-Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy

Read Story: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy… Part 26


The slap landed on my face like
an Atomic Bomb, ”!d!ot” she said
as she walked away. The sound
of it made everyone paused, just
like 2pac i had ‘all eyes on me’ ,
what a way to resume lectures,
so after the warm welcome, the
hugs and the pecks(the babe just
spoil my party sha). It was
sincerely the most embarrassing
day of my life, the slap was so hot
that i got confused, i still sat
down and couldnt react, i didnt
know whether to cry, or chase
her and give her mine back as
well instead i was ‘Speechless like
Michael Jackson’, sat where i was
so calm like the evening breeze.
Where i sat i was talking to
”guy what is happening to your
life, last semester, you collected
nothing less than three to four
slaps, today again first day of the
semester, you are resuming with
a slap, a disgraceful one for that
matter, hope say this thing no be
swear sha?”, i was busy asking
”Guy, today own go gats
different ooo, this particular one
wont end like this, enough has
got to really be enough”, i was
still lost in thought”,
The loud noise of my $tup!d
friends awakened me from my
deep thoughts,
i stood up,
“Eddy shey you know say nah you
make that girl Spurlush me slap?”
i asked him with my eyes red like
i had just finished smoking one
bag of weed,
People were still watching,
he kept laughing, laughing out so
loud in a very irritating manner
that got me even more
exasperated, the sound of his
laughter made people still kept
their gaze on me,
Another slap again, (WTF!),
‘relax’, this particular slap wasnt
for me, it landed on his face, i
applied all the full force my
muscular hand could gather, and
all of a sudden everywhere was
quiet, no one could laugh again,
not even Eddy,
”Guy i serious dey ask you
something you dey, shey you dey
crase?, wetin funny?” with my
voice so loud as i stood in front
of him. Raphael knew i wouldnt
end it by just that slap, he stood
up immediately and held me
tight, while Valentine was trying
to calm me down, the scene drew

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