-Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy

Read Story: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy… Part 29


”I ll call you later Miss Delsu”, i said,
”ok” she replied with a grin
I blew her a kiss as people around watched and walked away, (you neva know as e dey go, i said to myself), that stunt she just pulled wasnt funny, ‘if my Boyfriend catches you, he will break your head’ (hope its a joke sha, so i thought as i hurriedly walked to my department), but i wont be surprised if it wasnt a joke, a girl as pretty as she was should have a bf, expecially in a School as big as Delsu,( guy forget that thing ‘the fact that football has a goalkeeper doesnt mean you cant score’, i said within me, trying to console myself).

I got to my department and all my colleagues were in Class, Mr Okoro our Opera Lecture was already in class, i stood outside with the fear of getting yelled at by the Lecturer, but Suprisingly he asked me in which was a very unsual thing, i guess he was glad seeing me for the first time of the semester.

Since i resumed i have neither seen Tina nor Salma, at least i was lucky they werent there when that Sholly slapped me, it was better they heard the gist than witness the incident, it would have been more embarrassin. We must have been missing eachother in School, maybe when i had classes, they didnt and when they, did i didnt.

After Lectures for the day, as i walked with Raphael to the school gate i had to make a few calls, firstly, i called Salma

”Hello Baby you ve really not had my time shey?, howcome you have not bothered to see me since i came” i attacked her,
”Baby stop naw, i have been busy trying to prepare for my presentation and all that, i ll spend the night with you tomorrow promise” she replied,
” wait! wait!! wait!!!, whats that sound am hearing, who’s touching you upstairs there, ok so you think i wont know?, myhrt is showing red light and it means danger” i said, she couldnt help but kept laughing hysterically for a long while, and when she got hold of herself she replied, saying
” its been a while i laughed, have missed your funny attitude, who be that wey go touch your thing wey no dey fear,
”oya shout it 3 times ‘ken i love you’, i persuaded, she did,laughing her a-s off,
”i believe you now that no one is touching you, alright take care” i replied,
”so Baby you mean you wont tell me you love me too” she asked still laughing,
”i will, but till we see, your thing, that one thing, that sweet thing is waiting to tell you itself” i replied, as she was busy laughing i ended the call.

”guy you stupid ooo” Raphael said laughing as well, i had already dailed Tina’s number there was no time to reply him, as she picked i started yelling on the phone

Maggi” i said, but she was busy laughing,
”can you imagine am callin only one person all these sweet names, and all she does is laugh, you cant even answer anyone, you want make i vex” i asked,
”No” she replied still laughing,
Raphael was busy listening to my conversation with her and was laughing too,
”ok am giving you another chance, if you like dont answer me, you ll see what i ll do to you” i said, i yelled again

Me: Pepper
Tina: (laughing)
Me: Curry
Tina: (still laughing)
”so you dont want to answer the rest” i asked jokingly”,
”kenny thanks, how are you ?” she asked,
”my dear have been seriously sick, forget the fact have been joking, am dying like this” i replied as i faded my voice,
”are you serious?, whats wrong” she asked sounding so serious,
”my dear i got diagnosed o, the doctor said am suffering from TINA-JAISTIS, and if i dont see you,i ll die o, am shaking like this sef, he said you are the cure, please where are you biko, delay is dangerous” i replied,

She couldnt help but burst into laugher, Raphael was almost spoilt my conversation cos am sure even Tina could here him laugh out loud,

”Kenny i swear you must be sick” she replied laughing,
” thats what i just told u nah, abi i tell you say i well?” i asked,
”you got me scared initialy, am a lil busy, you know its final yr tins, she replied,
”Choi, myheart oooo, delay is dangerous ooo, i didnt say so oo, it was the doctor ooo(coughing), Tinajaitis ooo” i said with my voice shaking,
”Kenny i swear you be really character, have missed your funny attitude” she said,
” are you coming to cure the sickness or not” i asked with my voice shaking like one who’s shivering,
” i dont want you dead, i ll come and cure you” she said,
”today shey?” i asked,
”lemme see if i ll be spending the night” she replied,
”Omg, am blushing, thats the sweetest thing have heard this year from the sweetest girl have seen in Delsu, muuuah, sexy girl” i replied, as she was busy laughing i ended the call.

”guy so you dey jonze like this?” Raphael asked laughing
”dey there nah, you think say dem dey do Shakara for p!!$y?, no jonze nah whether you go see zero wey you go put your 1 inside” i replied as we both laughed and took a bike home.

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