-Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy

Read Story: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy… Part 23


I stayed with the guys till like
6pm in the evening and by the
time i got home Esosa had
moved out with every of his
belongings, we were already
through with exams, maybe he
had gone home cos he resides in
Benin, Benin is like approximately
an hour journey from Abraka
Delta State, or he must have
moved his belongings to a
friend’s place, i didnt care that’s
his business. Esther had gone
too and that was the last time we
saw till date, she must have been
ashamed for her indecent act
and maybe couldnt face me, i
hope Esosa must have learnt his
lessons too.
Susan stayed back after School
too, probably she had plans
while her elder Sister had gone
hunting as usual. Some
neighbours came around that
evening after i had freshened up,
”Ken Esosa no be better person
ooo”, ”that guy get mind ooo”,
”nah you send those guys make
them come carry am?”, ”you tell
am make em pack em
things?”they were throwing me
different questions that i wasnt
in the mood to answer(amebo
people, i said inside ,mtcheeew ),
”abeg we go yarn later, i wan
sleep like this”, i said (trying to
stylishly ask them out, instead of
being rude, cos the questions
were already pissing me off), so
they left.
I fixed myself a nice movie, layed
on the bed and watched, i just
needed to do something that ll
take my mind off from what
happened during the day. I
watched on and didnt know
when i dozed off, it was a loud
knock on the door that brought
me back to reality, and even
when i did i was still lost(the way
one gets confused when you get
forced to wake up from a very
deep sleep), the knock on the
door continued, i got hold of
myself, stood up with my sleepy
eyes, looked at the time, it was
few minutes to 8pm, i went to
the door ”who’s that” i asked
with my very cracked sleepy
voice, ”Ken its Susan”, (oh!
Susan), i opened the door, gave
her way to come in, she did,
”where you sleeping before?”
she asked, ”yes” i answered,
”please am sorry maybe i should
go, i ll see you tomorrow” she
said, (this her coming isnt
ordinary, she doesnt come to my
room to check on me before,
things just changed all of a
sudden after that day), ”you have
already woken me up, dont
worry, i dey forget sef say i never
chop” i replied, ”i was just lonely,
my sister has traveled to Lagos”
she said, (already i knew where
she was heading to), ”so you
girls stay in Lagos” i asked, ”no
ooo, she went to one of my
cousins place, we stay in Benin,
Aduwawa” she said(trying to
cover her sisters a¤$¤$, ” i know
that place, i did my primary
school in Ikpoba Hill” i replied,
”wow, so what happened
between you and Esosa today”
she asked interestingly waiting
for my response (ooh oo God!,
not this routine again, i said
inside me), ”the guy f.uped nah,
shey you saw everything?” i
asked, ” No oo, i wasnt around,
but when i came back this
evening the gist was
everywhere” she said, ”what
gist?” i asked in pretence, ”that
you guys fought, he slept with a
girl that came to look for you,
and that you called three guys to
pick him up” she said, i couldnt
help but just laught it off, ”so
that’s what you heard?(laughing)
, amebo people wan use fake gist
break your backbone” i said(still
laughing). I finally hinted her first
hand how everything went
down, we kept gisting and
before we knew it, it was 9.00
pm already, i told her i wanted to
prepare indomie to eat that i was
hungry, ”dont worry, i cooked,
rice,beans and Chicken, lemme
shower , then i ll dish yours” she
said, ”nah wa o, ‘Chicken?’, una
dey flex oo” i said, as she walked
out laughing.
Minutes later Susan came back,
dressed in her nighties, smelling
so fresh and so clean with a plate
of food with two spoons sticking
out of the plate, (my mind wan
dey play me like say this girl fit
spend the night here oo) i wasnt
looking at the food when she
came in, my eyes were steering
back at her b¤o¤o¤bs that was
steering back at me through her
nighties, some parts were visible,
and she had her key in her hand
as well, ”do i lock my door or you
are still going out” i asked
systematically, ”No” she simply
said, i didnt need to bother
asking her if she would be
spending the night with me, the
‘No’ response had said it all, as i
tried smiling i just started
hearing voices in my head, ‘wetin
dey make you happy now? No be
say you wan f¤u¤kk one kind
better f¤u¤kk ooo, you just wan
dey clear the coast for another
guy, guy remove that smile my
friend, you go use work kill
yourself this night just watch’, i
wanted to smile and be happy
before, but the voices i just heard
in my head changed my mood
lightly, cos i knew there was a
huge task ahead of me, then i
heard another voice saying in
consolation ”no worry today
own go different, you go kiss
and you go $¤u¤ck enough b¤o
¤oby, you fit even fat before
morning”, finally i smiled cos that
was fair enough, i can manage
that, its worth the stress of the
day. We ate together, layed on
the bed, watched movies till
midnight and then …

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