-Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy

Read Story: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy… Part 16


I gathered my tools for the job, went to were she layed on the bed ”Susan are you sure you want to do this” i asked fearfully(a nigga has got to be sure, to avoid stories that touches the heart later), ”please do it,please do it” she answeared repeatedly, so i relieved myself from the fear, since i could see the seriousness boldly written on her face.
No kisses, no romance, no bobbby sucking, it was just straight to the task before me. I have had same experience with Chizzy, deflowering a girl isnt a day’s job, its a really difficult thing to do. I told her to hold one of the pillows, and just when she feels like shouting base on the pains she was about to go through, she should use it to cover her mouth, so as to reduce the sound of her shout. I spread her legs wide open, opened both of my equipments(the olive oil and versaline), applied them on her kitten, to as to make it easy to penetrate and very slippery, i applied them on my ‘Bianpolo’ too as well, then started the oil well drillage, for real she was very very tight indeed, little wonder her bf gave up the drilling job, my dikkk head couldnt even go in, so i held on tight to the penetration while she kept shouting with a pillow stucked to her mouth, and with the help of the olive oil and versaline, my dikkk cap bursted through as she started bleeding immediately, she couldnt help it but scream, i stopped ”its a good start, at least my dikkk cap entered, we ll have to keep doing it often, so it ll keep opening” i said, ”it is very painful” she said crying and laughing at thesame time, ” its your first, your bf didnt even do anything thing sef, you werent expecting it to be sweet, were you?, i asked, ” i know” she said, ”go to your room and freshen up, lecture continues tomorrow” i said jokingly, she laughed and said thanks. As she left, stains of blood were on my bedsheet, i had to quickly soak it, cos if Salma came around and saw it i wonder what explanation i would have given. I redressed my bed with another bed-spread and then re-arranged my room, then headed to the bathroom washed the soaked bedspread and hung it outside, came back and had my bath again. I wanted to cook, but Salma already promised preparing me something nice, so i went out to my favourite eating spot next to my house, bought a plate of rice, beans, plantain and meat and went back home.
I layed on the bed, watching a movie, but i wasnt concentrating cos lots were going through my head, i paused it, then was reasoning what had happened between myself and Salma, and then Susan just within two days, after a while, i got hold of myself ”na wa sha” was the only thing i could say, then went ahead with my movie.
(With your busy body eeeh!, with your busy body eeeh! eeeh! eeeh!), it was my phone ringing, at about few minutes past 5pm, i looked at the screen, it was my Pretty Salma, i picked it up, ”hey Baby wats up” i asked, ”hope you are home? cos am in the market and when am done your place its next?”, she said, ” where else could i be” i replied’, ” alright see you soon” she said and hung up.
15 to 20 minutes later, there was a knock on the door, without doubt i knew it was her, i went to get the door, she came in, gave me a kiss and headed straight for the Kitchen, i followed suit trying to engage her in conversations, she brought out all she bought, ” so wetin our wife wan cook for us” i asked trying to be funny”, ”there’s only one way to find out like you ll always say” she said(laughing), ”fast learner thats good” i said(but i had already taken note of the stuffs she bought, it was ingredients for vegetable soup).
As she was cooking, i was in there with her still chating her up and making her laugh, but i had one evil goal at the back of my mind, i cant forget that slap in a hurry, when i told him he was going to get my message, i meant it, its the rule of the game ”forgiveness is a sin” and nah revenge dey sweet pass. ”so what’s the name of ur Rambo ex bf” i asked, ”Sly” she said, ”so how long have u guys known eachother” i asked, ”we ve been dating since my 100level, i met him during my registration” she replied smiling, (i was going somewhere), ”really? What department and level is he?” i asked, ”yep, English and Linguistics 300level, i had gotten his name, course and level, but something was missing(you read my mind, his address), ”so he has been laying his hands on you all this while, yet you stayed put, his something must be really sweet o,am sure its even sweeter than mine” i said, she couldnt help it as she left what she was doing, sat on the floor and was laughing hysterically, just exactly what i wanted for the killer question, ”whats funny? Where does the Commando even stay sef” i asked her rushingly then faked myself laughing with her too, she was carried away with the laugh and voiced out finaly ” Kings Palace close to Campus two”, (correct, just what i wanted as i celebrated inside).

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