-Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy

Read Story: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy… Part 15


After that one mad s-x, Salma and I kept it going on afterwards, no one said ”i love you” and nobody asked the other out, we just liked eachother and started dating(maybe it was meant to be like that i dont know), she refered to me before her friends and anyone that cared to know i was her bf, and i gladly accepted her as my gf. After we had it that morning she wore her clothes and asked me to see her off, i persuaded her to chill that it was early but she kept insisting she had stuffs to take care off at home, that she would come around in the evening and even cook for me, so i saw her off, waited till she got a bike back home.
My hostel was built in twos then, with each apartment sharing a gate with a neighbour. I had this Pretty looking bursty girl, Susan as my neighbour, she was of average height, plump and of average height, she was dating a guy with a ride then who happened to be very popular on campus belonging to another brotherhood, so i had my limitations with her, cos going too close can get a nigga killed, though we had a very good rapport as neighbours, we joked over a few things, converse when we had the time, and barge into eachothers apartment borrowing stuffs, ‘Ken gimme salt’, ‘Susan gimme maggi’, ‘Ken i wan take powder’, ‘Susan borrow me haircream’, we did that alot, and most times when she had dressed up for school, she would come around and ask me how good she looked, ”babe go murder them” i ll always say, she would laugh and say thanks, and i did desame as well wen i had dressed up for school too, but yet used my brain and didnt cling too close, no sentiments cos she kept lots of male friends.
After i saw Salma off, i came back and slept cos it was still early, and when i woke up later during the day i arranged the house, did a few chores, headed for the bathroom, had my bath, then went to my mirror stand, looked at myself while i creamed up, i reached for my haircream, opened it and realised it was finished, ”make i go Susan room go borrow i said in my mind as i walked to her room”, on reaching there, i knocked once, held the knob and forced my way in, we had gotten use to barging into eachother even without telling eachother to come in.
As i got in behold, my eyes got more than it had bargained for, she turned to face me in shock starked Unclad(she was creaming up too), as we steered at eachother with my mouth wide open, i was dumbfounded, i dont know if she was confused too cos she didnt even bother to cover her Unclothedness, steering at me was her mighty bosoms, shining like a crystal with no lightening ontop(stretch marks), i was lost, my dikkk didnt even help matters, just like in Biology it responded to stimulus so fast, it was glaring, she could see it directed to were she was, it was almost fighting its way out of the towel, after a while i brought myself back to reality ”abeg no vex, i didnt know you were Unclad” i turned,locked the door behind me and headed for my room without bothering for the haircream again.
As i got in, i rained curses upon myself, worried about how pissed she would be, ”what the fukkk just happened” i asked myself, thinking of a better way to apologise. As i was wondering what just happend, i heard a knock on my door ” who be that, i shouted angrily”, a female voice replied from the other end, a voice i was very conversant with ”its me Susan”, my heart flew out of my chest, i walked slowly to the door, imagining the insults and shouts she would dish on me, i opened it ”can i come in” she asked, i was guilty so i couldnt even say a thing, i just slided the door wide and paved way for her to come in. I quickly closed the door, so other neighbours wont hear her shouting at me, ”Susan i swear, my bad, i didnt know you were Unclad, it will never happen again” i said, as i was goin to continue my begging, she reached for her towel, realised it as i watch it fall to the ground ”Ken please help me, am tired of living my life like this” she voiced out in a crying tone, my heart was panting fast, ‘is this babe for real i asked myself’, ”Susan help you with what?” i anxiously asked, ” am still a Virgin and am tired cos my boyfriend doesnt have my time,he sleeps outside since i cant give the s-x to him ”, (did i just hear her say Virgin?), i was more shocked cos i and the other neighbours misjudged her wild attitude and company of male folks for sleeping around(just the way it was in 2face’s Virgin Prostitute), ”tell him to do it naw” i replied, ”we ve tried a couple of times, he got tired saying i was too tight” she said, ” so you mean you are ready now?” i asked to be very sure, ”i swear i am” she said, ”ok i will try, lie down on the bed” i said, she humbly did, then i knew how desperate she wanted it, so i reached for my olive oil and versaline.

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