-Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy

Read Story: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy… Part 30


Raphael stopped at my place, said he wanted to chill with me till it got dark, we got home, i asked if he was hungry that i wanted to prepare Indomie and egg, i had all i needed, stuffs i brought from Lasgidi cos i just resumed, i spueezed a lil change from my purse and bought 2 crates of eggs( freshings things till owuu show face, Abraka people go say nah ‘e don red’), i didnt need to go to Mama Èki’s shop not to far from my house, as i went to the Kitchen to cook he sat close, he engaged me in a conversation, it went like this

”guy this one wey you take time come back when you escort that girl, e sure me say u don collect her number” he said, i laughed and then replied,

”Me? I dnt do such, wetin i wan use the number do?, i asked jokingly,

”oga park well, i know say you never forgive that Girl,

”My Brother am not God, only God forgive sins, i dont, am mortal thats why that slap wont go unpurnshied” i replied,

”i talk am” he echoed,
”Bro that babe go pay with her Pu$!$¥, i go make sure i draw her oil so real, i go do anything to settle the score” i said, he giggled and replied,

”you go fit so?, the Babe make sense die o” he said,

” i go clear your doubt, when i Spurlush the babe i go let you know” i replied,

”so how do you intend doing that?” he asked,

”guy no dey interrogate me(i yelled), you be Police?” i asked

”all you need know is that i ll do it, i dont know how but i must Spurlush am, change the matter abeg, no bring am up again expect you wan bet, no matter how a woman fine reach somebody dey yanssh am, no be person dey f–k Omotola, Genevive, Nadia Buhari”, calm down” i stressed.

We dragged the issue till i got tired of him, he ll find out soon, since he couldnt believe, it must have meant the Girl was really Pretty for him to rate her that high that i couldn’nt do it, even me too, i didnt knw how but ‘if i no do am make i know y’.

I dished out our food in different plates , we ate and talked more, and before we knew it we had both slept with our plates next to us, i guess it must have been a stressful day.

It was a knock on the door that woke me up, i stood up to get it, it was Tina , i urshered her in. I Looked at the time it was past 6. I woke Raphael up, introduced both of them, he stayed for a little while , told me we where going to see the next day. That was so thoughtful of him at least he was there when i made the call that i was sick, it was a good thing his brain worked that good,

”guy shey before tomorrow you go don dey alright?, no carry that sickness come School ooo, shey if you take the drugs you go well instanly?” he teased,

”nah instantly i go well, i go come sha, that is if take the drugs the normal dossage” i replied, laughing as i shot the door behind me, i waiked towards Tina drew her up from the bed where she sat, i give her a very warm hug and held on to her for a while as i hailed her,


”Omg! See love and respect, nah your name start the name of the company while my own
dey the end, who dash me, make i put my own for front, shey i no dey fear” i added, she started the usual thing laughing hysterically,

”so am the only one with that name, from international to Abraka” she asked,

”you ve gone far and wide, you are everywhere” i replied

” then why is ur name dar”, she asked,

”its a way of compensating you, for savin my life, its not doing anything on the companies name, nah just body guard tins, make no1 look for troubie”, i answered,

I took her to the normal joint not far from the house, Flex Bar, i loved it when she was high cos it changes the tune of our S-x, she got wilder. I called for one of the attendants,

”bring me one 1 big Stout and one Gordon’s Spark and two plates of peppersoup” i said.

She did, after we took that, i said i wanted another bottle and a plate of pepper-soup, she said she wanted another too, we took another round, it was getting late so we had to leave, there was curfew back then and it starts by 8pm,
i payed and we left.

We got home and as we entered inside, i held my chest,

”my heart oo, the sickness don increase” i said.

I held her firmly, pushed her slowly against the wall, held her by her t–s, as kissed her gently, i reached for her bottons on her top, unbottoned and took it off, drew her a lil towards me and reached for the hook in her bra, unbuckled, as we kissed on, i unzipped her trousers, drew it down and helped her take it off her feet, reached for her pant too and pulled it off,

”Kenny have missed you” she said in a calm tone.

Thats not the time for talk, i dnt do such, we have all the whole day to tell eachother that, i covered her mouth with a kiss, she helped me undress too, i still held her by the wall firmly, as we kept kissing i placed both hands on her br€@$t, and tickled her n!mpl€$, and after a while, i held her by the hand and took her to the bathroom…

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