-Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy

Read Story: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy… Part 19


”Ken am not as bad as you think, i have never cheated on my boyfriend not till i met you” she said, ”at least that should mean somethin to you, i dont know am just attracted to you, i find myself trying to stop all that stuff going on between us but yet cant control it” she added, ”please dont go fighting him, the way you dealt with that guy that slapped you when you came to my place” she continued, i was just laughing(cos nah only me know wetin i carry for mind), ”Tina have heard you, you ve proven yourself to me and i respect that” i said, ”the fool was even telling me there’s money that he was going to spend on me, he was goin to flex me and all that” she said,(so the guy continue after i come carry my wallet, the anger don begin increase), ”Tina later now, ‘Bike’ ” i shouted, a bike came, i payed for it as she sat ontop, ”i will call you maybe we could hangout tonight, pecked her before the bike zoomed off ” i ll be expecting your call(shouting as the bike was zooming off), wetin i go do dis guy em no go believe, as you get game reach, you disrespect me reach the extent sotey nah me you do this kind thing for(talking to myself as i was walkin back to my room).
As i got in i went straight to where his phone was, took it, went to his phone book and was searchin for Tina, to be sure she saved my number truly with her name, ”Guy wetin happen, abeg gimme my phone” trying to take his phone 4rm me, ”Oga calm dwn first” i said,(pushing him back with one hand), i had seen what i was looking for, Tina wasnt lying, ”Guy so you carry this your despicable attitude come where my woman dey, you no even fear sef, or you dey feel say because you be my guy i no go fit do you anything shey?” i asked, he was quiet steering at me, i went to the door, locked it behind us, then slipped the key into my pocket, so just incase i hear what ll infuriate me more and it turns into a fight, the neighbours will only just hear us fighting but wont be able interfere, my eyes were already red like i had just finished smoking one bag of Indian hemp, ” i stand for door when you dey yarn the babe all those crap nah, abi you wan deny?” i asked, he still kept quiet looking at me like when you catch a child redhanded stealing meat from the pot, ”Guy answer nah or shey you want make i clear your doubt?” i asked(angrily), ”no vex, i think say you no like the babe” he calmly said, ”e concern you? How that one take disturb you?, guy see for your life make e no ever happen again, if not i go treat you f.up so real, bleeping jew man, God just save you say we be roommate” i said angrily, went to the door opened it and strolled out.
We forget about it but my trust for him was already dead, i still kept it in mind but with no intentions of hurting him with the belief he had learnt his lessons.
Everyone was focused on exams, so i couldnt continue Drilling 101 with Susan and with the fact Esosa was around made things kinda difficult, she also had an elder Sister, she wasnt always around cos she was a runz girl(girls that sleep with guys for money), but she was around fully during this period of exams.
I stayed back after exams, Esther(the girl that gave me my first s-x) came around to see me in School, Esosa was still around then, she came on a friday, Esosa, one of his gf’s, Esther and myself hung out that day at Mudi Beach, it was fun, we both booked a room and slept there that night. On Saturday, we went back home except for Esosa’s gf that went back to her hostel, Chuks called me during the day, informing me there was a gathering till dawn that night, that it was the last for the semester, but my p was how do i leave Esther alone till the next day, i ran out of lies to tell, i called Esosa, he knew who i was so there was no need hiding anything, i told him the the development, ”i go cover up for you, i go just find one lie tell am, if you show tomorrow una 2 go sort una self out” he said, ”na em be say you go gats sleep here nah, i no tell you make you ynash am ooo, this time i go just kill you i swear” i said, ”stop nah, i dey craze?, no bring that old issue up, e don pass” he said, ”oya nah help me keep am company till i show” i said, with the almighty belief that what happened in 1960 wouldnt repeat itself, we settled that part, and i was glad he had me covered.
Around 8pm that night, i left in a hurry telling Esther i was coming, but knew i wouldnt come back. I showed up the next day around like 7am, after the gathering, i had to take a nap. I got back home, knocked for a while but it took Esosa and Esther time before they opened(i was already geting suspicious something had happened cos i dey fear the guy), i noticed his pants wasnt properly zipped, Esther was still forming sleep, my eyes was going round everywhere and finaly it meet wat looked like a torn part of a condom sachet(very tiny) at the end of the bed, (una no smart reach), i picked it up, ”Guy wetin b dis? ”i asked

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