-Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy

Read Story: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy… Part 21


I took a long walk not even knowing where i was headed, i was so exasperated, with the thoughts of what just happened went slowly through my mind, my brain was still trying to process the way, he must have sweettalked her, and the styles he must have used on her(lai-lai, this thing cant end like this, i said to myself), and to exacerbate things it was desame guy i warned just last night, infact do i even need to warn him?, (he has tried it before with Tina nah) ”so i cant leave my drunk girlfriend with someone i call my roommate to urgently do something and then get back?, he would have slept with her before i got back”, i was telling myself, i need to smoke up, reason and clear my head(and am not talking about cigarette, i meant weed) ”Bike” i called(a bikeman drove to where i was), ”Grammar School” i said, ‘whereelse would you have expected a guy in my shoes at that moment to go?’, i was headed for Chuk’s place.
The bike took me there, i highlighted and paid, as they saw me they knew something was wrong cos he was with them last night, i left this morning and 30minutes i was back steal wearing thesame clothes, they where murmuring to themselves, as i walked to where they sat. Some where washing, some where smoking, it was so abnormal for me to be there and my face was looking so mean, ”we know say e no dey hard dem don tear you slap, who slap you again this time?” Solo asked(everyone was laughing), i kept a deaf ear ”abeg who hold weed?, make em gimme make i roll up” i posed the question for anything who was listening, ”take” Flames passed me his, already wrapped, he only just started smoking, everyone was quiet cos they were sure i would say something, i dragged for a while , kept quiet, dragged on, inhaled, puffed, until finally i said ” una go believe say last night wey we dey hear together, my room mate dey house dey fuk¤k my babe?” i dropped the ground breaking question, ”Eennnnnh” everyone chorused loudly like a choir, the question was so unexpected that out of shock everybody paused, ”your roommate?” Solo asked to be sure he heard me right, i nodded in return, ”shey nah that babe wey give you intel about that Sly guy, Chuks asked, ”No, this one find me come all the way from Lag, just a day before yesterday ooo” i answered, ”Ken wait, how you take know” Perry asked, ”as i reach house knock for door, it take dem time to open, 1, as i counted, and when the b¤ast¤ard even open, em zip for trouser no dey well, 2, i see piece of cd for room, 3, the place wey i take even see the cd, i wonder how my eye take reach there”, i expatiated as they listened, i stressed further ”the last time wey i strave babe nah for Kitchen, and nah that babe wey i tell una about that night wey i com here, and nah me use my hand dispose the cd, for days now i dey sweep that house well, sweep the corners of the bed, nothing like that, and since when em show from Benin em never strave any babe for that house, nah devil wan just catch am today” i concluded, ”so wetin you do am?” Hefty asked, ” my neighbours just dey hold me anyhow, i no even touch the guy well, nah my standing mirror i burst for em head, and small cut for mouth wey i give am for mouth” i answered, ”make una go move that guy come, shey em dey house?” Chuks asked, ” i send both of them text say make dem move before i show back, but em suppose dey cos em go need extra time to pack em things” i answered, ”wait oo Ken, shey the guy know say you belong before?” Solo asked(looking very interested in my answer), ”na wa for you ooo, person wey know say i dey go meeting, em know nah” i answered demostrating, ”for that guy to know who you be, then still go ahead sleep with your babe, nah height of disrespect be that, no atom of fear, that guy need better lesson” he said angrily, he continued, ” and for am to disrespect you like that, em disrespect us be that” he added, ”Solo make you, Flames and Perry go match am come” Chuks said. They went in, dressed up, came out with each of them wearing a small hand bag accross the shoulders, (this one no be hangbag of lipstick and other make ups, they are hang bags carrying battle make ups), ”make we go match the come” Solo said, as they stepped, ” i no wan hear say una no meet am o” Chuks shouted as they left.
I sat down, crossed my legs, smoked up and was laughing(i just dey reason the beaten wey em go chop and the trouble wey em just go himself into, i knew they would meet him at home, cos what the text i sent read was obvious, ‘if you forget anything dont bother coming to look for it, if not …’, so i knew he needed extra time to get his stuffs, and that extra time would land him into a very big penalty, make them meet am abeg).

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