-Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy

Read Story: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy… Part 18


Exam kept everyone busy, my roomy(Esosa) had returned from Benin the next day to continue his papers, he was tall dark skinned, red lips and very handsome, and he had the best sweetest mouth that could manipulate any Lady, he was really good at it, at the times we hung out together, he didnt have to think of what to say to women, it just flowed naturally, it got to a point i even thought he was using some sort of Jazz(fertish means), he had more game than i did, sometimes i was even scared to leave my woman with him cos something happened that almost tore our friendship apart, guys would always be guys, we settled, patched our friendship, but that connection that use to bind us together lost his taste. Tina came to see me one-day, before then i had been telling Esosa about Tina, how we met and how we ve been doin stuffs ever since, so he’s been wanting to meet her, so that day Tina came they were meeting for the first time, but i have allowed Esosa speak with Tina on phone those times we had a long conversation, ”Tina this is my roomate i have been telling you about, Esosa” i said introducing them, since they ve talked on phone before, they got along well, ” I dey come make i buy our visitor something”, i rushed out while Esosa kept Tina company, but on my way i had realised that i had hastingly left without my wallet in my back pocket, so i hurried back, as i got to front of my door, i just got a crush to wait a while and listen to their conversation,(that awkward feeling you get), it rhymed with my mood at that monent so my brain obeyed my body. I stood at the door and was listening to them both, i heard Esosa’s voice ”Do you know you are a very pretty girl” he asked her, ” thanks” she replied, ” am serious i mean it, before a guy would admit something like that know you swept him off his feet, thats what happened when i saw you” he said again oo,(where this guy dey drive this motor dey go i was asking myself), ”thanks’ she answered, ”you know what we could hang out if you dont mind, shey you hang out nah?, but it will be on low key so Ken wont know, you dont have to tell him everything” he said, ”and why will i want to do that, is he not your friend?” she asked, ”thats why i said you dont have to tell him, take, here’s my fone just put your number there”(guess he must have slided or passed his phone for her), he said”, ok no p”(guess she typed, lol, i don suffer) here’s it have saved it” she said, ”na so sure babe, theres no big deal there, what name did you save it with” he asked, ” my name Tina, i wonder what name u would have wanted me to use” she replied(he laughed after she said that), i went in, or whatelse do i want to hear again? Nothing, ”i silly ooo, i don almost they reach Madam Grace shop finish before i notice say i no carry my wallet” i said, he faked laughing ”na wa for you ooo” he said, i went to the bedside where i always hid it, it wasnt there, ‘then definitely i must have left it in the pants i wore the previous day, so i thought’, i went to my woderobe searched for it, found it and as i was leaving Tina winked at me.(what the fukkk was that, like she knew i was at the door, na lie jare, i said to myself”, ”should i come with you” she asked(laughing hysterically), i was wondering what was funny), ”you are my guest i will treat you right”(abi you dey fear make i no poison your drink i said to my self, you never know as he dey i go clear una doubt), i went, got her a bottle of malt and one shortbread( i know say una go say me wey like wahala, wait nah, you no if at the end i go burst am for Esosa head?), i came back, went to the Kitchen, got a plate then put the biscuit on top(nah my mama teach me, for Kwale, Delta State them dey call am Kola), i offered her d Malt and the Kola, the babe was so relaxed eating the biscuit, drinkin the malt with confidence, Esosa was even more confident gisting and engaging her in conversations, making her laugh, i was boiling(guy table the matter, my good and bad in my mind were waging war against eachother BRING AM!, NO BRING AM!, GUY BRING AM NAH YOU DEY FEAR!, MTWEEW, HIM NO REACH NAH?, it kept on going for a while, i almost had heart attack, the war would have killed me sef, but at the end nobody won they kept fighting till i saw Tina off.
As i was walking her down to get a bike ”Kenny did i offend you, you dont look happy” she said, ”what make’s you think am not happy, do i look sad”(faking a laugh) i asked her, ”your rommate is not a good person” she said, ”and y did you say that” i asked her pretendin not to know anything ”the was telling us to hangout on low key without you knowing, he asked for my number and i typed your number and saved it with my name, am not silly, tell him i told you, if he deny’s, call me and i ll say it in front of you him,(cold catch me, you are the girl i said inside, ” i swear if you had’nt told me, i for hurt you and still let you know why i hurt u’ i said.

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