ebere, the call i have been waiting for,

”Erema whats up” i asked,

”Bro, i have gotten the details about the Sly guy ooo, she said,

”Ok, lets do it like this, i ll call you after my class, cos i have it like right now” i said,

”alright no p”, she replied, then i hung up.

Before i got to School Cynthia had given me another 3 missed calls, i had to quickly send her a text that i was in a class and ll call her as soon as i was done. I made it to class before 8.00 clock, cos those Lecturers in that department, they can be so mean, you could miss a whole lecture for coming to class five minutes after the normal time.

As the Lecture was going on i got a text(my phone was always in vibe mood whenever i was recieving a lecture, to save my phone from getting seized) i checked it quickly, it was from Cynthia that read,

”so you really got up at night to send me that, Lol, thats so sweet, call me when you are through with class”

After my first class i made a few calls, the important ones.

Firstly i called Ebere back, got the details, Sly lives at Kings lodge, second room by the left, he’s always around at the weekend, and he was a Pirate, i asked if some other Pirates live there, she said just himself and the roommate and they are both Pirates. That isnt a mission i would go alone, i have a plan and i ll have to tender it before the Brotherhood, but it ll be spearheaded by me cos it was my personal payback to my offender. I asked if she had briefed Capo(Chuks) about it, she said she had done that and he instructed her to give me a briefing.

I noticed since i resumed i hadnt seen Susan my next door neighbour for quiet some time, in order to be my Brother’s keeper, i dailed her number wanting to check on her, She said she had been with her boyfriend since she resumed but she ll be home fully that evening(so i don open the thing the guy don dey flex the Obosiasis, or maybe its a new catch, just a wild guess).

Then the last person i called was Cynthia, she was so excited to hear my voice, i started getting a mixed feeling she was really getting to like me and meanwhile i was just trying hard to impress her and get her to bed, (maybe its time i change my mindset, she seems to be a nice girl that hadnt really seen things, done stuffs, maybe her true freedom was her admission, what if she was still a Virgin after this whole stress, guy focus jor, she had better worth it, no be say when i finally succeed reach dar, i go come find out say nah blocus wey big pass my own she carry, or make the thing no get grip, i fit hang myself. I was just lost in thoughts)

I really didnt have much time to spend with her cos i was busy with lectures, from one to another, but tried seeing her before i left school that day.

When i got home, after i had showered, eaten, as i was busy relaxing getting prepared to hang out with the guys that night to strategise how the mission was going to be like, i thought of what to do with the Sly guy, maybe cut his hand off, chop off one or two fingers, i just kept wondering what to do to him, i thought of the men i would love to go with, who were down for whatever, maybe Solo, Flames, Hefty and myself, these were men that had made a name for themselves before i got my admission.

I started a recap of the Scene that happened, how i he slapped me disgracefully in public, did i really deserve it?, what was it i did that warranted the slap, i thought about how i helped his so-called Girlfriend in a carry over exam she had, and how he appreciated it in return was a ‘Slap’ for a thank you, i did good, he payed me bad, the more i thought of it.

I got there, but unlike other times no one was outside, i opened the small gate and went in, they we seated in the compound smoking, i asked why they werent sitting outside, Perry said they heard Police came a day before to raid Hemp Smokers not too far from the house that they ve decided to keep the smoking thing a low profile by doing it within the compound for a while, so i joined the cue, i needed to clear my head and as well get some sort of Inspiration before tabling the matter at hand.

As i was siping my Ganja and feeling myself, Chuks asked,

”Ken i teh Ebere make she call you, shey una two don yarn?”,

”Baba nah y i show, make person reason as e wan take be, nah bursting things nah shey?” i asked,

”I don teh everybody here already, so wetin you get 4 mind to do the guy” he asked,

”I swear if i talk say i know like this i dey lie, nah em i dey reason for house since, anything wey the guy c make em take, so nah which men dey with me” i asked,

”Flames, Hefty, Solo, Perry and Samba(pointing them as everyone was listening), including yourself, una be six like that, una go dey in twos, Flames and Solo, make una follow the back passage, Perry and Samba go knock the guy door like gentle men wey come visit person, then you and Hefty go dey front passage, cos if you dey among guys wey go knock, e go cast things small, when dem knock and em(Sly) or em roommate open, Samba just raise ur shirt up show am ur Bull(gun), then the rest fit dey show in twos from back, then you and Hefty show from front, una don burst them like that, six armed men against two, then Ken fit do am wetin em want, nobody gets hurt, you guys must come back here to me, the exact way you went there, if the guy dey fear blood and he is ready to pay for his sins, match em down here, you guys ll do it on a saturday evening from 7.30” Capo analysed in details, he continued,

”the question now is when” he asked,

”make we run am upper weekend” i pleaded,

”person wey get mission don lamber, so guys keep that in mind, any questions?” he asked,

”Ken wetin do dis weekend” Samba asked,

”make we just use 1wk take dey pull ourselves together, Baba Ebere fit dey do some more digging for us” i answered, putting my observation to Chuks.

We finally agreed to make it the following weekend, i had an outing with Cynthia that weekend, i just wanted to be relaxed and focused, so that when am with her, my mind wont be on other things, i was ok with the analyses Chuks gave, the idea i had wasnt even close to gud compared to his, they’ve been in the game a long time before i did, they ve been runing crazier shows, i guess this Sly ish would just be a piece of cake.

Finally i could put my mind at rest, i was just sorry for him(Sly), he doesnt knw the kind of truck that was about to hit him, ‘i go like see that hand wey the B¤a$ta¤rd take slap me and i ll like to see the look on his face when he sees me’.

I remember whisperin to his ear that he was going to get my message, he must have forgotten about me and would have counted me weak and would have as well added me to his list of people he has publicly assualted.

As i was smoking i was really feeling good, we kept gisting, cracking jokes, teasing eachother and laughing, i got carried away and before i knew it, it was past 9, i decided to spend the night there, i could sleep in anybody’s room.

”guy where you dey dey on Saturday’s since you resume” Solo asked,

”Bro nah rehearsal things ooo” i replied,

Everyone was laughing out loud, i was wondering if i was high and what was so funny about the question,

”wetin dey make all of una dey laugh now” i asked with curiousity,

They kept laughing(all these guys don mad sha, they must be f—–g high on some ganja s–t), not until someone relieved me from my strainous thoughts

”your padi wan use beer kill us nah, u wan try drink?” Perry said,

”So Esosa dey carry beer come here tru tru? I tink say nah play Capo dey o, nobody even buzz me” i replied,

”BUZZAMENTUS, you buy credit for anybody phone?” Flames asked, as we just laughed it off.

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