-Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy

Read Story: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy… Part 25


My night with Susan was
awesome, with the help of the
Olive Oil and Versaline that made
her pu$$¥ slippery, i came, even if
it was only the tip of my d!ik that
was able to penetrate, i couldnt
help forcing it too hard when i
looked at the pain in her face
and the noise she made with the
pillow stuck in her mouth, but
D–n! sucking a br€a$t as big as
that made my night, one word to
describe it ‘awesome’ *winks*.
After that we slept off holding on
to eachother like love-birds that
were inseperatable, the good
thing is that she knows about
Salma, she lives next door for
crying at loud. We woke up that
morning facing eachother just
desame way it happened before
we had it during the early hours
of the night, we started with a
kiss again and before we knew
it, we had taken the fight to
round two. I stayed in School for
another five days or so, and we
had it every night till i left School
for Lag, before i left i knew i had
done a good job in the drilling
industry, she was still very tight
but not as tight as it was when i
was hired for the Job.
I got home preparing for the
semester ahead that promises to
be lots of fun, ”Esosa was going
to be our brewery, supplying us
beer every weekend, i still hadnt
given Sly his pay back, Ebere
hasnt called me yet and i ll be
needing a new roommate” those
were the thoughts i had, in all i
was looking forward to a fun
filled semester.
When School finally resumed for
2nd semester 200 level, i still
stayed back at home for two
additional weeks, i did that on
purpose, i didnt want to go back
while everywhere was still scanty
and more importantly i wanted
my friends who had arrived in
School to miss me, so when i
finally come i ll get celebrated like
a special guest, i just loved the
warm welcome where everyone
would want to be around me at
that time.
I got to School two weeks after
resumption and stayed for
another extra week before
resuming for lectures, i ll never
forget my first lecture for this
particular semester, it started in a
very crazy way, it was a bad way
to resume lectures.
I woke up that day, brought out
one of the brand new Jean and
wrangler long sleve i just bought
in Vespa when i went to get
some new clothes for the new
semester, feeling so excited like i
was about going for my very first
class as a Fresher, the excitement
was because lots of my female
and male friends must have
missed me, most expecially my
coursemates. I went to the
bathroom, had my bath, creamed
up, got my new clothes on,
sprayed my brand new Mascolino
perfume and Big-Attiude body
spray, ‘make i go kill them’ so i
thought, feeling so fresh and so
fly, got a bike and headed
straight for Music Department
Campus 3, the bike dropped me
in front of the gate, they dont
allow bikes in, i payed the bike,
then walked straight to my
department(you wan try
bouncing?, i was just feeling
myself), i looked at almost all the
glasses of the cars i walked pass,
(see as i make sense, for my
mind sha).
Finally i got to my department
and just as i predicted lots of
peeps were happy to see my
face, guys, girls, my coursemates,
i couldnt count howmany girls i
hugged, cos i virtually hugged
almost every girl that knew me
and shaked almost every guy too,
i was still in my happy mood
enjoying the moments ”oh Kenny
you are back in School” the girls
would say with hugs and pecks,
little did i know that my party
would soon turn sour.
I chilled with my padi of padis in
my department (Raphael) with
two other guys Eddy and
Valentine at one corner of the
department, we just sat and
gisted waiting till our lecture
time, we talked about different
things, sports, how we spent our
various holidays, drinks, cars and
our number one favourite
‘Women'(something wey dey
sweet), as we were talking about
women and how within the
holidays most of our colleagues
have changed and how good
they looked, all of a Sudden was
this georgous looking pretty girl
coming from a distance, it was
an unfamiliar face, so that made
her catch our eyes even more,
and we sat one after the other
where i was the guy at the
extreme end, ”Omo who be dis
babe?” Eddy shouted(the way
guys do when they see a mind
blowing girl), and he was the
one at the other end, we were all
caught and lost in the beauty of
this Damsel, we murmured and
kept asking eachother who she
was while she walked towards
our direction, as she got to
where we were, walking pass us,
Eddy tapped her by the a¤s$
(very silly boy) and then she had
already walked to were i was,
Eddy was so smart that before
she turned to look who the
tapper was he had already
composed himself neatly, well
perfected, as she turned, she
looked at all of us, i was next to
her, and the next thing was
A slap that sounded like an
atomic bomb landed on my face.

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