-Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy

Read Story: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy… Part 27


more attention,
”Guy make una free me eehh!,
that babe Spurlush me better slap
because of am, una serious dey
laugh, una think say e funny?” i
was angry, yelling at the top of
my voice while Eddy sat down
quietly at the spot he was when
he recieved his own slap,
”Ken chill nah, compose yourself,
nah department we dey o, calm
down abeg” Rahael said as he
held me tight, other guys in my
department came to where we
where and was still trying to calm
me down.
I still need to put an end to this
slap issue, i had gotten enough, i
just couldnt take it anymore,
begging aint stopping this ish,
trust me, my mind was already
made up.
”guy come on die it, calm down
for wetin? make una free me if
not somebody else go buy this
fight” i yelled,
”the only way, wey i go fit die
this matter be say Eddy go need
go look for that girl, i no even
wan know how, bring the babe
come, make she come apologise
to me, for that exact same spot
wey she slap me, and i dont f!
kking care what he tells her and
how he does it, i swear if not i go
shock this guy” i said still
burning with fury, everyone saw
the way i was raging and knew i
meant every little bit of what i
I forced my way out of Raphael’s
grip, pushed my way through my
friends and was walking towards
Eddy, he heard me yelling, and i
guess he must have heard me
pop and plain. As i walked
towards where he sat, he stood
”Bro i dey come make i go find
the girl, he said, but i kept a deaf
ear like he wasnt talking to me,
I sat at that same exact spot i
recieved the slap, as everyone
watched(make them tink say nah
joke first), watched Eddy as he
left the department, while Raphel
and the other guys came to
where i was, still trying to calm
me down, but i just wasnt in the
mood to listen to anyone, that
apology must come, and it must
happen in front of everyone
I was still sitted so quietly like
someone close to me died,
sighing almost every two
seconds, thinking about the
embarrassment i just got, it was
over fifteen minutes Eddy left and
yet still no trace of of him,
”Raphael gimme Eddy number,
make that guy no go think say i
dey joke sha” i said and sighed,
”Val abeg give Ken Eddy number”
Raphael said to Val, he brought
out his phone, called me Eddy’s
number, as i dailed it on my
phone, it tried calling him trice
with my phone on loud speaker,
as Raphael and the others
listened, but the dude wont pick,
i locked up and kept my cool, and
after five minutes, i tried again he
didnt pick, i was dailing a Second
time when one the the guys with
us said,
”See them, them don dey come” i
looked up and behold saw Eddy
from a distance coming with the

To be continued

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