-Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy

Read Story: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy… Part 31


We got to the bathroom,

”oh my shower cap”, she voiced out, went to her bag to get it while i waited patiently like a perfect gentleman.

She came to join me, i bathed her like a lil Baby and she did thesame to me as wel, i s—-d her boobs for a while. She leaned her back against my body, then hands stucked on her b’oo’b$, as we allowed the shower drizzle on us like it was raining, its been a while i did something crazy, having it right there in the bathroom wouldnt be such a bad thing, have had it in the Kitchen before with Salma, s-x on the bed was just the usual thing, i wanted to explore something new.

As the shower was dropping on us, i turned her facing me, my reasons for us getting high was because i loved how she gave it to me crazy and wild, so i didnt want to allow the highness waste, my hands firmly placed on her t–s as we kissed, she kissed me with lots of passion and energy like my lips was her dinner, with her eyes closed like she wasnt going to open them again, i kept tickling her n!pp|€s with my hands as i squeezed and tickle at intervals.

I pushed her against the wall, raised one of her legs up directing my finger into her Pu$$iatus, the first thing i felt was her wetness, i caressed my finger slowly on her c|¡toris, as the sound of her moaning filled the bathroom, i fixed my finger into Pu$$iatus as i thrusted it to and forth, she grabbed my Piankantus, held it tight and massaged it, when she couldnt take anymore she pushed me against the wall, knelt down and reached for my Piankantus with her mouth, as she placed her warm mouth on it, i felt the electricity down to my brain, i closed my eyes like one under annointing, she kept the movement of her mouth on my d–k down and forth like she was going to devour it, as a hungry Lion would to its prey, she spat on it severally and then kept the movement of her mouth on it, she used her tongue to tickle the tip of my Piankantus, the electricity made my body jittery.

When i had gotten too much and couldnt take anymore of the excitement, i had gotten to my C—-x, i was in Paradisé, i had to bring her to the level i was.

I picked her up and leaned her against the wall just the same way she did to me, the shower was still on, but i had reduced it, i knelt down and parted her legs open, located her < |itoris with my mouth, like she had already gotten into estacy, as she moaned louder with both of her hands massaging my head, i s—-d placed my mouth on her Pu$$iatus and tickled it with her tongue, i felt it as her legs and body were shaking as if she was having an electric shock, one of my hands was placed on her mamary gland squeezing and tickling her tips. I stood up, rushed quickly to my bedside and got two sachets of condom, she still leaned her back against the wall, with her eyes closed, massaging her bosoms. I raised one of her legs up as she stood with the other, i raised it in a way i could insert my Piankantus for penetration, she had climaxed already as i could see the discharge, i tore one sachet of the condoms open, cluck click, rolled one on my Bianpolo, inserted it slowly, as she made the usual noise all girls make during s-x 'awwwwww'. Her p¤u¤$$¥, gave me a tight but slippery grip, i kept thrusting to and forth slowly, and then increased my pace of acceleration, as i kept thrusting she kept making that same sound, (that sound dey blow my mind, e dey make me know say she dey feel me), the sound of her moaning filled the bathroom and my ears, the sound was sweet like the birds singing in the morning, i kept thrusting varociously but when i noticed her leg on the ground was shaking and couldnt carry her anymore, it meant it was time to change the formation. I closed the Water Closet, sat on it, with my d¡kk still hard and pointing upwards, i wanted more, she sat on it backing me, as she whined her waist on it judiciously, she kept it going down and forth and after a long while i stood up turned her, made her bend with boths hand placed firmly on the W.C. I could see the Obosiasis steer at me from the back between her legs like it was asking ‘is that all you ve got?’, i replied within me ”just like Peak Milk, its in me”.

I inserted my Piankantus from the back, took off her shower cap, dropped it on the floor, grabbed her by the hair (shey nah me you dey ask ‘is that all have got?’, lemme show you, i said inside), i thrusted varociously from the back, with my hand firmly placed on her hair, and was riding like i was on a horse, thrusted and at intervals whined my waist slowly behind her, like i was using my di

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