-Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy

Read Story: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy… Part 32


She placed her head on my chest, a hand on my d!kk, and while i was hoping we could hit another round, gathering my energy together, she slept off.

Around 2 pm, she woke up to pee, and as she came back, i rushed her ‘delay is dangerous’, we had it thrice before dawn, She got up very early, had her bath, got dressed and asked me to see her off, i got something to put on, walked down as we had a lil conversation,

”thanks Baby, am ok now, you administered the treatment to me perfectly”, i said, she giggled,

”what did you call the name of the Sickness again” she asked,

”fake doctor, how can you forget the name of the Sickness you just cured a patient from” i asked, shaking my head,

”what is it jor”, she insisted,

”TINAJAITIS” i replied,

”so what causes it”, she asked,

”it happens when Kenny hasnt seen Tina in a long time and for this whole Delsu nah only me fit get the disease, thanks for curing me” i replied,

We laughed, i stopped her a bike, told her we ll see in School, watched as the bike zoomed off and headed back home.

I was geting prepared for the day’s Lecture, Cythia came to my mind, ( how i go take Spurlush this girl, guy no let her beauty frighten you, you are capable, i said to myself), i brought out my phone, dailed her number, somehow as it began to ring, i find myself frightened for no reason,

”Hello, goodmorning, Cynthia here”, a lovely voice answered me at the other end of the phone,

”hey Cynthia, goodmorning its Ken, how’s your night” i asked,

”fine, please which of the Ken” she asked,

”wow, so we plenty, this particular Ken was the one you slapped yesterday” i replied, she laughed out,

”i was just pulling your legs” she replied,

”i wanted to see if you are alright” i said,

”thanks Deary, i am” she replied,

”hope i ll get to see you today in school, maybe we could hang out and do stuffs, or probably lets do lunch together” i asked fearfully. She laughed, i was wondering what was funny before she said,

”you want to take me out for Lunch, my boyfriend will break your head o, well my time table says i ll be busy today, but you could come around my department when you are less busy” she replied,

”alright, till then, am preparing for a class now, take care” i told her and hung up.

(E be like say dis girl like me, or shey she dey pity me base on the Slap?, i asked myself).

I got set, went to Susan’s room to ask her how i looked, but her door was locked.

I got to school, had a few Lectures, i really wasnt concentrating, the thoughts of Cynthia were going through my mind, i called and asked if she was busy, she said they were free at that moment, so i hastened away to her department.

I took her to a restuarant opposite campus, got two plates of food, we sat directly opposite eachother with just the table seperating us. I just sat, kept quiet, didnt touch my food, all i did was gaze, i made it very obvious that i was steering at her, just appreciating this Jewel of a Beauty, i steered at her pretty eyes, face, lips, the hands, her bo!!obs through her top.

She became very uncomfortable and then, she asked

”Ken, why are you steering at me like that”

”What does it take for a guy like me to date a girl like you” i asked.

The question sounded like a Dynamite to her, she dropped her spoon, looked round, trying to see if the people around heard what i just asked, then kept her gaze, we were steering at eachother eye ball to eye ball, for like three minutes she was quiet, and then when she pulled herself together, she asked,

”Sorry, please what was your question again?”,

”what does it take for a guy like me to date a girl like you” i asked again.

I knew she was thinking of what to say and i doubted if she had an answer,

”wow, i dont even know how to answer that question sincerely, but please, why did you ask me that, she asked,

There was no time to start asking her why she answered me with a question, guess she hadnt what to say,

”for no reason i find myself scared to talk when am with you, i get intimated by ur Beauty and most times, ask myself if i could really have a girl like you, it hasnt happened to me with any girl, you make me run out of words” i said,

I could see it all over her, she was blushing like hell, so i continued,

”i just get lost in ur Beauty, sometimes i get tempted to ask, if probably made yourself, cos i guess you must ve taken lots of time to Beautify yourself to the extent if you really take a good look at yourself, am sure you would’nt want to date anyone, except yourself, so you could give the best things to yourself, i wish i had you, so i could keep you safe and make sure you dont have to stress yourself”

She couldnt say anything, all she did was gaze,

”Cynthia, you Beautiful” i added,

”wow thanks” she replied with a huge smile on her face, then i asked again,

”what does it take for a guy like me to date a girl like you”,

”Kenny we just met yesterday, i think its too early to ask me that” she said,

(you never know as e dey go, i go enter any extent to make sure i put my one inside your zero, even if nah to turn my Ramsey Noah on, i said to myself). Did she just say the question came too early?, no p, i ll give it time, but i was sure i could take this girl to bed, anyone who watches Ghana movies ll be familiar with Nadia Buhari, she had similar looks, same skin complexion but the facial beauty was different. I am a very fair guy, but loved the Chocolate skin girls, since i was flashy, i went for the cool colour, Chocolate and Beautiful, Cynthia was the very first flashy girl that caught my eyes.

I didnt bother wanting to know if she had a bf or not, that would taunt my chances if she said yes, so its better she kept it, if they were that serious, she wouldnt have allowed us go do lunch together,

”alright, tell me about yourself, i asked, she had gotten back her grip and had started eating again,

”Am Cynthia, from Delta State, Isoko to be precise, from a family of six, two boys, two girls, then Mum and Dad, and you?”, she asked, i told her mine and asked,

“what are the things you do for fun”

”well, have not really done much cos my parents are very strict, am the kind that doesnt leave the house, i hardly go out, i guess this is my opportunity to start having fun,

If it was so, she just made my job easier. When a guy sees a very very pretty girl that knocks him out, he gets scared of walking up to her with the fear she might embarrass you, but have noticed they are the ones earsier 2 talk 2 cos lots of guys are scared walkin up to them and they realy want to see the confidence in a guy who could break the jinx, i knew i ld get her.

I remember her telling me she was a fine art student, she is in for a shocker, cos i just got a plan to blow her away and i hope it works.

”hope you wouldnt mind to come around my place this weekend” i asked,

”whats happening at your place?” she asked back,

”maybe we could do stuffs, like go swimming, lets just try nd catch fun” i said.

I wasnt sure about what i just said, but i know if she truly had a boyfriend, she would resist going,

”on one condition” she replied,

I was on tenterhooks to know, i rushed her immediately,

”what condition”, i asked almost immediately

”that you are going with me to Church this Sunday” she said

”that you are going with me to Church this Sunday” she said,

”my fellowship ll look for me, i play the Piano for them” i said

”wow, you even play for a fellowship(laughing), which of the fellowships” she asked,

“Winners” i replied,

”wow, Big Boy, well thats the condition, if you cant then forget the outing” she said,

”and what fellowship is that” i asked,

”Believer’s Love World” she replied,

”(Oo ooh God!, c condition sha), ok i will” i said,

“we have a deal then” she replied,

I became relaxed with her and after a nice conversation, we headed back to School.

That at home, as i busy waiting for Salma, it crossed my mind to send Cynthia an sms, it read,

‘Oh Loving night, please give me Cynthia, and when i shall die, take her and then cut her out into little stars and then place her up in the Sky, cos she ll make the face of Heaven so fine, that the whole world ll be in-love with nights’. U BEAUTIFUL
Not too long i got a call.

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