-Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy

Read Story: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy… Part 22


I was busy smoking out my anger with Chuks and the other guys when suddenly two bikes came, one carrying Flames and Perry while the other was carrying Solo with a guy putting on a boxers,(these guys dem dey vex sha, boxers from that far place, lmfao), as i saw him i couldnt help but burst into laugher, they dragged him to where we were ”Come on go down” Solo yelled at him, he knelt down immediately, it was obvious Solo and the other two had drilled him a little before bringing him, ”guy shey you know wetin you do?” Chuks asked, ”yes” Esosa replied, ” oya tell us wetin you do” Chuks asked him(with a dirty slap landing on his chick), ” i sleep with Ken babe” he answered fearfully, i just sat where i was like they werent there, cos with my anger at that moment if i go close i might just kill him, (let the guys handle it i said to myself), ”come on lie down flat on the ground” Solo said (flogging him with a belt to his bare back), he obeyed immediately, Chuks took the belt from Solo, flogged him 50 times as everyone counted to make sure it was complete. The scene drew attention of Passers bye and people around the vicinity in no time came begging for him, where i sat i had gotten like three calls already, from the neighbours at home begging on his behalf. When the scene drew attention of many, they dragged him inside the compound, i took my Chair inside as well, i really need to enjoy this. Flames got a bucket of water, poured it on him where he layed on the floor, ”next time when you see your padi babe, you go give am 100yards, f¤vkking jew man” he said, Solo grabbed the belt from Chuks ”make i flog you my own 50” he said, ” make sure you are counting it if not i will flog you more than that” he added(talking to Esosa that layed on the floor), ”Ken i know say i f¤vkkp up, abeg help me beg, i use God beg you” he said to me where i sat and watched, ”you mean am?” i asked him mockingly, ”abeg anything wey them want i go give them” he said, but i wasnt listening to the crap he was saying, he looked up to Solo who held a belt standing next to him, ”Bros abeg no vex, i know say i f¤kkk up”, he said, ”so you sabi beg like this, when you dey f¤kkk, if them tell you say e go end like this, you go believe?, you go draw another guy oil, come on lie down there, next time you no go try am again. Solo flogged em another 50 and made sure he counted it himself, i stood up went to where he was, took the belt from Solo, ”shey you know say i never flog you my own” i asked him, ”Ken abeg, pity me, see my back” as he begged, ”everybody wey dey here go flog you 50 each before you comot here, you go talk whether you pity for the pvs$y when you dey put your 1 inside the zero” i said as everyone laughed, the marks on his black back was already showing red, belt marks scattered all over, ”Esosa so you mean say if i leave my babe wey high with you, make i rush quickly get something, before i show you go don take advantage of am be that, this nah something wey fit get a nigga killed on Campus, you are even lucky you are my roommate” i told him. I still gats treat your f.up, ”if you can do that to me it means you can kill me” i said, later i just had compassion for his back that already had different colours, ”stand up”, he stood up, still begging, “guy when you reach that house, park everything wey be your own, i no go like meet you when i come back, and deliver the message to your Sweetheart if you see am, cos like this i dash you the babe”, i said.
He was looking like someone who just got mobbed and his boxers was wet, ”Guy you know wetin you go do? Make i annalyse your punishment for you, if possible make them give you book and biro make you write am down, this semester don finish” Chuks said, he continued, ”next semester, when you dey come School prepare hard oo cos everyday Saturday by 5pm every evening, dey bring two crates of beer come here, if you miss any weekend, you are in trouble, you go do am till the semester finish” he added, ”shey you dey hear so?” he asked him, Esosa nodded his head fearfully, ”Nah your punishment be that, if you play with the beer then you are putting your life in danger” Solo said(as everyone laughed), ”guys make una sef prepare well next semester ooo cos every weekend nah flexing, nah only pepper soup we go dey hunt for, Or Capo shey make em add peppersoup join the list?” Hefty asked(trying to be funny as everyone laughed out hysterically), ”No the beer don do, make em save the pepper soup money take pay him School fees” Chuks replied, ”guy you fit go now, shey you don hear wetin dem tell you, if you miss any of the weekend nah you know o, cos i wont be there to beg for you” i said to him, ” shey you need bike fair?” i asked mockingly, ”i no mind” he answered, i gave em 50 box ”upon say you tear my erema kotokoto, i still pay your bike fair” i said(everyone was laughing), ”Ken you nice sha ooo” Flames said (laughing), as Esosa left.

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