-Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy

Read Story: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy… Part 24


We ate together, layed on the
bed and watched movies till
midnight, sincerely my mind
wasnt on the movie, as she layed
next to me, my eyes couldnt help
but gaze at the visible part of her
b¤oo¤bs that glowed out from
her nighties(if only she knew
howmuch i was dying to put my
mouth on her Tips, suck them as
i listen to her moan, ‘if only’), ‘i
tried picturing it without her
nighties on, the way it looked
when i barged into her room the
other day’, all these thoughts
were just rioting in my head
(babe howfar shey show no go
dey today?, that was the million
dollar question but i could’nt say
it out), but the ‘P’ is where do i
start from?, ”guy you better look
for somewhere begin touch this
girl now, you think say she come
spend the night to watch only
film?, use your head ooo” my
mind said, we where both lying
side ways with our faces
steering at the T.v, and i was
behind her, my Bianpolo was
already hard, but i leaned my
waist back from her a¤s¤s, so
she wouldnt know, ” guy if you
continue like this, this girl fit
watch film till day break oo or
she go sleep off, you better make
the first move, see time, its
2.00am already” my mind was
gingering me, immediately i
gained my confidence back,
moved closer to the extent her
body could feel mine, placed my
hand around her thighs ” are
you going to watch this movies
till dawn?” i asked(turning her to
myself and made sure we were
facing eachother), ”am not
feeling sleepy thats why” she
replied, one of my hand was
placed on her a¤s¤s, caressing it
up and down, i felt it and knew
she had no pant on, and she
didnt complain, (na wa for you
oo, you just dey dull yourself
since, mumu, my mind said),
”howfar with our lectures nah” i
asked, she just started giggling
hysterically, as she did that, i
drew my head close and reached
for her lips, OMG!, the way she
rushed my lips and almost was
chewing it like chewing gum
even got me more excited, i
wasnt surprise howmuch of a
good kisser she was, she had a
bf, acted b!tchy and kept lots of
male folks but the fact she was a
Virgin all these while was a
misery i couldnt comprehend
(guy forget that thing, focus jor,
my mind brought me back from
fantasizing, the way she kissed
made me understand i had kept
her waiting for it, we were both
just silly waiting for who would
make the first move.
As we kissed, my hands kept
caressin her all over with her
eyes closed as both of her hands
were massaging my head, it was
a Short nightie, i placed my hand
beneath it while i moved it slowly
upwards, reached for one of her
bosoms, squeezed as the kiss
went on(guy why the rush,take
am jéjèly, if you rush enter s-x
you know wetin you go face nah,
my mind warned), i obeyed with
alacrity. I took her nighties off
and behold steering at me was
this gigantic structure of a thing
looking at me straight in the eyes
(shey nah one person get all this
b—m?, i asked myself), i made
her lay flat with her back on the
bed, her bosoms were so big
that they fell to opposite
directions, one was facing East
and the other was facing west, i
located the Tips with my mouth
took my time, s—-d slowly and
gently as one of my hand
caressed and squeezed the
other, i made switches at
different intervals(i swear this
kind massive b—m over worth
yesterday’s stress, even if i no go
enjoy the putting of my 1 inside
her zero, my mind was hailing
me inside, ALL HAIL KING KEN!), I
s—-d hell out of this b—m, to
the extent i was feeling tipsy out
of excitement while the sound of
her moaning filled the room like
a perfume over powered the
sound of the T.v, as she moaned
she grabbed my d!!k through my
boxers as she squeezed and
caressed it, my D!!k was so hard
that it could lift a full bucket of
water, she stood up and helped
me pull it off my waist(babe am
not yet done nah, its not yet time
for Drilling 101, i said to myself), i
made her lie down back just as i
wanted again, and this time from
her fore-head kissed her sweetly,
nicely and slowly down to toes,
every single part of her, as i did
that, her moaning became even
more louder and she had already
gotten so wet that i could see
them come out of her p¤u$$¥,(its
almost time for the core course
oo,Drilling 101), i s—-d some
more bosoms, while she
massaged my d–k, and when i
couldnt take the pleasure
anymore i reached for my
equipments(my olive oil and
versaline, she had given me a
wonderful pleasure, it was my
turn to reciprocate the favour),
”its time for the 3unit course” i
said trying to be funny, but she
just smiled, she knew what her
job was, she grabbed a pillow
and held it very close to her(just
incase of… *winks*), i opened my
equipments, rubbed the olive oil
around her c¤u¤nt, and did
thesame thing with the versaline,
then applied it on mine too, and
got the drilling job on the way, it
was very slippery, i tried
thrusting forcefully but gently, as
just the tip of my d¤!¤ck went in
and out, and kept trying to force
it in a little more as she screamed
with a pillow stucked to her

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