-Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy

Read Story: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy… Part 33


I knew it was Cynthia, i picked it up,

”Hey Baby whats up”, i asked,

”am fine, thanks, i got your message” she said,

”hope you like it” i asked,

”its nice, thanks” she replied,

”alright see you in School tomorrow, sweetdreams” i said,

”alright you too”, she replied.

I hung up, but when i was busy talking to Cynthia, Salma’s call was on call-waiting, i tried calling back, she wouldnt pick, then later not too long, she called back and asked if i was home, that she was on her way, and that she cooked and was bringing mine, it was the first time we were spending time together for the semester.

30mins after she called, i heard a knock on the door, i went to get it, it was Salma, looking so hot, she was putting on a nice top that griped her body and a very short tight skirt(as in over short wan kill the Skirt), i was gazing at her
like it was the first time in my life i was seeing her, from her hair, boobs, tommy, maddd hips, i was steering at her and forgot myself to the extent i forgot to tell her to come in, i finally did. She was just busy laughing at me, then asked me as the Ladies ll always do when a guy is always steering too much,

”Ken what?, why are you steering at me like that like you ve seen a ghost”, she asked(laughing),

”Babe wait oo, you mean all these things are my property?” i asked,

She just kept laughing, and one thing about Salma is that she laughs alot, sometimes even when we aint talking, she could just look at me and start laughing, and if i ask her whats amusing her, she ll say its me, how?, she ll be like everything about me makes her laugh. Since she had already turned her laughing gas on, i kept talking,

”how many people whistle, or shout excuse me when you dey come, with all these things wey you carry” i asked, my laughing Jackass was busy laughing on the floor,

”sometimes i just feel all these your properties are too much for me, one day, me and you go dey this house, robbers go barge in, if them ask me my money or my life, i go say my babe, see load(touching her boobs and hips), nah wa o, God are these things not too much for one person”, i said,

She kept laughing hysterically, coughing almost wanting to choke, i still continued,(shey you know how to laugh), i knelt down like i wanted to pray, held her hand, with my eyes gazing at the celiene,

”Father God, is not like am complaining, i cant express how grateful i am, please dont let this cup pass over me, i want to keep the cup” i said,

Her laughing increased, She was laughing with tears in her eyes, jumped on me, sat on my belly and then covered my mouth with her hands,

”Kenny please shut up, dont talk again, my stomach is paining me”, she said, still laughing.

She held my mouth for a long time, made sure she stopped laughing before she finally let her hands off, lied on me and reached for my lips with her mouth, we kissed for a long while, then she said,

“I swear have missed you, i just came and havent stayed up to 5mins, and have been laughing, i miss your funny attitude, Silly” she said,

”so you ve turned me into your personal comedian shey, everytime you miss my funny attitude, didnt you miss this one(i frowned my face, held her hand on placed it on my Piankantus)”. She started another round of laugh again,

”whats funny now? You dont know that is the number one thing you are suppose to miss?” i asked with all seriousness, my Salma wont stop laughing but she was able to say she was sorry and sealed it with a long wild romantic kiss(you know what i mean).

My night with Salma was just off the hook, it was awesome, and i had gotten use to her laughing attitude, she was just fun to be with, sometimes i mock her and tell her shes suffering from ”LAUGHINGJAITIS” and i was the cure.

I woke up in the middle of the night, grabbed my phone and sent Cynthia another text, that read,

”Hun, i woke up in the middle of the night just to check on you, this is me covering you with a blanket, with a peck on your chick and saying sleep on Sweety”.

I was really looking forward to our outing that weekend

I was really looking forward to our outing that weekend, i had already started picturing her in those se-xy bikinis, watch the water roll down her beautiful light skinned body, the looks on people’s face when am seen with her walking side by side with my hand holding hers, how playing in the water would be like, the fun we would have together ‘omo nah Saturday sure pass’ i said to myself, it was Salma’s voice that brought me back to reality.

I had to save myself from the hillarious questions of why i was awake or if something was bothering me, i just cuddled her close, kissed her with my eyes closed with my hands caressing her t–s.

‘Slap’ for a thank you, i did good, he payed me bad, the more i thought of it the angrier i became.

I went to 1 of my traveling bags, searched for a sim card i kept there, which i used once in a while whenever i need to send a text and avoided getting reached back.

I wrote out Sly’s number on a plain paper, fixed the sim on my phone, typed out a text, all in capital letters, that read,


I sent it and took out the sim, dumped it where i always did. The incident became fresh on my mind again, and i know he must have forgotten about the incident that had ran into months and i was sure stepping on my toes wasnt his first, he ll find out who sent him that text soon. I was moody, i needed to smoke up and clear my head, i got something to put on and was headed to Grammar School to see dem Guyz.

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